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Chest-Back Expanding and Contracting Function Energy

Matthias Roth shares Chest-Back Expanding and Contracting Function Energy in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 56, Spring 2007:


Less than poetic in sound, the cumbersome name of the Special Body Function Energy on page 47 in Text 2 seems to deliver a straightforward message: When front and back are at sixes and sevens about how much space each gets to take up, we hold a place between the sixes and sevens to return to the kind of balance where the expansion of one finds its natural limit where it would force another to contract inappropriately. The message is as essential to life as it is to the body, and we know it to be profoundly that of the Mediator.

Of course, what little we have to go by for our understanding of this flow doesn’t mention the Mediator. The two simple phrases at the bottom of the page address the Supervisors and, possibly, the Main Central Vertical. The illustration, while it shows a gathering of the energy at the pit of the stomach and it illustrates the pathways of the Supervisors, does not demonstrate the returning of the special function to the Major Vertical described in sentence 1, nor any trace of what sentence 2 discusses. There we hear of a very central circulation pattern of the function and what sounds like a return to the All Combined Energy from which it is born as page 43 had us know.

Could it be that all three Universal Harmonizing Energy is present in this function? There is definitely mediation between two actions that retain their importance only when they work together. There is supervisory action looking after both sides of the body and giving clarity to structure, a key of self-knowing. And perhaps most centrally, a relationship to my core expressing in my ability to be upright and center, pulled neither to contract my heart and chest and feeling, nor to constrict my back and to over-expose them in an only seemingly brave gesture.

But wait a minute. This is Special Body Function level! Can’t this just be a body helper, a fortunate, simple way out of tightness and deformation of the chest? Well it is, AND: there is somebody living in that chest! That somebody is constantly being helped by Fifth Depth, the fire to be decidedly MYSELF and to rise into my spiritual inheritance, which is the Fire of my core. Fifth Depth helps this “ability to be me” express in skeletal balance, and the simplicity of the application echoes the message of Fifth Depth to be no effort. Quietly hold your feet or, if you cannot, use the wisdom of Self-Help Book III and jumper cable the palm of your hand instead.

Thank you, Matthias.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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I’m thinking about my next move…


Rodin Thinker

“It is always your next move.”
— Napoleon Hill

The great benefit of heightened awareness is that we have more choice in how we live our lives. At any moment, we can purposefully choose a new experience for ourselves. We can choose to pay attention, breathe more deeply, laugh, rest, play, appreciate, do something different – the possibilities are endless.

Whenever you remember, TAKE YOURSELF OFF AUTO-PILOT and really examine your situation. Take charge and make a choice that will enrich your experience. At the end of the day, reflect on what happened and how you felt when you chose a new line of thought, feeling or action.

“We cannot tell what may happen to us in the strange medley of life. But we can decide what happens in us — how we can take it, what we do with it — and that is what really counts in the end.”
— Joseph Fort Newton

“When a defining moment comes along, you can do one of two things. Define the moment, or let the moment define you.”
— Tin Cup (the movie)

And remember: “If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.”
— Neil Peart

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An Amazing Self-Help Experience

Lynne Pflueger shares An Amazing Self-Help Experience in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 55, Winter 2007:

                         “There is order in the disorder of the Universe.” ~ Mary Burmeister


Just as the weather began to turn cold, my old water heater quit. When the plumber arrived, he made a temporary repair and we agreed that I needed a new one. On the appointed day the workman arrived, worked all day, and when he finished, we both smelled gas. Checking all the pilot lights in the house, everything seemed to be in order, although the odor of gas lingered a bit. I thought, “Well, it will clear out overnight.”

The next morning I still smelled a little something and then went about my day. I had errands to run and was puzzled about a light headache and some dizziness (neither of which I normally experience). Interesting, I thought…what is this? My first client arrived right after lunch and said, “Your house is full of gas.” I guess I had gotten used to it, and she was fresh on the scene. We concluded that my house was unfit for giving sessions. I cancelled the remainder of my clients and called the power company. The person on the phone inquired if I was experiencing any headache or dizziness. My question about “what is this?” was certainly answered. Someone arrived immediately, found a gas leak that had clearly occurred during installation of the new water heater, and also discovered a water leak of the “drip, drip, drip” variety. Had the gas not been leaking, the water leak would have gone undetected, and presumably the floor would have eventually rotted  out with everything in that area falling out of the house. I called the plumber who, of course, agreed to be there the first thing the next morning. The power company suggested that I sleep somewhere else, so I packed up the dog, locked the cat outside so she wouldn’t come in and get gassed, and spent a lovely, spontaneous evening at one of my son’s home with his family.

The plumber did arrive the next morning, completed the repair, and the odor was gone. Still a little off kilter, I continued with self-help. Maybe the next day or the day after, feeling much better, I was jumper cabling something on myself, and all of a sudden smelled gas. There was no mistake that it was coming out through the pores of my skin. It was quite amazing! I was not using the Skin Surface Flow (opens the pores so toxins can be eliminated), although it came to mind, because it struck me in that moment how important the skin surface function is as the largest eliminative organ in the body. I also mused over the Deep Skin Flow which helps to remove gaseous toxins from between the tissues so the flows can move properly. See pages 44 & 45, Text 2. I wasn’t using that one either. I was simply holding something that felt appropriate at the time. I then pondered the implications of that gas staying in my body and how, without Jin Shin Jyutsu, it might have subtly or not so subtly affected my health for a long time to come. We are so lucky!

“Barn’s burned down…now I can see the moon.” ~ Masahide

Thank you, Lynne.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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I’m thinking about unity…


Rodin Thinker

“Beliefs separate. Loving thoughts unite.”
— Paul Ferrini

Our ego focuses on how we are different from the rest of the world. Our soul lives when we experience how we are the same.

