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Triglycerides & Cholesterol Meet Jin Shin Jyutsu

Corliss Chan, of San Rafael, California, shares “Triglycerides & Cholesterol Meet Jin Shin Jyutsu” in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 47, Winter, 2005:


In March 2004 a man I’ll call Henry asked me to look for ways to reduce his triglyceride level, which exceeded 450. He was also looking for help with weight loss and in lowering elevated blood pressure. Triglycerides are a sugar related blood fat that travels with cholesterol. High triglyceride levels cause blood cells to stick together, impairing circulation and are implicated in causes of heart attack or stroke. The total amount of triglycerides is important in the diagnosis and treatment of many conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart projects. His doctor said the ideal triglyceride level is under 200. 400 and above is too high and considered dangerous to health. For more than a year Henry’s doctor had already tried several prescription drugs and time-released niacin, but they were discontinued because of the side effects he experienced. He wanted to avoid the use of prescription drugs if possible. His doctor was very concerned about the elevated triglyceride level and said she would wait three months while he explored Jin Shin Jyutsu, diet modifications, and increased exercise before trying another prescription drug. She said reducing sugar intake was key in lowering triglycerides.

Henry is a 51-year old attorney who has a full law practice and a personal life with many family responsibilities. After an exhausting workday he often ate a big dinner, which included carbohydrates and high fat foods. His daily sugar intake usually included 3-4 cans of Coke. Like many busy people, the sugar and caffeine helped him manage fatigue and headaches. Cokes acted as a coffee substitute, which provided an artificial energy boost. He had tried many times to reduce his sugar intake. Stressful times were when he found himself reaching for Cokes plus other high fat and sugar snack foods. It seemed to me if he could manage his cravings, especially for Coke, a significant amount of his sugar intake would be eliminated.

Henry’s other health projects have included low back pain (4th Depth), bladder infection (4th Depth), hearing difficulty (4th Depth), high liver enzymes (3rd Depth), and digestion difficulty (1st Depth). So many signs kept indicating the 4th Depth and the 23, 25 Flow, especially for harmonizing this project. 23 is the only Safety Energy Lock in the 4th Depth. When I looked at the Lumbar Circle for harmonizing projects, I saw that 1st and 3rd Depths disharmonize the 4th.

According to Self-Help Book II, page 57, “23 came into the Universe meaning proper circulation maintenance.” In my 5-day class notes I read about the 23, 25 Flow. “Craving is a circulation pattern out of harmony. 23, 25 Flow harmonizes addictions including alcohol, drugs, sugar, and eating. 23 is good for appetite imbalance and stabilizing sugar levels in the body. 23 helps you control your destiny.” 25 is a 5th Depth Safety Energy Lock (fire), which energizes 4th Depth (water). “25 removes fatigue and toxins form the body. It helps our circulation, purifies blood and cholesterol while quietly rejuvenating.” A class handout from Jed Schwartz showed that 23, 25 Flow helps all the toe flows (Kidney-4th Depth, Liver-3rd Depth and Spleen-1st Depth). Susan Brooks wrote about the 4th Depth in The Main Central (Summer 2004) issue #45, pages 1 and 14: “Some aspects of the body ruled by Fourth Depth include reproduction, digestion, muscles, vascular harmony, glands, body chemistry, blood chemistry and blood sugar.”

Henry was highly motivated to change. He looked to his diet and changed to eating foods with high fiber, low fat and sugar content wherever possible. He allowed himself to have some Coke, sugar, and fat in his diet, but much less than before. By keeping a list of the foods eaten he stayed within or below the daily calorie range set by his doctor. Daily exercise time increased to 1 hour. Almost every week for three months he received a 23, 25 Flow. In that flow sequence is a Safety Energy Lock 5, which helps Kidney energy to ascend from the toes. It helps us with fear when we let go of the old and something new is coming. Safety Energy Lock 9 helps us make change, aids digestion, and opens our waist. 1st and 3rd Depth Flows were helpful with harmonizing mental and emotional stress. With the help of weekly Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions Henry said he became less interested in eating sugar and fat.

