Movement of Breath in the Number Flows, Part 2

Waltraud Riegger-Krause writes about: “Movement of Breath in the Number Flows” in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 75, Winter 2012:


Almost all of the number flows in Text 1 are using Safety Energy Locks on both sides of the body. The crossroads that are used are either parts of the Mediator Energy Flow Pattern or parts of the Supervisory Energy Flow Pattern. Even our Supervisory Flows have two places where they have an additional bridge, crossing to the other side of the body. One is about the 4s (at center) and one is at the pubic bone. I remember Mary saying in her classes that every time a flow is crossing to the other side of the body, Mediator Energy is being used. And sometimes she said that the Mediator is part of the Supervisory Flows…it is the Activating Principle of the Supervisory Flows.

Almost every flow in Text 1 is crossing to the other side of the body. Whenever a flow is crossing, it is passing and kissing the Main  Central Vertical Universal Harmonizing Energy.

It is getting in contact with the energy of the blue print. Every time it is crossing, it is being reminded of the silent pulse of perfect harmony in the heart of every being, in the blueprint of every cell. The perfection is there in everybody, but is hidden from us – we can’t see it – we can’t feel it. This makes us search.

Checking the high 4s once in a while is very important to allow the energy to cross over…clearing the 15s all the way to the pubic bone as well.

Also doing a Mediator Flow to clear all the crossroads will be very vital.

Let’s look at the Supervisory Flow itself. We all know that the energy pathway of the Supervisor is flowing down the front and up the back on the same side of the body. However in the application of the sequence or routine of the Supervisory Flow on page 50 of Text 1, we are pulling the Energy/Breath over to the opposite front of the body and then back to the original side again. That means we are using the bridge above the 4 as well as at the pube.

The knowing about this weaving of the Energy/Breath is built into the flows. We don’t need to strain our minds. In the application of the Supervisor Flow we are helping the Energy/Breath to weave and to move to the other side – using part of Mediator which helps us to get out of duality and being stuck. “If a project is no moving – look to the Attitudes.” – Mary

To be continued…



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