The Fall Equinox and the Face Flows, Part 1

Louanne Ellis writes about: “The Fall Equinox and the Face Flows” in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 74, Fall 2011:


The first day of Fall begins on September 21st, when the sun’s rays are perpendicular to the equator, creating a day of equal light and dark for all of earth. The sun “sets” annually on this day for the northern hemisphere signifying the same message energetically that we experience as sunset at the end of each day. Light symbolizing the active masculine aspect of our day is giving over to the “dark”, the feminine energy of merging and interior focusing. We literally find ourselves spending more time “inside” as the days get shorter and the light diminishes. The sun’s light will continue to wane as its strength moves south, until the winter solstice when it starts to build again, returning to rise like dawn above the equator at the spring equinox.

Sunset corresponds to midlife, the full moon and the astrological sign Libra. It is a powerful significant benchmark in human development worthy of the term “midlife crisis”. The first day of Fall marks the completion of the first half of the natural year, and midlife on the human life scale. Birth, initiates the first half of life and the masculine energetic phase supporting the development of ego consciousness and individuation. It is characterized by exteriorization – activity and physical growth. During this period the sunlight symbolizing the individualized ego is “growing”. It will peak at the first Saturn return, 29-2 years, in the Sun’s rulership sigh, Leo. This is the high point of individuated ego consciousness.

Sunset, corresponding to Fall and Libra, symbolically initiates the second half of the day, year or life (depending on the scale of observation). This half of life is dominated by the interiorizing, merging and relationship orientation of the feminine that supports the process of ego “deconstruction”. Simply, we see that the “light-daytime” corresponds to masculine exteriorizing energy, and at sunset we make the transition to “darkness-night” that corresponds to the interiorizing, merging feminine phase. It is interesting that the night is when we join the super-conscious, the unconscious, and our spirit world in dreams and night travel, night school, etc. We merge temporarily with the collective until dawn, the birth of another day, when we are consciously reconnected with our physical body and our individualized ego experience. Understanding the nature of “nightlife” offers great insight into the nature of the feminine and its meaningful developmental function during the second half of our lives that begins at “sunset”.

The Face Flows – The Air Element

All the Face Flows correspond to the air signs that relate to the development and functions of the intellect and communication. They originate in the “head”, a curiously natural phenomenon. The three Face Flows are: Stomach, a Surface Flow corresponding to Gemini; the Bladder, a Deep Flow, corresponding to Libra; and the Gall Bladder, a Middle Flow corresponding to Aquarius. Our intellectual abilities, brain functions, communication skills and relationship potential are all supported by the Face Flows.

To be continued…



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