We were so happy with the blood test results. In three months his triglycerides declined from 450 to 171 (down 62%) and total cholesterol went from 235 to 182 (down 22%). He had also lost 25 pounds (11%). During this same period of time his blood pressure declined to a level where his doctor stopped his high blood pressure medication. We were surprised and also not surprised by the results.

You can read the rest of this testimony in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter,  issue Number 47, Winter, 2005, available at

Thank you, Corliss.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


Practically Speaking

Mary Easton, of Bozeman, Montana, reflects on “The life that is unexamined is not worth living” (~Plato), and shares her thoughts with us in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 47, Winter, 2005:


How lucky we are that Jiro Murai dedicated his life to the study of Jin Shin Jyutsu! Without his drive for the pursuit of knowledge, we might have only been handed down the finger postures that he used in his terminal condition. Instead, that became the beginning of a continually evolving study. The accomplishments of his research were made possible by a rare combination of high intellect and great sensitivity to self-awareness.

As practitioners of this Art, there exists a delicate balance between intellectual understanding (what to do) and simply being present in the moment and receptive to the Source of life (how to apply). Applying jumper cables and “getting your mind out of the way” will “allow the Universe to open up to me”. However, in this modern age, life has become very busy and fast paced. With so much to think about, quieting the mind often requires skill. We must intentionally quiet down.

I’d like to address this concept of self-awareness and its applications, as this is still relevant in our own study of Jin Shin Jyutsu today. Self-awareness allows us to know what we are doing. While paying attention to myself and others, these are some observations I have made:

Presence ~ When you are giving a session, where is your attention? Some people like to be chatty, while others are quiet. Either way, it seems most important to remain “in your hands” and attentive to what you’re doing. Mary would talk while demonstrating in class, but she would also become very quiet and focused on what was happening between herself and the student. You could see how involved she was whether she talked or not. As I receive Jin Shin Jyutsu, I can feel the flow of a session more clearly when I’m quiet and present. I don’t want to be planning dinner or solving world problems.

Focus ~ I used to think that during a Jin Shin Jyutsu session invisible “energy” was moving within the body. This energy was inside, but separate from our physical manifestation. Now I realize that what is affected is the physical body itself. That’s why a “full” 9 or a “rod” along the 10 area can be felt to soften as you hold. “The 12 organ flows are actual body fluids (Tai Eki) which circulate throughout the body in distinct pathways.” (See Betsie Haar – Spring 2004 Main Central.) My intention and focus during a session includes the awareness that changes in the physical body are taking place.

Quality of Touch ~ What kind of pressure do you use when making contact with someone during a session? Light or deep pressure is a matter of personal preference. Mary didn’t get the nickname “Iron Fingers” for nothing. However, her assistant, Pat Meador, has a velvety light touch and can melt me down as fast as anyone. Quality and clarity of touch is important. The common denominator seems to be a combination of presence and focus. You can more deeply affect/assist someone if you’re clear about what you’re looking for in your touch. One part is deciding how you’ve come to find the location of, say, the 9. Is it a spot of puffiness or knotty tension? Another part involves the touch itself.

Do you use a lot of pressure simply because you think it’s the only way to make a good connection? Try this experiment. Sit comfortably. Place your right forearm in you lap. Rest your left hand on top of your right forearm and curl the fingertips downward, anywhere over the arm is OK. Over clothing is fine. Bring your attention into one fingertip, or two if you prefer. feel for the skin beneath your fingers. Use light pressure. Notice the texture. Without changing the pressure, sense the muscle underneath the skin. Bring your awareness deeper. You may move the fingers very slightly across the skin if that’s helpful to sense the muscle without adding downward pressure. Now, bring your attention even deeper to feel the bone beneath the muscle. As your attention goes deeper into the body, your focus does the same. Try this on your 21s, 22s, high 19s. If you intend to reach deeper physically, you will, whether you use pressure or not.

