Creative Solutions: Finger Stories

Cara Taylor writes: “Creative Solutions: Finger Stories” in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 73, Summer 2011:


My granddaughter called from her bed, “Grandma, come do a finger story.” Snuggled under the covers, her eyes lit up when I entered the bedroom. She stuck out her tiny hand. My response was to slowly more my hand (the care) down her arm (the road) passing through Safety Energy Locks 19, 17, 18 and stopping “my car” in the palm of her hand, “Ah, here we are at the houses (the fingers),” I said. “Think I will stop at thumb’s house.” At the base of the thumb, I “knock”, and shortly afterward hold her thumb in various places, incorporating many aspects of First Depth:

Thumb’s home is a beautiful yellow (color). Everything in the home is yellow – furniture, food and even people! Giggles are my granddaughter’s response. Look, there is a sweet (taste) fragrant (smell) cake in the oven. People in the house have big stomachs (projects) from eating so much cake. Sometimes they worry (attitude). Do you worry? Everyone is sitting (stress) because it is Saturday (day), so they can rest before gardening in the earth (element). This house has four rooms (the number of Safety Energy Locks in First Depth). This house address is 1G (cervical vertebrae and tone). Do you know your address? The baby’s name is Saturn (planet) because it looks like someone sat on him! He is playing with his little toes. In fact he has six of them (quickie: deep 6 and little toe). Giggles are again the response from my granddaughter. My favorite room is right in the center (direction) of the house. Lots of yellow pencils with lead (metal) that need sharpening are in this room.

At the end of the yellow house tour, I let  go of her thumb. After “knocking” at the base, I begin moving congested energy in the index finger, making up a story incorporating Fourth Depth qualities: I enter the blue house with blue people reclining (stress) by the pool (water element)…

A few years later my second granddaughter was born. The finger stories continued, but this time I found myself sitting on the floor between twin beds, a little hand from each bed stretched my way. Now at age 8 and 10 they still request finger stories. As we progress through a slightly different story each time, the giggles lead to droopy eyelids as I hold different parts of the fingers, unlocking congested energy.

Wonder why the title “Creative Solutions: Finger Stories”? After the birth of my first granddaughter, her parents requested I never do Jin Shin Jyutsu with her. I feared never being able to share the Jin Shin Jyutsu that I loved with my precious granddaughter. Mary’s words that I heard at my first workshop in the 1980s came to mind:

“Life is fun and simple. Change your focus from fear to fun. See fun in every situation.”

Reflecting on these words, the idea of doing finger stories developed. They focused my fear into fun simply. To an observer I was simply  holding fingers and making up wild stories. Prayers and flows created beautiful changes over the years. Recently her parents requested a Jin Shin Jyutsu session for her health project. As Mary says, “Thank you, God.”

Thank you, Cara.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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