Susan Schwartz has SOME STORIES for us in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 51, Winter 2006:


A woman hoping to be a bone marrow transplant candidate after her cancer metastasized to her spine began to have regular Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions. Part of her regimen was Jin Shin Jyutsu flow patterns for 2nd Depth, 4th Depth and 2nd Method of Correction in addition to Spleen Function Energy and whatever was indicated in the daily pulses. She was a nurse and was not sure how Jin Shin Jyutsu works, but she was aware that she had more energy and felt positive after her sessions. She began to realize that her red and white blood cell count remained normal. This certainly is not the norm. When first diagnosed with breast cancer, this was not her experience. At that time her blood cell count changed during the chemotherapy protocol, and she had to postpone her chemo treatment often. (NOTE: During chemotherapy, blood levels are checked because they fluctuate. The normal dropping of the red and white blood count must be monitored to determine whether chemo can be done.) Her doctors were concerned that the chemotherapy wasn’t working and prescribed a double dose. Nonetheless, her blood cell count remained normal. She attributes this to Jin Shin Jyutsu. After this experience, when she underwent a bone marrow transplant, she insisted that the hospital allow Jin Shin Jyutsu as part of her protocol.


A scientist watched a Jin Shin Jyutsu session to see what it was all about. At the conclusion she shared that her son had a thin piece of metal deeply imbedded in his little finger. He wouldn’t let her dig in to get it, so I told her to put her left hand over the area and place her right hand on top of the left. She could easily do this while doing routine things like reading a book or walking. I told her not to worry about festering. I later found out that the metal gradually had shifted close to the skin surface and was easily removed.


A child born with only two heart chambers had surgery at age three to construct two additional chambers. I met him after his ordeal. I don’t know what was the medical cause, but a vibrant, vivacious, precocious child had lost all small and gross motor control. His muscle tone had drastically atrophied, and he had lost all bodily functions. It was unclear if his vision had been impaired. Many professionals saw him daily – physical, speech and occupational therapists, etc. Because he was so protective of his chest cavity, the boy’s shoulders and upper torso were so tight that his mother asked about the benefits of massage. Jin Shin Jyutsu was suggested instead.

I was warned that, overwhelmed by so many therapists, the child habitually cried with each of their treatments. As his mother held him, I worked on the 8s and 16s and the 19s, then eventually the 11s and 15s and the Special Body Flow. Finally, he allowed me to use a Main Central Flow. His therapists noticed a more relaxed child. They told me that his body, after each Jin Shin Jyutsu session was more readily responsive to their particular therapeutic approach. After his first session, the boy was able to sleep through the night. He began to hold his head up and to repeat sounds clearly. He would crawl around the floor during our sessions. When I would get ready to leave he would crawl on my feet to prevent me from departing. His progress has led him to stand and walk, and he began to attend school. The school administration discussed the appropriate placement, weighing the benefits of either a special education program or an immersion program. Family members became involved with his Jin Shin Jyutsu program.

Thank you, Susan.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

All of us have stories…if you want to share how Jin Shin Jyutsu helps your medical treatment and helps your body heal itself, write to me and I’ll compile MORE STORIES for us to share!

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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