We learn Jin Shin Jyutsu from study and application. Both are equally important. Knowing what it feels like from the inside helps immensely when treating others. After a week of 10 sessions, when I come back to my private practice, my sessions seem to improve as well. Embodying what Jin shin Jyutsu has to offer allows me to direct my focus more clearly. I can feel the intensity of change in my body, emotions and spirituality. Jin Shin Jyutsu is not mysterious, but physically present. Study. Work on yourself. Receive work from others. Find out what IT IS.

Thank you, Mary Easton.

Thank you, Mary Burmeister.

Thank you, David Burmeister.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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Quietly Rejuvenating

Elizabeth Newell tells us about Quietly Rejuvenating in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 47, Winter, 2005:


My two-year old child sits cradled in my lap. She is healing from a virus. She rests quietly in my arms, so different from her usual exuberant, exploring self. I watch the sleepiness settle in. I notice that I am holding her with one of my hands on her 25 and the other hand on her back over her 9, 10 and 3. I exhale and watch her drift into sleep.

I long to just sit with my child and at the same time, I feel pulled to tend to the seemingly endless list of things that must be done.

Just be. Be the change you want to see in the world.

Just be. Does it mean let go?

Be the change. Does it mean action?

As I hold my child, I hold in mind my life which feels like a precariously steep path – to mother, to provide financially for my family, to care for a home, to contribute to my community. Not an unusual path for a parent; however, I wonder how I can create a more balanced, harmonious path for myself and for other families.

I sit, and let go of Doing and Trying To.

Being with a child and Jin Shin Jyutsu,

I simply look at what is here:

Sunlight and shadow in the garden on a clear October morning,

A peaceful child,

A peace-filled moment.

I think of the wisdom in the saying,

“Just be with what is.”

Wanting, by placing attention on it, to call it forth into my life,

I sit, with hands where they naturally fit.

Trusting life, holding wild and precious life,

I wonder about the relationship between 25 and 9,

Between mother and child.

I think about the longing to be held.

How many times in our lives are we simply held by another so we can quietly rejuvenate? When giving Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions, I have felt the longing of the client to be held. More than once, while using the Kidney Flow with my hands on the coccyx and 12, I have felt like I am holding the child inside the adult receiving the session. How important is it to be held as a child? How healing is a mother’s warmth, heartbeat and hands? My questions out of curiosity and a desire for understanding – not necessarily answers in form of words.

I think of the woman in the grocery store who stopped and talked to my daughter, connected with her, and shared a story of her grandchildren with me. She parted saying, “Enjoy her.” There was ease and grace in her interaction with us. I wonder if it is easier to connect as adults if we have been held close as children.

My daughter wakes from her nap. We go for a walk. Opportunities appear to attend to other-than-mother work. As the day unfolds, I experience many blessings, like receiving the heart-warming sight of my neighbor’s one-year old taking his first “walk” down the sidewalk. A librarian finds a poem I was looking for (I knew only one line of the poem), and prints it out and hands it to me. I receive a project from a new client. I receive a phone call offering financial support for another project. I share my gratitude for my unexpected blessings with a friend who replies that I listened to my heart and responded. My life feels quietly rejuvenated.

Thank you, Elizabeth.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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Fun with Happy Hands and Sarah

Eika Bindgen, of Oldenburg, Germany, (as translated by Marianne Stacey, Avebury, England), shares her experience with Fun with Happy Hands and Sarah in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 45, Summer, 2004:


Sarah, almost three years old, visited my practice at the end of June. Her mother had told me on the phone that in mid-March, Sarah had been spending three days in the hospital, attached to a drip, due to a stomach and intestinal infection. She seemed to be traumatized by the experience, because since then, she tended to be constipated for days, and it was only possible to empty her bowels every so often with the help of mechanical means. Ever since, she panicked whenever she saw a doctor or a nurse.

It was a hot summer’s day and Sarah wore a white swimming belt around her belly, which she had quickly taken out of the car, as if to show me where the energy had gotten stuck at the moment…just in case I hadn’t noticed! After taking her personal details, (birthday 8th day/8th month!) I showed her the cover of the Fun with Happy Hands book, and she became curious.


