Movement of Breath in the Number Flows, Part 1

Waltraud Riegger-Krause writes about: “Movement of Breath in the Number Flows” in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 75, Winter 2012:


About two months ago I started teaching the expanded 5-day class in my hometown, Isny, Germany. There I was asked a question which is coming up in classes repeatedly: “What is the flow path of the number flows from Text 1?”

The number flows in Text 1 are all working with the Trinity Flows. Besides their meaning according to the number that is given to each flow, they all have a certain flow route along the Supervisor Flows, Mediator Flows and Main Central Flow. their flow pattern is different from the flow pattern of the Organ Flows. There is not a river of energy going from one place to another one, for example, as in the Lung Flow from the chest to the thumb and to the index finger. All the number flows are a sequence or routine of numbered Safety Energy Locks that are located on the Supervisor and/or on the Mediator Flow and/or Main Central Flow. I like to use a picture to give an example. Let’s imagine our Trinity Flows are musical instruments, because they create a certain vibration of energy when we work on them. For example, Main Central could be the flute, Supervisors could be a piano and the Mediators could be a violin. Then each of the flows in Text 1 would be like a piece of music played by one or more of these instruments.

For example, the 1 Flow uses a selection of Safety Energy Locks that are all located on the Supervisor Flow on one side of the body. That would mean we would play a song by just using the piano.If we do a number 2 Flow, we are using a sequence of Safety Energy Locks that are located on both sides of the body. Whenever the flow pattern is crossing over to the other side of the body, we are using part of Mediator Flow as a crossover. In this case we would play a piece of music using a piano and a violin. We are creating a different vibration than with the 1 Flow.

If we do a number 4 Flow, where we are using coccyx and T.V. 8 which are located at the Main Central Energy pathway, we would play a piece of music using the flute (the steps of the Main Central), the piano (the steps on the Supervisor), and also the violin, because we are crossing over to the other side.

Mary said Jiro Murai was a mathematician, and he was also playing with words.

All the so-called routines in both of our Texts are based on mathematical calculations and, therefore, are in Harmony with the Universe. All routines are perfect.

Numbers are expressing Principles of life, vital impulses of the Cosmos.

Numbers, Colors and Tones are all vibrations.

The flows have a meaning according to the numbers. But let us now look at the sequence of the flow – how is the Energy/Breath being guided through the body?

To be continued…


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