In the Beginning was the…? (Part 2)

Anita Willoughby  writes about beginnings in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 71, Winter 2011:


In the Beginning was the…?


The movement of the 6-pointed star eventually creates the structure of the seven cervical vertebrae. The magnetism of the 6th Depth, the Moon, the movement of the 6-pointed star and the structure of the 7 cervical vertebrae are intimately related to the 9 Months of Creation in the Womb. [see Categories for the 9 months of Creation chart →] The neck, to my mind’s eye, is a kind of metaphysical birth canal, which brings “heaven the head” (A & Q Text) to earth (the 2 shoulders and the 12 thoracic vertebrae) both through the movement of the 6-pointed star and the 9 Months of Creation in a dynamic working relationship with the 7 cervical vertebrae. There is a rhythmic movement and dance between the depths and their planets and each month of development in utero.

The basic principle of life is duality, and when these opposites come together, life happens. Opposites come together every month in pregnancy, in relation to the 7 cervicals, in relationship to the 7 depths of creation. The energy of generation is in a dynamic dance with energy of regeneration. The structure of the 7 cervicals, works with each of the 7 depths while the embryo/fetus is being developed in utero. All of this happens in relationship to the 9 months in utero (Time and Space uniting).

So it all begins in the first month of pregnancy with the 6th Depth. But wait a minute, where did creation really start? Which creation are we speaking of? Well, we have to start somewhere. Okay, how about in the beginning…

The egg, which is our individual beginning, is created while our mother is inside our grandmother’s womb. A repository of seeds is created and buried within our mother’s ovaries while she is being nurtured in our grandmother’s womb. The eggs are created in a nest inside our mother’s reproductive system before our mother is even born? We are a buried treasure, hidden three generations in the past, in the belly of our mother’s mother?

No wonder we are fascinated by the mysteries of buried treasures, safe within two wombs, safe in a nesting space for generations. These immature eggs buried inside our mothers are released, one egg at a time, after the onset of puberty. Then the journey begins, 6th Depth, energy of generation, 6th Depth, total Balance and Harmony for this form, 6th Depth ,magnetic energy.

Now that we have it confirmed, in the beginning was the dot…….the dot, the point, the seed of life, has no dimension, but has infinite possibility. That dot may grow and expand in any direction. That dot known as the egg, the ovum, carries vital genetic information from generation to generation and carries nutritional supplies for the survival of new life. This egg, in the shape of a sphere, is the largest cell in the body. It all starts with the monthly release of the ovum, which breaks out of our mother’s ovary to begin its slow journey down the fallopian tube. The slow movement of the ovum is helped along by rhythmic contractions and by follicles, rhythmically waving, in the dark narrow space.

to be continued…


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