She looked into her hands, but there weren’t any laughing faces and so, for a start, we painted happy faces into the palms of her, her Mummy’s and my hands. Of course, she also had to put her drawings into the book. Then she climbed on her mother’s lap and wanted to look at the book and draw into it more, and playfully they went from page to page, imitating the positions where our happy hands can go to help. When I was assured that she felt safe, I palmed her calves and felt her 8’s melt under my fingers. After a short time, she took off her swimming belt. Obviously, I had realized what was the matter with her! …And I could show her mother Safety Energy Locks 15 and 2, which she could hold at home.

However, when I suggested that Sarah should lie down on the couch, she started to cry. Mummy went along with the game, lying down on the couch instead, and Sarah immediately wanted to climb onto Mummy’s belly. Together, Sarah and I held Mummy’s 15’s and I showed her how to use her hands to harmonize Sarah. Satisfied, the two went on their way. They almost left the swimming belt behind! The result landed half an hour later in her diaper, even before they got back home!

Over the next two weeks we saw each other three more times; Daddy also came along. After that, she didn’t show any more symptoms. Sarah had overcome her unpleasant and traumatic experience at the hospital.

Thank you, Eika and Marianne.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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Dropping Your Shoulders

Milt Lee, Student/Practitioner and Organizer in Rapid City, South Dakota, shares his experience with Dropping Your Shoulders in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 44, Spring, 2004:


Over the years, I’ve noticed I have a lot of pain in my shoulders. It doesn’t stop me, or even make me want to take an aspirin, but the pain is always there. My 10’s, 3’s, 11’s and 12’s start to get very full and lumpy, and lately, hard knots have started to spread all along the top of my shoulders and even into the joints of my shoulders.

Several years ago, I had a bunch of pre-cancerous moles removed from the area of the 11/12 on the right hand side. Those have not come back, but the skin in that area itches a lot. Then about 4 months ago, my right ear became congested. For a while it was quite severe – ringing, double sounds, loss of hearing. Of course I looked through my notes and found several self-help pieces to use – small intestine, umbilicus, gall bladder, kidney, stomach. My pulses told me that small intestine was the key, and for a long time the only pulse that would jump out was gall bladder. As I used this self-help, combined with weekly Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions, the hearing definitely improved. The project didn’t go away altogether, so it was time to go deeper into what was happening. Since I make my living doing audio and video production work, this has been a scary thing for me.

I noticed when I stretched my jaw down, my ear popped, and I could do that time after time. I also noticed that if I used a lot of self-help, or right after a Jin Shin Jyutsu session, the next day, my ear would feel fairly normal. The ringing stopped and my hearing improved, but why was this still happening? Where was it coming from, and why was it continuing to come back? From practicing Jin Shin Jyutsu for 5 years, I was certain that every part of what was going on was connected – it was not a skin project, or a joint project, or even an ear project. It was an energy blockage spreading throughout the area – eventually resulting in what was happening in my joints and my ear.

My next step was to add Chi Gong to  my daily practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu. With several Chi Gong movements, I also had additional relief, but the pain would still come back! What was going on? It was definitely time to look at my surroundings, and what I found was really rather simple. My computer keyboard was about 4 inches higher than it should be. Since I spend about 6 hours a day working at the computer, it’s pretty clear that this was having an adverse effect on my body. I’ve started working with my keyboard on my lap, and it has helped, but…there is even more.

Finally, I thought about my shoulders, and what kept running through my brain was Mary’s admonition, “Drop your Shoulders. Be the Smile.” I found that even moving my keyboard wasn’t really resolving the issue. Then one day while taking a walk – not sitting in front of the computer, not talking on the phone – but walking. When I dropped my shoulders, I felt a profound relaxation wash through my body, but I also realized that in just a few more steps my shoulders were up around my ears again, so “Drop the Shoulders.” As I continue this practice, I discover how many times I have my shoulders UP. Even now, I need to relax, drop the shoulders, and be very conscious. I never knew that even just standing or sitting I hold my shoulders up. Of course, Mary didn’t just stop with dropping your shoulders. Then she would say, “Be the Smile”, and that may be the hardest part of the practice. When I first started to drop my shoulders, I noticed another thing happening. My body relaxes, and as it relaxes, I feel vulnerable. I also have the feeling I am too open, unprotected – the feeling of “not going to get it done if I don’t keep trying.”

