The Fall Equinox and the Face Flows, Part 3

Louanne Ellis writes about: “The Fall Equinox and the Face Flows” in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 74, Fall 2011:



The Bladder Flow combined with the Kidney Flow is the Fourth Depth representing our water/emotional nature. When the Bladder Function Energy is out of order it affects our emotional nature through faulty brain “chemistry”. The corresponding attitude is fear. When we get emotionally unstable and mentally confused and/or disabled it is almost impossible to be in positive functioning relationships. The resulting attitude of fear is amplified and reflected in the originating fear in the opposite sign Aries, as a result of separation anxiety. During the Libra phase at midlife, corresponding to the Bladder function, we would fear for losing our social relationships, partners, friends, etc. As we age, there can also be the fear of losing one’s mind, our memory, and our rationality. Dementia, senility, Alzheimer’s, are all mental “diseases” that begin in the “head” and show up most prevalently during the Aquarian phase, 71-77 years, that corresponds to the Gall Bladder. These problems reflect the dramatic nature of not being able to be in relationship as a result of disharmonious brain functions.

The Bladder Flow in harmony supports the ability to create positive relationships based upon good communication skills, mental clarity, and balanced (Libra) emotions (Fourth Depth).

Aquarius, 71-77 years, astrologically is the developmental phase of establishing mental security by being with people that have common ideas, values and activities. Here we often see “senior citizens” participating in a lifestyle that is group oriented, consistent with their desire for commonality.

Aquarius relates to the “higher” functions of the brain, the ability to download and connect on multiplanes or universes in order to access information. It is the individual “brain” connected to the spiritual/collective intelligence. The Aquarian mindset potentially gives us humanitarians, inventors, free spirits, iconoclasts, etc. who are by definition ahead of their time. Aquarians are mentally oriented and problem solvers as a result of their abilities to expand their perception and their ability to connect to the collective “mind”.  They are agents of the future; in youth, rebellious and headstrong, finding themselves uncomfortable with the mainstream. Frustration is the attitude that best describes the specific type of anger that we see in Aquarius, corresponding to the Gall Bladder Function Energy and Third Depth.

The nature of frustration is understandable on an age related basis. At 71-77 years we can have progressive ideas and a keen ability to see reality without the bias of a younger ego-driven personality. It is frustrating to not have the physical energy and influence to assert one’s objective and clear vision gained by a lifetime of experience. It is a classic dilemma of the wisdom of the “grandfather” being discounted by the up and coming youth. It is a contrast of gained knowledge in conflict with the technological progress and current culture.

By supporting the Gall Bladder Function Energy, we can help to harmonize the predictable frustration that these individuals experience. The Gall Bladder along with the Stomach and Bladder all support different aspects of brain functions. The Stomach has the most direct connection to the physical functioning. We see with learning impaired individuals a direct link to coordination and fine motor skills. The Bladder, through chemistry and hormones, directly affects emotional states. The Gall Bladder is related more to the higher consciousness of perceptual understanding that helps to place adversity in a spiritual or philosophical context, neutralizing attitudinal extremes that provoke anger. Relationships are a fundamentally important aspect of our lives. The harmonious functioning of the Face Flows directly affect our ability to enjoy and connect with people on all levels through good communication (Gemini), diplomatic (Libra) and perceptual (Aquarius) abilities.

Thank you, Louanne.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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