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I’m thinking about technology….

It’s a good thing

It’s a bad thing


When it works it is a wonderful way to communicate and have fun and learn and share…a good thing.

When it fails to work it is frustrating and keeps us from reaching out to touch one another…all across this planet Earth! That’s a bad thing.

I am having computer issues and will be getting a brand new computer very soon so we can keep in touch and communicate and share and learn and be the FUN! (As Mary says!)

Please accept my apologies.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings


I’m thinking about my body…


“There are times when we may fool ourselves. There are times when we can fool others. But we can never fool our body. It is the most sensitive barometer of our inner world.”
— Sherrill Sellman

“Instead of frittering away your vibrancy with worry or distraction, realize your mind and body are inextricably united. What calms and tones up one, soothes and improves the other.”
— Marsha Sinetar

“When you are saying that you are happy and you are not, there will be a disturbance in your breathing. Your breathing cannot be natural. It is impossible.”
— Osho

“Your body is the ground and metaphor of your life, the expression of your existence. It is your Bible, your encyclopedia, your life story. Everything that happens to you is stored and reflected in your body. In the marriage of flesh and spirit divorce is impossible.”
— Gabrielle Roth

“If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?”
— Unknown source

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The Bridge, Part 4


The Winter Solstice

The Finger Flows, the Earth Signs


The Small Intestine, the Mental/Deep Flow phase of our development corresponds to the mental influence in the physical body and its reflection in our physical health. It is also where we see that the function of digestion involves more than food. This is the ability of the person to “digest” information intellectually.

The Small Intestine Function Energy begins at 2 p.m. and completes at 4 p.m., and corresponds to the ages 35-42. This is during the Mental phase of life – the Deep Flows. As with the Surface and Middle Flows, there is one complete circulation of Chest, Finger, Face and Toes represented in this age group, making up the Deep Flows.

The Small Intestine and Virgo is the arena where the physical body is a reflection of the body/mind connection, directing the attention to the maintenance and care of the physical body as filtered through intellectual awareness. This will often manifest as interest in diet, exercise and therapy. An unhappy person, experiencing a large stress load, will most often manifest illness both mentally and physically.

With the demands of our lifestyles, and the assaults on our immune systems environmentally, our consciousness in this area is being continually stimulated. The epidemics of obesity combined with the immunity crisis in our culture are resulting in a critical confrontation with health issues, lifestyles and education. The positive aspects of Virgo Function Energy corresponding to the Small Intestine Function Energy are meaningful discernment without judgment. Virgos are masters of organization and critical analysis. They are able to “digest” information and practically implement their learning. Out of harmony, we see individuals whose keen nature becomes hypercritical and their body/mind awareness can tend towards hypochondria. Their skills at organization can turn into compulsive neatness and “nitpicking”.

The third emanation of Earth Signs and Finger Flows is the Umbilicus Function Energy, corresponding to Capricorn, ages 63-70. These are the ages when our accomplishments are connected, inspired, and supported by the Collective Spirit in the unseen world in order to help provide security and well-being for the greater whole. In our individual experience, it is the physical body being supported through the connection to the Spirit world and Light through the “Bridge” of the Umbilicus Function Energy. The developmental function of this stage in life is to apply the wisdom and abilities that we have acquired throughout our life for the benefit of the whole.

Capricorn individuals will constantly have a lens that directs their attention to their actions in terms of response and appropriateness with their social/cultural environment. The positive attributes of Capricorns, reflecting the Umbilicus function, are the acceptance of responsibility, administrative abilities and leadership. Out of order, we find individuals who feel the lack of support and the connective empowerment of Life. They can be impoverished mentally and spiritually. They can exhibit greed, selfishness and the abdication of their responsibility through conspiracy and victimization thinking.

Supporting the Finger Flow Organs by utilizing the appropriate flows will help the individual to feel secure in his ability to meet the challenges of survival for himself and others. The fundamental need of the Earth Signs begins with physical survival, culminating in accepting the responsibility to administer survival for others.

