Jennifer Holmes writes about: “FATIGUE FLOW ADJUSTMENT (TRINITY)” in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 77, Summer 2012:


I began to relax and let go, asking my Higher Self for help, and gently cupped my hands on top of my head, the quickie for the Fatigue Flow. I really felt the pulse of 5th Depth deep within my head, where 5th Depth lives, continuing down the body to form the spine. With no resistance, only acceptance that this is how it is NOW, I began to deepen my breathing and opened to the beautiful energy of the Main central Vertical Universal Harmonizing Energy. I am aware that within this energy is contained the Supervisors protecting and harmonizing both sides of my body and the activating principle of the Mediator Flow. (Trinity Energy and Mediator)

If we look at the FATIGUE FLOW Circulation Pattern we can see how it encircles the lungs. From this I know there is connection to enhancing the circulation around and in the lung area. Lung Function Energy is the prime mover for helping and building the body, the foundation of my life. When my lungs are functioning in harmony there is more oxygen available and all the other organ functions are supported. My 2nd Depth, which helps me balance mind, body and spirit and promotes common sense in my life, becomes stronger, Lung Function Energy being the inhale (cleaning) aspect on the organ function level.

Next I noticed how the Fatigue Flow Circulation Pattern flows up and down the arms and into the middle finger where Diaphragm Function Energy lives, supporting the core of my being.

I also noticed that some of the Circulation Pattern flows along the lymph pathways, and I am told this flow works on helping the lymphatic system, which cleans the body on the physical level. So I am beginning to understand that the Fatigue Flow is the BIG CLEANER flow helping me release toxins from foods, drugs, vaccinations and also toxins produced from my negative thinking.

From Margaret Matt’s Human Anatomy, page 41:

Surrounding the cells is a fluid that picks up colloids, particles, electrolytes and wastes that are unable to return to the blood. The lymph system, a system of tubes like the venous system, drains the fluids, which is called lymph. Lymph vessels unite to form larger and larger lymphatics and along the system form lymph nodes that strain and purify lymph and remove infectious organisms and bacteria before the lymph returns to the blood.

The Fatigue Flow also works on the autoimmune system and longstanding chronic conditions, such as fibromyalgia, arthritis or cancers – in fact, anything which has become deeply ingrained and needs cleaning from the body.

We are told Jiro Murai gave Mary this flow for modern man’s lifestyle, so it will also help accumulations from cell phone usage and exposure to electromagnetic fields. It also helps with tired, heavy bodies including pregnant women.

When I study pages 59 and 60 of Text 1, the Fatigue Flow Adjustment (Trinity), I see in my notes that you may take an hour to give this flow, staying on each step for 3 to 4 minutes. Then you can give the Mudras on page 47 as homework.

To be continued…


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