The Bridge, Part 4


The Winter Solstice

The Finger Flows, the Earth Signs


The Small Intestine, the Mental/Deep Flow phase of our development corresponds to the mental influence in the physical body and its reflection in our physical health. It is also where we see that the function of digestion involves more than food. This is the ability of the person to “digest” information intellectually.

The Small Intestine Function Energy begins at 2 p.m. and completes at 4 p.m., and corresponds to the ages 35-42. This is during the Mental phase of life – the Deep Flows. As with the Surface and Middle Flows, there is one complete circulation of Chest, Finger, Face and Toes represented in this age group, making up the Deep Flows.

The Small Intestine and Virgo is the arena where the physical body is a reflection of the body/mind connection, directing the attention to the maintenance and care of the physical body as filtered through intellectual awareness. This will often manifest as interest in diet, exercise and therapy. An unhappy person, experiencing a large stress load, will most often manifest illness both mentally and physically.

With the demands of our lifestyles, and the assaults on our immune systems environmentally, our consciousness in this area is being continually stimulated. The epidemics of obesity combined with the immunity crisis in our culture are resulting in a critical confrontation with health issues, lifestyles and education. The positive aspects of Virgo Function Energy corresponding to the Small Intestine Function Energy are meaningful discernment without judgment. Virgos are masters of organization and critical analysis. They are able to “digest” information and practically implement their learning. Out of harmony, we see individuals whose keen nature becomes hypercritical and their body/mind awareness can tend towards hypochondria. Their skills at organization can turn into compulsive neatness and “nitpicking”.

The third emanation of Earth Signs and Finger Flows is the Umbilicus Function Energy, corresponding to Capricorn, ages 63-70. These are the ages when our accomplishments are connected, inspired, and supported by the Collective Spirit in the unseen world in order to help provide security and well-being for the greater whole. In our individual experience, it is the physical body being supported through the connection to the Spirit world and Light through the “Bridge” of the Umbilicus Function Energy. The developmental function of this stage in life is to apply the wisdom and abilities that we have acquired throughout our life for the benefit of the whole.

Capricorn individuals will constantly have a lens that directs their attention to their actions in terms of response and appropriateness with their social/cultural environment. The positive attributes of Capricorns, reflecting the Umbilicus function, are the acceptance of responsibility, administrative abilities and leadership. Out of order, we find individuals who feel the lack of support and the connective empowerment of Life. They can be impoverished mentally and spiritually. They can exhibit greed, selfishness and the abdication of their responsibility through conspiracy and victimization thinking.

Supporting the Finger Flow Organs by utilizing the appropriate flows will help the individual to feel secure in his ability to meet the challenges of survival for himself and others. The fundamental need of the Earth Signs begins with physical survival, culminating in accepting the responsibility to administer survival for others.

Physical Awareness – Large Intestine

Mental Skills – Small Intestine

Spiritual Implementation – Umbilicus

Thank you, Louanne.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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