Jennifer Holmes writes about: “FATIGUE FLOW ADJUSTMENT (TRINITY)” in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 77, Summer 2012:


Mary tells us, “We may never know FATIGUE. Energy can never TIRE. It is our PERSONAL imbalance that causes FATIGUE.

Recently I experienced the result of my own imbalance and was able to experience the positive results of applying the Fatigue Flow quickie, page 60, Text 1, by cupping both hands on top of my head.

FOR QUICKIE revitalization of “run-down” energy:                                                                                 1. Place Right fingers at top center of right half of head.                                                                         2. Place Left fingers at top center of left half of head.

There are times in life when we go through periods of feeling unwell. Sometimes minor disharmonies, such as toothache, a  headache, stomachache, a sore ankle, etc., can be relatively easy to harmonize. I apply my self-help jumper cables or receive sessions from a practitioner. I may visit the dentist, doctor, naturopath or whichever professional I choose to help me. I may make some changes in diet, lifestyle and be forced to identify a negative belief pattern which has helped me to create this disharmony. Gradually with time my disharmony reduces and I feel healed in body and spirit.

Then there are times when I feel more out of kilt and no matter how much jumper cabling I use, how many early nights I go to bed, my disharmony continues. I don’t sleep well and toss and turn. I realize all is not well but cannot really understand quite why. I go through the day feeling grumpy and stressed. My limbs feel stiff and sore. I feel disconnected from Source.

Eckhart Tolle says in Oneness with All Life, page 106:

Stress always diminishes both the quality and effectiveness of what you do under its influence. There is also a strong link between stress and negative emotions, such as anxiety and anger. Stress is also toxic to the body. Unlike stress, enthusiasm has a high energy frequency and so resonates with the creative power of the universe. This is why Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Nothing great has ever been achieved without enthusiasm.”

One afternoon I received a Jin Shin Jyutsu session from a fellow practitioner, thinking that I would feel restored and rejuvenated. To my surprise, I began to feel more unwell. My nose and eyes watered, my throat hurt, and I began sneezing. Ah ha! I realized my Kidney Function Energy was low, and maybe I was coming down with a cold. Then in the wonderful state of receiving jumper cable energy, when I began to reconnect with my 6th Depth, I had the clear realization my 4th Depth, which is dis-harmonized by fear, was needing help.

I made the decision to lie down, take the phone off the hook, tell my family I was unavailable and quietly tuned into my body. I noticed my breathing was not flowing easily, my body felt really stiff and achy. I observed my thoughts. I was feeling fatigued.

Until this point I had been too busy in my jumbled thoughts, trying to get everything done before I departed on holiday, to really listen to my body.

To be continued…





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