Thumb Function Energy and Little Finger Energy, Part 4

Waltraud Riegger-Krause shares about THUMB FUNCTION ENERGY AND LITTLE FINGER FUNCTION ENERGY in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 62, Fall 2008:


Thumb Function Energy and Little Finger Energy


So we see that Umbilicus Flow relates more to the Little Finger Function Energy, and Diaphragm more to the Thumb Function Energy. How Thumb Function Energy is related to Diaphragm is explained in the first part of the article in Winter Issue #59.

Then there are the cold feet, which relate to a lack of fire energy. If the Heart Energy is in disharmony, it will affect the Kidney Energy. Fire and water elements in the body have to be balanced. And if one is out of harmony, it will affect the other one. On page 57 [Text 2] we can see in the drawing that one branch of the small Intestine Flow could separate down and affect the Kidney Energy. That is why in the application of this function we hold the shoulder blade with one hand. As we do this, we check the whole shoulder blade and clear any accumulation. Sometimes it is further up; sometimes it is further down. Small Intestine Flow has to cross at the first Thoracic Vertebrae (TV 1). If it is blocked at the shoulder blade, the pathway can deviate and can go to TV 3 and affect the lungs, or it can go down to TV 7 and affect the kidneys and diaphragm. So we can put our whole hand on the shoulder blade or go along these three lines on the blade (in the drawing on pg. 57) and clean them out.

But there is also one branch of the Heart Flow that descends through the axilla to the back into the 7th Thoracic vertebra. (see drawing, page 18, Text 2). Here the Small Intestine Flow is not crossing the blade properly and could intermingle with the Heart Flow and affect the branch going into the kidneys. As a result, fire energy is blocked from going into the kidneys and that’s when we get symptoms like cold feet.

While we hold the blade, the other hand is holding Safety Energy Lock 17. Depending on the side where we hold 17, it helps Heart or Small Intestine energy. Holding it more on the front side helps the Heart and holding it more on the back is helping the Small Intestine energy. Seventeen brings inspiration, strengthens the intuition and harmonizes our nerves. It helps all trying to’s and brings us into the flow with the cosmic energy of the 7th Depth.

Mary also said that this Function Energy helps when the body is too alkaline. When the body becomes alkaline, it starts in the blood. I see a connection from 3rd Depth Blood to the underarm. Liver, one of our 3rd Depth flows, scatters one branch of its energy to underarm area (Pg. 34 2.c.(1)-Text 2). As a self-help we can hold three tense knots in the axilla (underarm), fingers pointing towards the wrist. Lung energy is passing the underarm on the front (thumb) side, Diaphragm in the center, and Heart energy on the little finger side. With this self-help we can clear 2nd, 6th and 5th Depth Energy, all three fire element chest flows. In this little flow we are dealing with all fire element related organ flows. As you experience them you can explore more and more.

Thank you, Waltraud.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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