Physical Awareness – Large Intestine

Mental Skills – Small Intestine

Spiritual Implementation – Umbilicus

Thank you, Louanne.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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I’m thinking about soul consciousness…


“What you bring forth out of yourself from the inside will save you. What you do not bring forth out of yourself from the inside will destroy you.”
— Gospel of Thomas

We can transform painful memories by re-imagining them from the soul’s perspective of love and meaning.

Andrew Schneider says that all experiences have the purpose of serving the soul. An experience in the past blocked us because our fear at the time distorted our perception of what happened. To transform this limiting experience, we must bring what was then unconscious into the soul’s realm through consciousness.

We can do this by following these steps:

  1. RECALL the past experience that might inhibit us.
  2. OWN the experience (no judgment, blame, etc.).
  3. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for it and the consequences (i.e., the experience was determined by my subjective perception of what occurred, dictated by my lack of wholeness — specifically my fears).
  4. GIVE IT MEANING (the soul was attempting to gain some kind of mastery or skill, but we didn’t know that at the time).
  5. RE-IMAGINE it from the perspective of soul consciousness (showing its higher purpose).

“Letting go of our suffering is the hardest work we will ever do. It is also the most fruitful. To heal means to meet ourselves in a new way — in the newness of each moment where all is possible and nothing is limited to the old.”
— Stephen Levine

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The Bridge, Part 3

Louanne Ellis writes about: “THE BRIDGE” in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 75, Winter 2012:


The Winter Solstice


The Finger Flows, the Earth Signs

The Finger Flows all correspond to the earth signs in astrology. This is the arena of our practical doing nature, we “do” with our hands. The Earth element is the physical manifestation as the body.

The three Earth Flows are: the Large Intestine – a Surface Flow corresponding to Taurus, the Small Intestine – a Deep Flow corresponding to Virgo, and Capricorn – a Middle Flow corresponding to Umbilicus. The Organs and their corresponding signs sequentially help to reveal man’s evolution in one lifetime.

The Physical bodies are the first phase of development from birth to 28 years. One manifestation of fire/chest, earth/finger, air/face and water/toe comprises one complete circulation at the Surface Level. The Mental or Intellectual development follows the same pattern, corresponding to Middle Age – 29-56 years – and comprises the Deep Flows. The Spiritual Development during “elderage” – age 57-84 – corresponds to the Middle Flows.

Earth Signs, corresponding to the functions of the Finger Flows, describe and “choreograph” the manner in which we are involved in the material world – our survival skills, our work, our service and our administrative abilities. They are supporting our physical bodies at the three different levels: 1) Body-Taurus, 2) Mind-Virgo, and 3) Spirit-Capricorn.

During the Taurus/Large Intestine development phase (7-14 years), the physical body is maturing. The Large Intestine Function Energy begins forming at 6 a.m. and continues to 8 a.m. As this age period concludes, the physical body begins the transition of puberty, reflecting the survival imperative and the final stages of development on the physical level. The correspondence to Taurus in astrology reveals the characteristic of survival awareness on the physical plane. It is during this stage of life that the child can begin to understand and can participate in the development of self-esteem, self-worth, and responsibility. Fourteen is young by our culture’s standards. But even so, I know of several young men who left home at this age to successfully support themselves and accept the responsibility of their security.

The primary need at this level is to be secure physically in the world. It is where our survival instincts meet with practicality and “doing”. In our culture we see that this age is where values begin to develop as influenced by the parents and the immediate social sphere. It is the age where one starts to earn their first money and to participate responsibly in the family – doing chores, babysitting, earning an allowance, etc. In another view, we see devastating examples of children being exploited in situations where as soon as their development allows, they are put to work.

To be continued…

I’m thinking about follow-through…


“Our high resolves look down on our slumbering acts.”
— L.E. Landon

How do you put things off, make excuses, or let anyone or anything get in the way of your commitments?

