My Flight with Frank, Part 2

Jeanette Pasqua, Dublin, PA writes: “My Flight with Frank” in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 81, Summer 2013:


Frank began to tell me about his two remaining brothers who lived outside of Philadelphia. He was planning to meet with them to change his will. He told me he had a beautiful home in Sun City, Phoenix. He continued telling me about his son, his nieces and nephews, etc. with a lot of opinion about how they went wrong. I admit I tuned out of this portion of the conversation.

Then Frank reached up again needing “the maid”. I went over to push the flight attendant button for him. He said he needed to stretch his legs because they were getting swollen. It was quite an ordeal and took two attendants to assist him. The attendants suggested that while he was up, they might as well go to the bathroom. So they helped Frank shuffle to the first class bathroom. They brought him back and he plopped in his seat exhausted from the ordeal. The attendant asked if he was okay, and Frank said, “I’m fine.” She turned away to go back to first class.

I looked over to see if Frank needed help with his seat belt and watched as Frank’s eyes rolled back in his head and he pushed his tongue forward and stopped breathing. I jumped out of my seat and pushed the attendant button. He still wasn’t breathing, and I suspected he was experiencing congestive heart failure with all that I had observed. I placed my right hand on his spine at TV5 and my left hand held his left little finger, for this can sometimes be helpful for persons with an acute heart project. Still he wasn’t breathing. I then stuck my thumbs in the center of Frank’s armpits and rolled my palm and remaining fingers on the acromion (the very upper arm – hi 19) very firmly, knowing that this can be helpful for the breath. Frank started breathing. He had stopped for about 15 seconds. By this time the flight attendant came, and we helped to lay him on the floor in the center aisle.

The attendant went to use the intercom to ask if there were any doctors or nurses on board. In the meantime I was holding Frank’s head. From what has been taught to me in Jin Shin Jyutsu class, I know that when the Safety Energy Lock 4, located at the base of the cranium, is blocked on the right and the left, this is when the spirit may leave the body. With this in mind, I simply held the base of Frank’s head and spoke a silent prayer to God saying that if Frank is to leave, please help him leave peacefully, and if Frank is to stay, please help him to hang in there. Under my fingertips I could sense that very little energy was passing through both Safety Energy Locks. The area felt rock hard. However, I was in for the long haul and simply kept jumper cabling.

At this point, a nurse came from first class and tried to get the blood pressure cuff to work. Apparently it was not functioning properly. A very nice doctor came from behind introducing himself as Richard, a family doctor from Connecticut. He asked what happened. At this point of the experience my adrenaline took over, and I sounded like a scene from E.R. In about 5 seconds I blurted out, “This is Frank, an 89 year-old man with a history of hypertension, had a five bypass operation and is on his second pacemaker. He fell last week and bruised a rib. Here is his list of meds. He went to the bathroom, came back exhausted and collapsed. He stopped breathing for approximately 15 seconds, but never turned blue. I stuck my thumbs into his armpits and rolled outward onto the acromion, and he started breathing again.”

To be continued…


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