Code of Ethics

  1. Students will remember at all times that their position is one of trust and care and need to maintain the highest standards of conduct and integrity.
  2. Students will practice ethically, with high motives and ideals.
  3. Students will conduct themselves with respect and dignity, always mindful of the rights and sensibilities of others.
  4. Students may not engage in illegal, immoral or improper conduct, nor encourage such behavior.
  5. Students will respect the ethical, religious and political beliefs of others.
  6. Students may not belittle colleagues, and will uphold the honor and reputation of the profession at all times.
  7. Students may not attend while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or while sick with a communicable disease.
  8. Students will dress in a professional manner, proper dress being defined as attire suitable and consistent with accepted professional practice.
  9. Students will use materials consistent with Mary Burmeister’s views, ideas and philosophies concerning the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu Physio-Philosophy.
  10. Advertising will be ethical, and exaggerated claims are prohibited.
  11. Students may not act as primary care physicians.
  12. Students will practice legally, observing all applicable local, state and national laws.


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