Thumb Function Energy and Little Finger Energy, Part 1

Waltraud Riegger-Krause shares about THUMB FUNCTION ENERGY AND LITTLE FINGER FUNCTION ENERGY in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 59, Winter 2008:


Thumb Function Energy and Little Finger Energy

On this beautiful sunny day, where one can already feel the energy of Fall, I am pondering on these two little Functions on pages 56 and 57 in our Text 2. The energy of Fall is so crisp and crystal clear. On the little hill behind my house I can see the Alps and all the way to Lake Konstanz, and I am starting to understand how important our 2nd Depth Lung and Large Intestine Function Energy is to receive 6th Depth Cosmic Energy ~ Little breath of Life receiving big BREATH OF LIFE. So when the energy flows of Lung and Large Intestine, which are both running along the thumb side of the arm, are intermingling. Lung is not able to receive and Large Intestine is not able to let go, and we feel a lack of energy and a lack of vitality are overloaded with our garbage. And one or the other of the symptoms that are listed in the book with the Thumb Function Energy can be the result. When we look at these symptoms, they are almost all identical with the symptoms of the disharmonized Lung and Large Intestine Flows. The only ones that are not listed with the organ flows are heart palpitation, rapid pulsation and breast discomfort. If the 2nd Depth is not able to receive 6th Depth we will experience similar discomforts in the body, as if the Diaphragm Flow would be affected. And these are mainly symptoms with the heart and the chest.

Because we are at the end of Text 2, which deals with the manifested body, we talk mainly about physical symptoms here on this page. But we all know how we feel when we are not able to see beyond our personal limitations, how we feel when we have lost the vastness of the BIG BREATH OF LIFE ~ we feel desperate, unhappy and sad. We get lost in the duality of life, clinging to one side and wanting to be right. We are not in touch with our inner oneness and balance, the chest gets tight ~ symptoms occur.

If the Second Depth flows get intermingled, our breathing will be affected. Mary once said: “If the breath is in harmony the whole being is in harmony.” We have an outer breathing and an inner breathing. The outer breathing is the exhalation and the inhalation through the lungs. The inner breathing is the breathing of the cells, the taking in of the oxygen and nutrients and production of energy and the getting rid of the waste products, toxins and acidity. One of the symptoms of Lung and Large Intestine Flows getting intermingled is that the body becomes too acid. If the body is too acid, the outer breathing is  how we naturally help clear it. The other ways are by eliminating through the intestines, the skin and the urine. An old Naturopath told me once that we need to go for a walk daily at least for one hour in fresh air to eliminate the acidity and metabolic toxins.

To be continued…


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