Puffy’s Story, Part 1

Jenny Swiecicki tells us all about Puffy in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 59, Winter 2008:


An angel came into my life this year, in the form of a small, white, fluffy dog named Puffy. She found me, literally jumped into the open door of my car one day while running from the puppy farm she’d been sent to after her previous owner, Mr. Glen, had died. For me it was love at first sight. Although she wasn’t young, Puffy embodied a purity of spirit and an innocence that is rare.

She’d had a rough life, as I found out from the folks in this small town, Tennessee. She’d been bred her entire life, and now at the age f 9 she had mammary tumors and as the town vet said, “troubles down there”. In our first days together she’d frequently urinate inside my cabin. I didn’t know how I’d be able to bring an incontinent doggy back to live with me in my apartment in Oakland, where the landlords had already made a one-time exception for my cat.

During this time, I gave Puffy several 13 Flows to help calm her anxiety and clear some of the trauma from her body. She accepted the sessions gratefully, soaking them in and falling asleep with paws outstretched. After a week or so, she stopped peeing indoors. Shortly thereafter her right eye swelled up, and I used both the liver and eye flows to clear the swelling. After three more weeks in Tennessee, Puffy returned with me on the plane to California, a whole new world for her! We fell more deeply in love, sharing daily walks and constant companionship.

However, now when I’d offer Jin Shin Jyutsu, Puffy would refuse or squirm away after just a few minutes. She was always very clear about what she needed, which gave me the opportunity to simply BE present, and to allow her to BE as well. I wanted to help her clear her tumors with Jin Shin Jyutsu, but Puffy taught me that she did not need to be “fixed”. She was perfect as she was.

Although she had various health projects, her attitude was always positive. She experienced incredible joy running on the beach, taking our neighborhood walks and digging for ground squirrels. She never made a big fuss about her pains; she just rested when she needed. There were a few times hiking together when she’d just sit down on the trail and let me know she’d had enough. During our last camping trip, she was stung by a yellow jacket, and immediately jumped into my truck and made a nest of blankets in which to rest and recuperate. I learned so much from her simplicity and wisdom; she really became a role model for me. Puffy made it up a 7,300 foot mountain with my boyfriend Jim and me on that trip, taking her time and resting in the shade whenever possible. I think she did this hike with us only because of her unconditional devotion to me.

To be continued…


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