Markey Cancer Center Kentucky Research Poster (<1 MB)

Not Just a Theory – ABSTRACT – Donna Lamke (<1 MB)

JSJ & Breast Cancer Study in the Journal for Holistic Nursing by Karen Searls
DOI 10.1177/0898010111412186Short-term access to the article can be purchased from the publication online. Karen is not permitted to make copies or publish the article until December 2012. Then she will be able to post the info on her website, make the material available to the general public, etc

Medical Research Packet 1:

  1. Mary Burmeister Profile – Melissa Higgins (<1 MB)
  2. Alternative Therapies – Multiple Myeloma – Ann Shannon (<1 MB)
  3. Self-Help Class at Morristown Memorial Hospital – Joan Millspaugh (<1 MB)
  4. Dr. Weil’s Energy Medicine A New Frontier (1.5 MB)
  5. Massage&Bodywork – Heart Transplants – Pennie Sempell (11 MB)
  6. Holistic Living – Self-Help – Betsie Haar (<1 MB)
  7. Mouth Sores – Mucositis – Ann Shannon (<1 MB)
  8. Markey Cancer Center Packet – various articles on Jennifer Bradley’s research (<1 MB)

a.      Ancient Form of Massage Offers New Hope for Healing – Mary Meehan

b.      Study Suggests Touch Therapy Helps Reduce Pain, Nausea in Cancer Patients – Allison Perry

c.      Jin Shin Jyutsu Energy Therapy – A Promising Adjunct Therapy in Reducing Pain, Stress, and Nausea in General Cancer Population

  1. A Research Study: JSJ & Perceived Stress – Donna Lamke (<1 MB)
  2. Nurse Study – Perceived Stress – Donna Lamke (<1 MB) (Abstract-4 pages)
    Nurse Study – Perceived Stress – Donna Lamke (<6 MB) (Complete-178 pages)
  3. Pilot Study – Morristown (<1 MB)

Medical Research Packet 2:

Atlantic Integrative Medicine Inpatient Program-Morristown (9 MB)


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