What are you saying to yourself and your subconscious mind (which records all of your patterns) when you do not complete what is important to you?

Pick a task or new habit to which you will re-commit. Show yourself and your inner programming that you CAN complete and that you are serious about what you say.

“Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.”
— William James

“Procrastination is the thief of time.”
— Edward Young

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The Bridge, Part 2

Louanne Ellis writes about: “THE BRIDGE” in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 75, Winter 2012:


The Winter Solstice


All of the recent interest in the 2012 phenomenon is alluding to the alignment of our solar system to the heart of the galaxy, the heart of God/Source. This positioning is undoubtedly responsible for the experience of time speeding up as more and more “light” is available. The compression of evolution is experienced as speed when the period we know as the “Bridge” is peaking. The Mayan calendar and the Hopi prophecies are both credited with earmarking this time period and event. The Mayan’s calendar has a finite timeframe, which has led many to speculate that it means the end of the world. To quote the rock musicians REM, it is “The End of the World as We Know It.” Many Christian-based philosophies are targeting this period as the apocalypse as predicted in the Bible, which seems to coincide with that type of interpretation. The Hopi prophecy centers on a belief that we are coming to the end of an age. There will be purification, in the form of destruction and death in order to make way for a new world.

I would like to put the events of the Solstice and the upcoming speculation about 2012 into a broad astrological perspective. In April of 2011 Neptune entered the sign of Pisces, its ruling position. It will be a fourteen-year period in which man will start to believe in belief; he will begin to understand the true nature of his spiritual beingness. Man can begin to understand that religion does not necessarily fulfill or constitute his spiritual connection, nor do philosophies and higher studies. In 2025 Neptune will have ended its transit through Pisces and will enter Aries. This event will initiate the opportunity for man to experience and express himself as an “independent” spiritual being. These events and developments in human evolution all have a foundation in the powerful alignment of the 2012 Solstice, when we will experience the strongest “signal” from the heart of our galaxy. This is due to relative positions of the earth, sun, solar system, star systems and galaxy. The scale of this time is beyond my imagination. Many believe that this light/photon transmission became significant in the 1980s.

To recap: The “Bridge”, our umbilical cord from the earth to the heart of the galaxy, our God/Source, is peaking in the strength of its alignment. I believe the Solstice,  combined with the lunar eclipse on the Solstice of 2010, were events that signified the power and timing of this connection. The establishment of this alignment is stimulating a profound acceleration in evolution, strengthening and bringing forth the consciousness in man evolving his ability to comprehend that his personal destiny and potential is directly sourced from the “Heart of God”. This is profoundly important in man’s realization that he has a direct link, a “Bridge” to Source, and need not be limited or inhibited in this connection by formal religions, spiritual leaders, or institutions of any kind. Man is a spiritual being and has within him the BRIDGE to connect the lowest form of Spirit to the highest form of Matter.

To be continued..

I’m thinking about difficulties…


“Each difficult moment has the potential to open my eyes and open my heart.”
— Myla Kabat-Zinn

“Even the most daring and accomplished people have undergone tremendous difficulty. In fact, the more successful they became, the more they attributed their success to the lessons learned during their most difficult times. Adversity is our teacher. When we view adversity as a guide towards greater inner growth, we will then learn to accept the wisdom our soul came into this life to learn.”
— Barbara Rose

“No matter what difficulty you are facing, it is coming from Divine Light to bring you to a higher place within. Write down every conceivable reason that this situation can contribute towards your growth. Write down every way this experience can possibly set the stage for serving to uplift others. When you are complete, and have come to the other side of this experience, you will then know ‘why’ it happened.”
— Barbara Rose

“The period of greatest gain in knowledge and experience is the most difficult period in one’s life.”
— Dalai Lama

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The Bridge, Part 1

Louanne Ellis writes about: “THE BRIDGE” in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 75, Winter 2012:


The Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice of 2012 has been the focus of endless attention. The Mayan and Hopi calendars and the Bible in the Western Hemisphere are major sources for  speculation which have become a bandwagon for a wide range of traditional and new age philosophies as well as doomsday dramas. I am offering an in-depth look at the Sixth Depth, specifically the Umbilicus, which corresponds to the sign Capricorn and the Winter Solstice, in response to the interest in the upcoming Solstice next year.

