An Amazing Self-Help Experience

Lynne Pflueger shares An Amazing Self-Help Experience in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 55, Winter 2007:

                         “There is order in the disorder of the Universe.” ~ Mary Burmeister


Just as the weather began to turn cold, my old water heater quit. When the plumber arrived, he made a temporary repair and we agreed that I needed a new one. On the appointed day the workman arrived, worked all day, and when he finished, we both smelled gas. Checking all the pilot lights in the house, everything seemed to be in order, although the odor of gas lingered a bit. I thought, “Well, it will clear out overnight.”

The next morning I still smelled a little something and then went about my day. I had errands to run and was puzzled about a light headache and some dizziness (neither of which I normally experience). Interesting, I thought…what is this? My first client arrived right after lunch and said, “Your house is full of gas.” I guess I had gotten used to it, and she was fresh on the scene. We concluded that my house was unfit for giving sessions. I cancelled the remainder of my clients and called the power company. The person on the phone inquired if I was experiencing any headache or dizziness. My question about “what is this?” was certainly answered. Someone arrived immediately, found a gas leak that had clearly occurred during installation of the new water heater, and also discovered a water leak of the “drip, drip, drip” variety. Had the gas not been leaking, the water leak would have gone undetected, and presumably the floor would have eventually rotted  out with everything in that area falling out of the house. I called the plumber who, of course, agreed to be there the first thing the next morning. The power company suggested that I sleep somewhere else, so I packed up the dog, locked the cat outside so she wouldn’t come in and get gassed, and spent a lovely, spontaneous evening at one of my son’s home with his family.

The plumber did arrive the next morning, completed the repair, and the odor was gone. Still a little off kilter, I continued with self-help. Maybe the next day or the day after, feeling much better, I was jumper cabling something on myself, and all of a sudden smelled gas. There was no mistake that it was coming out through the pores of my skin. It was quite amazing! I was not using the Skin Surface Flow (opens the pores so toxins can be eliminated), although it came to mind, because it struck me in that moment how important the skin surface function is as the largest eliminative organ in the body. I also mused over the Deep Skin Flow which helps to remove gaseous toxins from between the tissues so the flows can move properly. See pages 44 & 45, Text 2. I wasn’t using that one either. I was simply holding something that felt appropriate at the time. I then pondered the implications of that gas staying in my body and how, without Jin Shin Jyutsu, it might have subtly or not so subtly affected my health for a long time to come. We are so lucky!

“Barn’s burned down…now I can see the moon.” ~ Masahide

Thank you, Lynne.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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