Chest-Back Expanding and Contracting Function Energy

Matthias Roth shares Chest-Back Expanding and Contracting Function Energy in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 56, Spring 2007:


Less than poetic in sound, the cumbersome name of the Special Body Function Energy on page 47 in Text 2 seems to deliver a straightforward message: When front and back are at sixes and sevens about how much space each gets to take up, we hold a place between the sixes and sevens to return to the kind of balance where the expansion of one finds its natural limit where it would force another to contract inappropriately. The message is as essential to life as it is to the body, and we know it to be profoundly that of the Mediator.

Of course, what little we have to go by for our understanding of this flow doesn’t mention the Mediator. The two simple phrases at the bottom of the page address the Supervisors and, possibly, the Main Central Vertical. The illustration, while it shows a gathering of the energy at the pit of the stomach and it illustrates the pathways of the Supervisors, does not demonstrate the returning of the special function to the Major Vertical described in sentence 1, nor any trace of what sentence 2 discusses. There we hear of a very central circulation pattern of the function and what sounds like a return to the All Combined Energy from which it is born as page 43 had us know.

Could it be that all three Universal Harmonizing Energy is present in this function? There is definitely mediation between two actions that retain their importance only when they work together. There is supervisory action looking after both sides of the body and giving clarity to structure, a key of self-knowing. And perhaps most centrally, a relationship to my core expressing in my ability to be upright and center, pulled neither to contract my heart and chest and feeling, nor to constrict my back and to over-expose them in an only seemingly brave gesture.

But wait a minute. This is Special Body Function level! Can’t this just be a body helper, a fortunate, simple way out of tightness and deformation of the chest? Well it is, AND: there is somebody living in that chest! That somebody is constantly being helped by Fifth Depth, the fire to be decidedly MYSELF and to rise into my spiritual inheritance, which is the Fire of my core. Fifth Depth helps this “ability to be me” express in skeletal balance, and the simplicity of the application echoes the message of Fifth Depth to be no effort. Quietly hold your feet or, if you cannot, use the wisdom of Self-Help Book III and jumper cable the palm of your hand instead.

Thank you, Matthias.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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