The more I drop the shoulders, the more deeply they can drop. This is a new practice for me, and of course, along with the 36 breaths, it is the most basic practice that Mary gives us. My plan is to  practice this daily and really add it into my awareness. Someone once asked Mary how she could work so hard every day – what was her practice? She said that every thirty minutes, she would think to check her breathing. “When I breathe, I also drop my shoulders.” …So simple.

A friend of mine here in Rapid City is a surgeon and a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, and he is fond of reminding me of an old saying: “If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got.” I think it’s time to change what I do.

Thank you, Milt.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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Jin Shin Jyutsu Journal – Israel

Cynthia Lenssen Broshi  shares her Jin Shin Jyutsu Journal – Israel in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 44, Spring, 2004:


We wander the hills north of the Kibbutz, exploring dolmani – prehistoric cairns – three walls of stacked lava rock, roofed with massive flat stones. Sitting atop one, what a view!…to the south and west is the lush agricultural land of the Jordan Valley; to the north the ice-white and wild-cloud veiled Mt. Harmon, and beyond her, the hills and snowy peaks of Lebanon dissolving into lavender-blue sky. The Golan Heights surge up from here, eastward into Syria.

This is the second day broken with frequent booms of artillery. Helicopters pass overhead and occasionally louder booms shake windows – planes, always in pairs, breaking the sound barrier. People shake their heads, concerned and not knowing: practice maneuvers or “an action”? Thoughts of the human lives on both sides of the fire are heartbreaking.

The heart breaks with the ecstasy of this landscape. Such beauty, which has borne millennia of human desire, human hope, human design…the commonality of our suffering…and such divinity and mystery – while marked by human endeavor, past and present, the spirit of this land and the yearning of its peoples are untouched. The song of our one Source pours endlessly. The heart breaks, is entranced, is widened, lifts.

It’s a sultry, spring-before-spring afternoon. Three days’ sun has crusted the mud and sweetened a warm, thick grass. The narcissus aren’t yet blooming, and most of the red poppies have been eaten by previous generations of cattle, but a few early anemones open wide, violet and smiling. Tiny cyclamen – white, sugar-pink, edged with mauve – cloak the rocky ground and flourish, light-footed, in the crevices of rough black boulders. We pass the gravesite of an elder revered as holy in the Arab village which stood, now in ruins, higher up the Golan, and the three ancient oaks whose branches, in the early years of the Kibbutz, held ribbons of colored cloth tied by villagers in prayer. These trees guide us into a ravine and down the path through a solid web of reeds to find Mahayana Kadosh: the Holy Spring.

It’s a sudden clearing. Here sinuous limbs of an old fig tree vault a round space, light and dappled as new water. From thick branches snaking down towards earth and back up towards sky have jumped a lacy grille of aerial roots, diving into the soil, sprouting still half-rolled leaves…the first gnarled trunk here…over there a younger and there, one more…three trees with dozens of child-roots from and within a single tree. The highest branches weave a lintel, warding off the wall of matted rushes whose darkest crowd form the cave from which emanates an arm’s length plain of silvery, silky water…so smooth and pure that the cocoa-colored silt and round pebbles of its bed appear untouched and magnified.

High above, wind in rushes, and flute-like is the song of an unknown bird. The stream moves, silent as invisible Breath. Here, awaiting us, like the “young country” of the Kojiki: bubbles of algae glisten like drops of oil, suspended in their womb of opalescent water. I must bring my nose up close, close as my eyes can still focus to see: their roundness is built of tiny spheres of algae, all densely green yet foamy and refracting light into spherical rainbows; and the immense expanse within each foamy bubble of bubbles is lanced with reed-like shoots of even tinier aglae spheres densing into strands…flaring upwards…a microcosm…a universe…a beginning…a yearning.

