My Flight with Frank, Part 3

Jeanette Pasqua, Dublin, PA writes: “My Flight with Frank” in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 81, Summer 2013:


The doctor looked at me a bit strangely. I felt the need to explain, “It worked one time before with someone else, so I though I would try again.” The doctor then asked me if I was a nurse traveling with Frank, to which I replied, “No, I am just a passenger who sat next to him and listened to his story.” The doctor smiled. The blood pressure cuff was still not working properly. We asked the flight attendant if there was a defibrillator on board. She informed us that by law only flight attendants could use them. I said, “Okay, just keep it nearby.” She came back in a short while to inform us that for some reason this new plane did not have one on board.

Frank was beginning to feel a bit better and could respond to questions. We only had three oxygen canisters, about 1-1/2 hours of canned oxygen on board, so its usage was carefully planned out. The doctor was consulting by phone with an emergency group on land. It was determined that Frank was stable enough to go on to Philadelphia and we did not need to make an emergency stop in Pittsburgh.

Safety Energy Lock 4 was beginning to open and become soft. My hands felt very hot and sweaty. It was apparent that Frank was feeling better because he started barking orders to the doctor saying he didn’t want to go to the hospital in Philadelphia. He wanted to go back to his doctor and hospital in Phoenix. The doctor convinced him that it would be a good idea to at least have the hospital in Philadelphia check him out.

Frank lifted the oxygen mask and said, “I wanted everyone to know who I am. Show them the pictures.” I smiled and said to him, “I know who you are, Frank.” So I passed around the Lawrence Welk dance photos and shared them with everyone in the first two rows. The plane had a very quiet, sacred feeling after that. It was a very real and honest moment we all shared. The prayers and intentions of every person on that plan on Frank’s behalf were so evident.

Frank was lying in the enter aisle very relaxed, almost sleepy. We were about to land and I realized that I did not have a seat. As a result of sitting and kneeling in the aisle for 1-1/2 hours jumper cabling frank’s had, my legs were completely asleep. The doctor was strapped into Frank’s seat and the nurse was in my seat, so I chose to stay on the floor with Frank holding his head during the landing. Just as we were landing, I felt a strong hand on my left arm supporting me. I looked over and saw the man holding me. He said, “I’m hanging on to you. I saw what you did. I’m not letting anything happen to you during this landing.” I thanked him and kept holding Frank’s head.

We landed safely. I whispered into Frank’s ear, “Hang in there, Frank, and don’t give these people a hard time. I know yo like to be the boss, but these people are offering help to you.” He smiled at me and shook his head in agreement. The paramedics came on board, and we got Frank up and onto a wheelchair. I carried his things out of the plane. Then I hugged him and kissed his head. After giving my name and number to the airport personnel, they let me go.

I walked out, and my dear husband was waiting for me. I hugged him tightly and said, “I’m so glad to be with you. I’ll explain later, but I have to go to the bathroom very badly.” I ran into the bathroom that was completely empty. I was in the stall and I started my conversation with God out loud, “God, I know you put me where I’m needed and that I asked to be your instrument, but sometimes I’d like to have a quiet ride home. Does it have to be so dramatic?”

I started laughing at myself because I realized what I had just said. I came out of the stall, and a lady was standing there staring at me. I was a little self-conscious and said, “I don’t usually speak out loud, but I just got off the plane and…” With that she interrupted and said, “You’re the lady on the plane! I was on that plane. Wasn’t that incredible? That was amazing” I said, “Yes, the whole experience was amazing, and I was just telling God that sometimes I have trouble accepting what it is I ask for.” We laughed and went on our way.

My husband took me home, and life went on. I did call to check on Frank the next day and the next week. He was still in the hospital with “congestive heart failure”. We spoke several times, and he was having some difficulty breathing. He said, “I’ll never forget you.” I said to him, “Frank, I’ll never forget you either.”

We are all on a journey of discovering who we truly are as spiritual beings on this earth. In living this experience with Frank, I am reminded that when I ask God to use me in service, to be ready to accept that role when it appears. It may not always come in the guise that I have anticipated. It may be as simple as a smile to another, or it can be as dramatic as coming upon someone just after an accident. whatever arrives, welcome it and embrace it for it comes from God. Our opinions of it are of no significance. It is neither good nor bad. It is as it is.Trust whatever comes your way you have within you all that you need to be with the experience. This is part of the journey of our souls’ growth. It is a blessing to be traveling with all of you on our journeys together. Pray we all reach a place within that fills us with contentment and peace in our lives.

Thank you, Jeanette.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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