Anita Willoughby writes: “A RAY OF LIGHT – The Main Central Vertical Universal Harmonizing Energy” in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 76, Spring 2012:


Prelude: For the past few moments, I have been gazing at the sky overlooking Beesley Point in southern New Jersey, waiting for my client. It is early morning. I am down here giving a Jin Shin Jyutsu intensive to a longtime practitioner. The sky is filled with clouds with those beautiful streaks of light beaming down from the sun – the only visible remnant of the sun on this grey, cloud-covered day. I am in a moment of reverie, remembering other moments in time and space when those rays were revealed so brilliantly and clearly. Suddenly my client walked in and intuitively knowing my reverie, announced, “My son calls those God Rays.”

What a perfect name for the shower of rays descending from a single spot in the sky. I am reminded of our Jin Shin Jyutsu creation story and my reverie continues. Here I am sitting, looking over the bay to Ocean City, experiencing in real life cinematography the existence, the transformation of the rays of light of the Seventh Depth “showering down around us”. Seventh Depth rays of light are streaming down from the sun, filtering through the vast cover of the clouds. Light can only be seen if there is something that interrupts its movement. Clouds serve that purpose. A cloud is a visible mass of liquid droplets, a cloud is frozen crystals made of water and various chemicals, suspended in the atmosphere. No wonder I have always been mesmerized by the sky, the clouds and those rays, which my client just informed me her son calls “God Rays”! What a perfect name. When there are clouds in the sky, we can see rays of light streaming through in long direct lines, connecting heaven to earth in a veritable canopy, enveloping our earth.

A “Google® search” revealed that mankind has been fascinated with these rays through the ages and has come up with many names for this striking visual expression of light. These rays, or sunbeams, have also been called Rays of Buddha, Buddha Fingers, Jacob’s Ladder, Stairways to Heaven, Gateways to Heaven, Fingers of God, Jesus Rays, Beams of Jesus, Ropes of Maui [from Maori tradition where these rays were the ropes with which Maui, a Prometheus prototype, restrained the movement of the sun so there would be longer days for man to complete his daily chores]. Even the computer graphics industry has given them the name “volumetric lighting”. Sailors have named them “backstays of the sun” which is a nautical term for rods which support the mast of a sailing ship. “Crepuscular rays”, as they are more commonly called, mean “relating to twilight” in Latin. These rays are seen in the early morning or late afternoon hours during the transitional times between darkness and light, times when the veil between worlds is thin. Obviously these rays of light have captured the imagination of mankind throughout the ages and from many different walks of life. These rays of light, visible during the twilight hours and under the right conditions, resonate deeply in the human psyche. What is it about these rays that captivates us?

To be continued…


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