Anita Willoughby writes: “A RAY OF LIGHT – The Main Central Vertical Universal Harmonizing Energy” in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 76, Spring 2012:


You would think those simple and profound statements would have made me sit up and pay attention. Well, of course, they did but only for a moment and then on to the next page, and yes, “what does this flow help”, as if the MCVUHE wasn’t a show-stopper, a crowd pleaser, and couldn’t I have spent a little time delving into this Source of our Being, the Capital “B” Breath of Life, this higher fire element, this Will to Be, this Desire to Be. Okay, so it has taken me years to come full circle and start to pay attention to the simple power and meaning of the Main Central Vertical Universal Harmonizing Energy. Often we can absorb only so much at one time, and maybe I wasn’t ready for the deeper impact of this energy.

It was years later in my Jin Shin Jyutsu study, learning and teaching, that I knew I had to study the MCVUHE in relation to the Endocrine System. In fact every special topic class I come up with seems to be about the MCVUHE and one of its many facets. I had always been intrigued by Mary’s drawing of the Endocrine System and was particularly attracted to a quote from Joachim-Ernest Berendt, “Before we make music, music makes us.” Knowing that the best way to learn something is to teach it, I began a series of special topic classes on the Main Central and the Endocrine System, Before We Make Music, which sent me on the journey into understanding the vital importance of the Endocrine System and the endocrine glands to the overall health of our beings – mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

It was with the deepening of this awareness of the power of the MCVUHE, the “magic wand” which connects heaven to earth, our head to our tail that this Ray of God, this “magic wand” – this lightning rod, this lighthouse, this ray or beam of light – is profoundly relevant to the alchemical process of turning sound and light into matter. If the 8th Depth is movement/sound/music and the 7th Depth is Light, then is it through the Endocrine System that the vibrations of sound and light are transmuted?

What is this “alchemical process” which transforms sound and light into matter? And how is the Endocrine System involved? To begin with, let’s look at the word “alchemy”. Alchemy comes from an Arabic phrase “al-kimia”. “Kimia” comes from the root word “khem” which refers to the black fertile soil of the Nile delta as differentiated from the surrounding desert and is one of the roots from which the word “chemical” ultimately derives. Esoterically the word refers to the dark mystery of the birth of matter from which all life emanates. Alchemy is the process of transformation of nature, of all the rhythmic growth processes of nature. It is in the dark fertile soil of the delta where growth can happen, not in the desert. Alchemy happens on all levels. We in the Western world are often focused on the physical level, but alchemy starts on the energetic level, turning sound and light into matter, then on the material level turning base metals into gold and seeds into plants, into trees and into fruits, eggs into animals. Alchemy is one of the fundamental laws of life, laws of nature. Life is a process of transforming; life is a process of chemicals interacting and transmuting from one element to another. From the creation of the cosmos to the transformation of our souls into matter, we are in a process of transforming sound and light into matter. Through the chemicals of the endocrine glands, human beings are a part of that process.

To be continued…



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