Specific to the Solstice, I recall Mary saying one of the true gifts of Jin Shin Jyutsu was the designation and understanding of the Sixth Depth, the Umbilicus Function Energy and Diaphragm Function Energy Flows. These are unique by name to Jin Shin Jyutsu and are the focus of this study. Their significance is available because of Mary’s penetrating and brilliant understanding of the function of the Sixth Depth as THE BRIDGE that links the physical body with the universal spirit body.

The Sixth Depth represents the pair of organ function flows that manifest as the Umbilicus, the female receptive aspect paired with the masculine creative expression as the Diaphragm. By naming the Umbilicus Function Flow literally, Mary has given us direct access to the significance of the umbilicus and its functions in multiple dimensions, depths.

On the physical level, the umbilical cord functions as the connection between the embryo and the mother for life sustenance in gestation.

On the “blueprint” or etheric level, the Umbilicus Flow pathway maintains the vital connection to the Spirit and Light of the Seventh Depth, supporting our manifested physical body.

The Sixth Depth is the Bridge that connects our individualized being to the life force support from the Seventh Depth. The integrity of our connection from our “Highest Form as Spirit” to our “Lowest Form as Body” is maintained throughout all Eight Depths. The Sixth Depth is the important step in “bridging” the connection from the un-manifest to the manifested body through the Diaphragm and Umbilicus Function Energy. This is the continual sustenance that enlivens our being. The Diaphragm Function Energy is the Spiritual aspect of the breath (the capital B Breath of Life), supplying the “Prana”, the Spiritual Fire or Spark from the Seventh Depth to our individualized Spirit. The Umbilicus Function Energy is the “lifeline” connecting our Physical body to the Seventh Depth. In metaphysical studies it is called the “silver cord”. During the night when we leave our physical bodies through astral travel, our connection needs to be maintained. The Umbilicus Function Energy connects our individualized earthly body with our individual spiritual Source.

We experience the Sixth Depth, the umbilicus and diaphragm, on daily, monthly, yearly and epochal levels. It is the macrocosmic view of the umbilicus or “bridge phase”, that has been the backdrop and theme that is being referred to as the event of our solar system and earth coming into alignment with the heart of the galaxy.

For many, the belief is that this will be exact on December 21, 2012. I have no “scientific” way to confirm this event or this year. However, the Solstice marks the initiation of this “bridge period” annually as the sun enters Capricorn which corresponds to the Umbilicus Function Energy. I am speculating that the eclipse occurring on the solstice in 2010 was an emphatic energetic event representing a message heralding the strengthening of our personal and global connection to the heart of the galaxy. In terms that we understand, currently it is the period during which we have the strongest signal – the most “bars” on our receptors – for “transmission” between the heart of the galaxy, our Source, and Earth.

To be continued…

I’m thinking about nurturing my soul…


“If you’re having difficulty coming up with new ideas, then slow down. For me, slowing down has been a tremendous source of creativity. It has allowed me to open up — to know that there’s life under the earth and that I have to let it come through me in a new way. Creativity exists in the present moment. You can’t find it anywhere else.”
— Natalie Goldberg

Feeling trapped in some way? Give yourself space. Space to do nothing but breathe. To intentionally relax those tight muscles. To just for a few precious minutes, let it all go.

The world will keep turning if you tune out for a short while. And your world will begin to recover its balance.

“It’s important to be heroic, ambitious, productive, efficient, creative, and progressive, but these qualities don’t necessarily nurture soul. The soul has different concerns, of equal value: downtime for reflection, conversation, and reverie; beauty that is captivating and pleasuring; relatedness to the environs and to people; and any animal’s rhythm of rest and activity.”
— Thomas Moore

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