“…when the land was young, resembling floating oil and drifting like a jelly fish, there sprouted forth something like reed-shoots. From these came into existence…deities…” Kojiki, translated by Donald Phillips.

Thank you, Cynthia.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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The Princess in the Cocoon

Carlos Muptualis Gutterres  embroiders a Jin Shin Jyutsu tale of intuition, determination and creative light in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 44, Spring, 2004:


Once in a time beyond time, the Tree of Life that grew in the garden of the Universe supported a small cocoon. This cocoon was the unlikely home of a young and beautiful princess who carried on her peaceful and laborious existence.

Every morning, when the Great Sun would rise in the cosmic horizon, a tiny hole on the cocoon’s wall allowed a delicate string of light to enter our princess’s home. Carefully, she passed the very expected ray of light through the hole of her bright crystal needle, and like a virtuoso she started to embroider her immaculate white silk screen.

As her hand moved lightly with precision, an enchanted human figure was gaining shape, lighting the silk’s support. As soon as the incredibly beautiful features were perceived, that small and magical little figure started telling stories, which pleased the girl’s innocent heart. They were stories about the fantastic things that happened all over the world and about the wonders of creation.

The tales lightened that young soul, encouraging her to work even more carefully. Inevitably, every day the sunset would cut the precious string of light, making the figure so carefully embroidered, disappear, leaving the silk screen lost in its untouched brightness.

Far from being disappointed, the princess was filled with a stronger motivation to start her work all over again, and with strong determination to make it even better. That motivation was related to the intuition she had deep in her heart that perfection would give the fruit of her work the strength it needed to support life by itself and, therefore, become eternal.

Besides, every passing day the girl felt herself totally rewarded with the countless wonders she had been told, and she realized that new apprenticeship and unknown feelings were constantly bringing wisdom to her life.

Day after day, in an unthinkable sequence, her intuition would assure her she was getting closer to her intent. Many times she saw her magnificent creation being apparently supported by eternal fractions of seconds after the Universal Sun had deepened itself in the western horizon.

Several times she had the feeling that the image, which fulfilled her days and lived perpetually in her dreams, was about to express itself fully and definitively on her magical silk screen. her intuition was telling her that to make it happen, to express herself completely through her art, she should embroider the silk using the string of light with the essence of her own thoughts and feelings. This insight gave a renewed force to her everyday life. She overcame herself in each movement of her hand on the screen, and even when that incredibly beautiful masterpiece started to disappear at the end of an intense working day, the princess felt deeply grateful, for the quality of the stories she heard was improving as much as her work.

One day, something unexpected happened: despite the care and quality of the girl’s work on the screen, the figure remained deeply silent. Embarrassed, the young lady started to evaluate the possibilities of having made some mistake, although she felt that everything had been made with extreme care and with inspired movements, as she had never done before. Here eyes were pleased with what she was seeing, and although the unexpected silence was disturbing her deeply, if it wasn’t for the fascination she felt for that little uncompleted figure on the screen, she surely would have stopped working for good.

Surprising herself, she answered her soul’s unrefusable call and dived into the deepest dimension of her heart. There she found her heart’s purest desire and let it guide the movements of her hands, printing a new and unexpected brightness in her embroidering. She completely forgot the silence that at first was making her feel so uncomfortable, and continued her work.

She didn’t notice the time passing by because she was too focused on her work. When finally the Sun had crossed the frontier of the cosmic dusk, her perfectly embroidered creation remained shining for a while. Then, it started disconnecting itself from the silk until it took off totally free…into the emptiness. With care and grace it broke the cocoon’s wall, and at the right moment when the last rays of the Sun were about to disappear in the Universal dusk, it took off in sublime flight toward the creative light source. The figure took into itself the radiant essence of the princess, while her shape disappeared in a fleeting mist, leaving the cocoon completely empty.

Thank you, Carlos.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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