Anita Willoughby writes: “A RAY OF LIGHT – The Main Central Vertical Universal Harmonizing Energy” in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 76, Spring 2012:


The power of music to transform the soul, to alter our mood, to raise our spirits, to open our hearts cannot be disputed. Music massages the soul and connects to the 8th Depth, the depth of magic, of creation energy, of movement and sound. In other words music changes our movement, enables us to move in a different fashion. Music, sound and movement are all ways to express the inexpressible. Maybe this is what the ancients meant by the nectar of the gods or the elixir of life, the chemical secretions of the Endocrine System which are awakened by the vibration of sound.

Let us continue by defining “endocrine”. Even the definition of words leads us to a deeper understanding of this system. Endo and crinis are Greek words which mean “inside, within” and “to secrete”, respectively. Krinein also means “to separate, to distinguish”.”Endocrine” as an adjective means “secreting internally”. To my mind from Mary’s illustration of the MCVUHE/Endrocrine System, the endocrine glands are mediating sound/tone and light/color from the outside directly into the body, through chemical secretions released into the bloodstream. So the Main Central/Endocrine System is the connecting link to the SOURCE of all SOURCES, 8th Depth, through the light of 7th Depth into 6th Depth, our individual source, and the Endocrine System is the communication system from the outside to the inside of the body.

The endocrine glands are our energetic physicians. They have been called the “guardians of our health”. The endocrine glands store energy and regulate the distribution of energy to the whole body. The endocrine glands bridge and connect the organs and the nervous system and the nervous system and the fluids/water. They release chemicals or secretions directly into the bloodstream thereby affecting every cell in our body. These chemical messengers are called hormones. “Hormone” comes from a Greek word meaning impetus, impulse, to spur on, to urge on, in plain terms, “Get moving!” So our glands, through these hormones or chemical messengers, get life moving and promote all of our growth and development. They work together to balance and organize the whole body. They help in metabolizing our food, help in our sexual and reproductive functions and profoundly affect our moods. The Endocrine System governs the mystery of puberty, menopause and andropause. These hormones are so powerful that only a tiny amount can affect every cell in our body and cause profound changes. Hormones are the catalyst for life-promoting changes in our chemical make-up. They works slowly but powerfully. Although all cells have hormones, the major hormone producing glands are the pineal, mammillary, pituitary, thyroid, thymus, adrenals, pancreas and ovaries/testes. Our self-help Main Central jumper cables the area of each of these major endocrine glands.

When we look at the word “person” and examine its roots, we see that per is a prefix which means “by” or “through”, and son comes from the word “sonar”, which has to do with sound wave frequency. First comes sound then light at a higher frequency. In Spanish the word sonar means “to dream”. So a person is expressed through sound, or through dream. Then we add an “a” to the word, and we have “persona”, which means we have put a mask over the sound or the dream to present to the world.

Ever since I was a child, I knew that music and movement had the power to transform my mood. One of my favorite activities was to turn on the stereo and dance. That delight/passion followed me all the way through college and into my early adulthood, when I danced and performed. Now through the power of chanting/mudra I have come to a deeper understanding of the power of the vibration of the word. What are these endocrine glands doing? Are they the alchemical process, which transforms music and light through their secretions to send messages to the whole body through the bloodstream? Is this why music is such a powerful instrument for transformation? It changes our mood and affects the hormones or chemical messages which are released into our bloodstream. The hormones carry these musical notes, these feelings, to every cell in our body.

Yes, yes, yes, it is true – all those things we say about the MCVUHE. It is true, and the truth is simple. We just may not believe it the first time around, or for that matter for the first 20 years. It appears that learning and understanding happen on many layers and filter through our subconscious to our consciousness and to our kinesthetic experiential understanding, where we know something not just intellectually, not just in words, but we know it in the core of our being. We know in every cell of our body. That is the study and the learning I am interested in and that, as it turns out, has a lot to do with Endocrine System/Endocrine Glands and the Main Central Vertical Universal Harmonizing Energy.

My simple handwritten notes under the Main Central Flow on page 37, Text 1 – “helps everything, helps the Endocrine System and the glands, helps the 12 organ flows, and the 72,000 SBFE both left and right and the 72 trillion cells” are now resonating with a deep and profound truth.

Thank you, Anita.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

All issues of The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter are available at http://www.jsjinc.net.



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