Energy of Regeneration – Equinox, Part 1

Petra Elmendorff writes about: “Energy of Regeneration – Equinox” in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 74, Fall 2011:


Some Astrological Bites or The Times We Are Living In

As usual I am again fascinated how the cosmic dance is reflected in the world as it seems to appear and how awareness of these rhythms facilitates the ability to synchronize with this cosmic rhythm in my own inner experiences.

The events on the so-called visible plane are for me always a reflection of the invisible energies working: “As above, so below”.

It is Fall now, harvest, the equinox to the energies of nature. Day and night are equal to each other, light and darkness in perfect balance. The energy moves into the sign Libra, which is a sign sensitive to the equilibrium of all things. Libra is an air sign, so consciousness is created through the “mighty powers of the mind” – Mary. This invitation to reflection is given at equinox to serve the knowledge and love of relationship of all things while pondering on the balance of giving and taking.

As we move with the quality of the Fall equinox, we have the chance to reflect on the experiences that have been, for the benefit of setting seeds for the next cycle as we see in the Order of Creation, 2nd Depth (Fall) being the first depth in the Order of Creation. Libra, as a 4th Depth Organ Function Energy Flow is a reminder of the recreation and renewing of the inhalation. This is the time where the light begins to withdraw so the darkness can grow and regeneration can be nurtured in the sacred space of the invisible.

Balanced for the moment of equinox, a new cycle gets impregnated with a new seed, a new dream. Invisible, hidden yet, as an idea or ideal, the Venus principle of Libra and the Venus principle of the 2nd Depth are working together. Venus is vibrating as the reminder of the higher order of the universe and is once again the refocusing to the intrinsic harmony of the cosmic design. Whatever Venus touches is elevated, heightened, and this is especially true for our thoughts and belief systems, since Venus at the point of equinox is bringing awareness through the element air. Venus never ceases to be the muse and the highest ethic of mankind, protector of art, lovers and beauty – always aligned with the most supreme values of life.

Fall equinox, the harvest, is also an invitation to become aware of the cycle from which we are coming and see the results of a movement that started with Aries, with the Spring equinox.

Half a year’s circle has passed since we saw the dramatic events in Japan. Not exactly, but already in the field of Spring equinox (the earthquake was a couple of days earlier), the earthquake, the tsunami – and in the days to come, the nuclear meltdown happened.  As I always look for the relationship of all things, I am sitting with that question: what does it mean? The ripples of the original tsunami waves now are available for reflection with the opportunity to offer it to the evaluation and elevation of the Venus principle.

Equinox in general marks a point of the beginning of a new cycle. Aries, 2nd Depth, represented by the number 9 obviously talking about it, reflected yet the same message in Libra, 4th Depth, the number 6 as a mirrored 9.

To be continued…



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