Any time you separate yourself from other people or from situations, you know your personality is in control. At such times, shift your perspective to build connection and you will move into soul.

As our picture of life becomes larger, more things make sense and we have a greater playing field for life to unfold – naturally.

“As a holistic being you shatter the illusion of your separateness and reveal your connection to everything. This empowers you in a way that the ego-driven self could never contemplate.”
— Wayne Dyer

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I’m thinking about knowing me…


Rodin Thinker


“What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself.”
— Abraham H. Maslow

STOP AND PAY ATTENTION! Set an intention to be more aware. Become a watcher, of yourself and what’s around you. Develop the witness, the part of you that can step back from life and impartially observe how you react and think and feel. We learn so much about who we are!

“Knowing others is wisdom; knowing the self is enlightenment.”
— Tao Te Ching

“The true profession of man is to find his way to himself.”
— Hermann Hesse

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Great Guardians of Life

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post: Jin Shin Jyutsu Helps Tsunami Victims as published in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 55, Winter 2007, we read:

                         A Story Written by an Anonymous Author with a Quote from Jim France                          submitted by Adele Leas and Karen Moore


No one is insignificant in God’s eyes, and His care for sparrows, finches, eagles, and elephants is a constant reminder that He cares for you, and for me. What He makes, He cherishes.

Consider the elephants of the Pavilion Hotel in Phuker, Thailand, where one of the most popular attractions is elephant rides. As many as eight people on one elephant, first into the surrounding forest, then down to the beach, to lunch at a freshwater lagoon, then back to the hotel.

“Our nine elephants”, writes Pavilion Hotel Group manager Jim France, “are kept chained to in-ground posts, not because they need to be, but because it makes the tourists feel better because their children seem safe from a tromping when they’re feeding the beasts.”

“About twenty minutes before the first wave of the recent Tsunami hit, the elephants became extremely agitated and unruly. Four (!) had just returned from a trip and their handlers had not yet chained them. In a desperate panic, the four elephants helped the other five tear free from their chains. They all then climbed a hill and started bellowing. Many people followed them up the hill. Then the wave hit.

After the waves subsided, the elephants charged down from the hill, and started picking up children with their trunks and running them back up the hill. When all the children were taken care of, they started helping adults.

‘God’s elephants’ rescued forty-two people that day. Then, they returned to the beach and carried up four dead bodies, including one of a child. Not until the task was done did they allow their handlers to mount them. Then, with handlers atop, they began moving wreckage.”

So remember, whatever God makes, He cherishes…including elephants, sparrows, and you. Especially you!

Thank you Adele.

Thank you, Karen.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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I’m thinking about how my body knows…


Rodin Thinker

“The body has its own way of knowing, a knowing that has little to do with logic, and much to do with truth, little to do with control, and much to do with acceptance, little to do with division and analysis, and much to do with union.”
— Marilyn Sewell

Are you aware of your body’s wisdom? Our bodies usually know us better than our minds do. If you have a decision to make, consult your body before making a final choice.

Reflect on an option before you and then pay attention to your body. Are you breathing deeply or barely at all? Are your muscles tense or relaxed? Is your energy blocked or flowing?

Your body knows what it likes and it feels good when it’s happy. As your body is the source of your vitality, your motivation, your inspiration and enthusiasm and most importantly, your intuition, it’s best to get that part of you on-side if you are venturing into a new activity.

“When you are saying that you are happy and you are not, there will be a disturbance in your breathing. Your breathing cannot be natural. It is impossible.”
— Osho

“Our inner guidance comes to us through our feelings and body wisdom first — not through intellectual understanding. …The intellect works best in service to our intuition, our inner guidance, soul, God or higher power — whichever term we choose for the spiritual energy that animates life.”
— Christiane Northrup

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Jin Shin Jyutsu Helps Tsunami Victims

Ute Johannen, St. Augustin, Germany, shares her experience in the article Jin Shin Jyutsu Helps Tsunami Victims published in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 55, Winter 2007:


December 26, 2004, started out as a wonderful Sunday – and ended in a catastrophe! During the event of the tsunami, my family and I were on PhiPhi-Island (Thailand), and we could luckily bring ourselves into safety by running up the hills behind the hotel. Our hotel – the Holiday Inn – was afterwards the ony one on the otherwise so terribly destroyed island.

Shortly after the first victims arrived on the hill, my only thought seeing these people was shock releasing – shock releasing – shock releasing. We had to lay them on the bare ground. First measure was to hold the Ones (1s) with crossed arms – later stopping the bleeding and holding the hands crossed (left over right) over broken bones. When the pains were strong I would hold my hands otherwise crossed, to pull out the pain – and it worked. As we had no medicine or painkillers, we would hold the heels to lead away the pain. Whoever was able to be on their own would hold their 15s to help the wounds to heal.

There was an English lady who held the hand of a Thai fisherman with a broken jaw. He was bleeding out of his ear, and had a broken hip. She held his hand the whole day and definitely saved his life.

No one had ever heard of Jin Shin Jyutsu, but all of them just followed my orders without hesitation. All of the injured were taken to the hospital by helicopters during the afternoon until late night when the helicopters had to stop flying. Next morning there were more to get off the island. As far as I heard, all of them arrived there conscious, and all survived.

One Canadian young lady, who worked on the island as diving instructor, had badly hurt her spine. She wrote me later in an email, “These Jin Shin Jyutsu measures have saved my life and let me recover amazingly quickly.” When I held the Ones (1s) for her boyfriend, who had severe internal injury, he just whispered, “That feels so good!”

I am very thankful that the knowledge of Jin Shin Jyutsu could work so well through my hands and the hands of all other helpers. In this terrible situation, our hands were wonderful tools. THANK YOU ABOVE.

Thank you, Ute.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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