Thumb Function Energy and Little Finger Energy, Part 3

Waltraud Riegger-Krause shares about THUMB FUNCTION ENERGY AND LITTLE FINGER FUNCTION ENERGY in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 62, Fall 2008:


Thumb Function Energy and Little Finger Energy

(Continued from Winter Issue #59, posted here on 12/24 & 12/26, 2016 as Parts 1 & 2)

Before I go deeper into Little Finger Function Energy, I will just look at both Thumb Function Energy and Little Finger Function Energy, and see what relationships come up.

Lung and Heart are both chest flows which deal with fire energy. Fire being the pure flame of spirit, giving us vitality and opening up to Spirit, Second Depth, little breath receiving BIG BREATH OF LIFE and Fifth depth, little blood receiving BIG BLOOD OF LIFE. They both open the chest.

Large Intestine and Small Intestine are both finger flows. They deal with energy of renewing and reproduction. By receiving the fire vitality of their partner flow they help create the earth for renewing. They open the arms and shoulders, so we can embrace life as it is. They are also both connected in the 13 Flow, as well as the 6th Depth Umbilicus Flow. The 13 Flow also combines the Main Central Flow, another 6th Depth Function.

On another level, the thumb side of the arm belongs to the descending energy and the little finger side of the arm belongs to the ascending energy, so the respective flows will then support this descending/ascending energy.

If I look at thumb and little finger, I think also of the Mediator Flow. In the flow route of the Mediator, the energy goes first through the same side little finger and then through the other side thumb. By holding the sequence for the Thumb Function Energy we will help the opposite Mediator, and by holding the Little Finger Function Energy we will help the same side Mediator Flow.

Lung and Large Intestine Flows are both surface flows. Heart and Small Intestine Flows are both deep flows. Big Breath is 6th Depth and Big Blood is 3rd Depth, they are both middle flows. So again we can clear all three dimensions of man with these simple flows.

The function of the 5th Depth fire energy is to receive the big primordial FIRE of the 6th Depth. So when the 5th Depth functions are not in harmony, our heart is not receiving enough Light. If the flows of the 5th Depth, Heart Function Energy and Small Intestine Function Energy, which run along the little finger side of the arm, are intermingling, they cause symptoms that are almost identical to the symptoms we find listed for the Heart Flow and for the Small Intestine Flow in Mary’s Text 2. Those symptoms not listed there are the appendix, solar plexus, cold feet and thyroid disharmony. The appendix is located right after the Small Intestine becomes Large Intestine, so it is still influenced by small intestine. In my notes from Mary, I have thyroid disharmony listed as a symptom coming from Heart Energy not in harmony. As part of the hormonal system, thyroid has to do with the Main Central, 6th Depth. Also, the Solar plexus has to do with the Main Central as well as with Umbilicus Flow. And the connection of solar plexus to Small Intestine Flow has to do with the location. It lives right where the Small Intestine Flow passes along.

To be continued…


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