The Fall Equinox and the Face Flows, Part 2

Louanne Ellis writes about: “The Fall Equinox and the Face Flows” in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 74, Fall 2011:



The first phase of “formal” mental development during youth is the Gemini phase that corresponds to the Stomach, First Depth. This period, ages 15-21 years, represents our individual mental body and the initial skill sets for learning and communication established in youth.

The second phase is the Libra period, ages 42-49 years, that corresponds to the Bladder and Fourth Depth. It is the middle age and intellectual phase representing the ability to be cooperative and in social relationships supported by our ability to communicate with others.

The third and final phase is the Aquarian phase, ages 71-77, that corresponds to the Third Depth – Gall Bladder Function Energy, representing the senior stage and spiritual intellectual development. At this time we experience our objectivity and clarity devoted to finding solutions that can help to bring personal peace as well as assistance in our communities. It is the spiritual connection with our individual intellectual potential that stimulates innovative thinking directed toward the betterment of mankind.

The Face Flows as they correspond to the air signs in astrology are the support and development system for our intellect and the corresponding ability to communicate. They are the cornerstones of our ability to relate based on the ability to communicate.

The attitude associated with the Stomach function and the First Depth is worry. The evolutionary function of Gemini is the development of an independent mind and communication skills. When the Stomach Flow is out of harmony we have a brain that may not be functioning well. I remember Mary saying that it could result in insanity, a dramatic and acute representation. In less extreme examples we see learning disabilities and memory functions being compromised. A healthy Stomach function and Gemini individuals will be witty, curious, great communicators and enthusiastic readers and writers.

When the Gemini phase (15-21 years) completes its phase, we are recognized by our culture as adults. The individual is legally mature enough to be independently responsible. This can precipitate fear and/or anxiety about what to do, making the right decisions. Worry seems to be a mentally dominated attitude that corresponds well with this phase of life. Leaving the nest and a secure environment can be fearful, and at this age action is the theme, and more accurately, reaction.

Depending on the emotional and mental security established in childhood there might not be much attitude, a tribute to good parenting, good genetics and circumstances. Generally speaking, worry is a “mental” condition that is often related to not knowing what to do, or having the strength to do it. It is an action problem, which is key at this developmental phase of life.

The Libra period, ages 43-49 years, is the highlight of this Fall equinox article. This is the significant transition where we switch from a masculine orientation to the feminine. It is the beginning stage of ego “deconstruction” bringing the individual into balance, as he gives up self-interest as a life strategy. Libra is the sign that signifies partnership, balance, cooperation, diplomacy, beauty and justice. These qualities are the prerequisites for being in relationship. Here we find lawyers, counselors, and all types of partnerships, marriage, friendships and business.

To be continued…


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