The Bridge, Part 2

Louanne Ellis writes about: “THE BRIDGE” in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 75, Winter 2012:


The Winter Solstice


All of the recent interest in the 2012 phenomenon is alluding to the alignment of our solar system to the heart of the galaxy, the heart of God/Source. This positioning is undoubtedly responsible for the experience of time speeding up as more and more “light” is available. The compression of evolution is experienced as speed when the period we know as the “Bridge” is peaking. The Mayan calendar and the Hopi prophecies are both credited with earmarking this time period and event. The Mayan’s calendar has a finite timeframe, which has led many to speculate that it means the end of the world. To quote the rock musicians REM, it is “The End of the World as We Know It.” Many Christian-based philosophies are targeting this period as the apocalypse as predicted in the Bible, which seems to coincide with that type of interpretation. The Hopi prophecy centers on a belief that we are coming to the end of an age. There will be purification, in the form of destruction and death in order to make way for a new world.

I would like to put the events of the Solstice and the upcoming speculation about 2012 into a broad astrological perspective. In April of 2011 Neptune entered the sign of Pisces, its ruling position. It will be a fourteen-year period in which man will start to believe in belief; he will begin to understand the true nature of his spiritual beingness. Man can begin to understand that religion does not necessarily fulfill or constitute his spiritual connection, nor do philosophies and higher studies. In 2025 Neptune will have ended its transit through Pisces and will enter Aries. This event will initiate the opportunity for man to experience and express himself as an “independent” spiritual being. These events and developments in human evolution all have a foundation in the powerful alignment of the 2012 Solstice, when we will experience the strongest “signal” from the heart of our galaxy. This is due to relative positions of the earth, sun, solar system, star systems and galaxy. The scale of this time is beyond my imagination. Many believe that this light/photon transmission became significant in the 1980s.

To recap: The “Bridge”, our umbilical cord from the earth to the heart of the galaxy, our God/Source, is peaking in the strength of its alignment. I believe the Solstice,  combined with the lunar eclipse on the Solstice of 2010, were events that signified the power and timing of this connection. The establishment of this alignment is stimulating a profound acceleration in evolution, strengthening and bringing forth the consciousness in man evolving his ability to comprehend that his personal destiny and potential is directly sourced from the “Heart of God”. This is profoundly important in man’s realization that he has a direct link, a “Bridge” to Source, and need not be limited or inhibited in this connection by formal religions, spiritual leaders, or institutions of any kind. Man is a spiritual being and has within him the BRIDGE to connect the lowest form of Spirit to the highest form of Matter.

To be continued..


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