Watering Violets

Georgianne Ginder writes about: “Watering Violets” in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 78, Fall 2012:


Violets on Wednesday

I offered Jin Shin Jyutsu one Wednesday as I have over many years of Wednesdays to those receiving chemotherapy and other therapies at a major university teaching hospital. As I described this hands-on healing tradition, several women who were receiving chemo listened with rapt attention.

One appeared VERY eager to participate in a session. I asked if she had any pain, any problems – and she mentioned ONLY a slight bit of stress. I consulted her wrist pulses and soon inquired if she was holding any discomfort in her stomach because as I placed my hands upon her, this area was “strongly” and resoundingly speaking to that. I felt a palpable tension in her neck and gently inquired if she was experiencing a “pain in the neck”. I mentioned that sometimes we cannot “stomach” a certain situation in our lives. Our bodies handle stresses in a variety of ways.

She said that I had hit upon something. Quickly she told me that she has been forced to deal with a problem in her family. I told her I sensed something and wondered if by chance this situation concerned two people; it did. And she soon began to share a story with me.

How did I know about those two? “I know what I learn as I proceed”, I told her. (And frequently before I begin!) She matter-of-factly told me there were steps she must take to remedy the all-consuming problem. Within minutes she unburdened a painful tale that had been pressing upon her mind, her body and her spirit – and heart, stomach, neck and about everywhere else.

“If I do not get rid of the anger and upsetedness ‘in here’ [pointing to her stomach], then all the medicine in the world will do nothing to help me. I know that. Those two are more than a pain in the neck. This is just eating me up…these people…and how they are treating me. I am glad you came here today because having you just listen to what is going on tells me I know I have to make some changes. sometimes we know what we must do, but we need someone not too close to the situation to show up and help us clear things up. God sends people our way. He surely does.”

I showed her how to hold her middle finger and use her breath to deal with and eliminate anger. She vowed she would do this as she felt much stronger already. Her face and her breathing and her bearing told me just that.

I also gave her a printed sheet with a healing meditation and some self-help routines, and she spied my trademarks: “H.O.P.E., and Your Best Medicine.”

“Hope IS your best medicine and so is faith. You have got that one right.” That is what she told me.

“Violet” exhibited a stronger, happier, healthier “vibe” as we completed our session. She was sitting in her chair and smiling confidently to boot. Now the woman in the next chair wanted to have a session, too. They exchanged phone numbers as I gathered my belongings.

And so it is that places for healing open and happen…minute by minute…one breath at a time…one friend, one story, one smile at a time.

Georgianne Ginder, M Sc, CHWC. “H.O.P.E. and Your Best Medicine™,” Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner, and Health and Wellness Counselor at VCU – Medical College of Virginia.

Thank you, Georgianne.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

All Issues of The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter are available at http://www.jsjinc.net.



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