17 “Individualized” Body Function Energy, Part 1

Waltraud Riegger-Kraus writes an article about Page 3, Text 2 in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 51, Winter 2006:


I am opening my old textbook of my first classes with Mary, hoping to find some useful notes on page 3 of Text 2. But there is not much. On page 3, Mary talks about the seventeen “individualized” Body Function Energy. These are the twelve Organ Function Energy and the five auxiliary Flows.

Number 3 always reunites the opposites and brings in a new level of understanding. 3 is the number where movement and vibration comes in. Through the vibration of the seventeen flows, energy is being transformed into the stages of consciousness, voice and the physical form.

In studying Mary’s notes, we found an old text, describing the 17 flows forming the form: “The 17 flows make up the definite form of flesh and the invisible forms of consciousness, voice, energy – the mysterious transformation, which one can find, or do, or seek and see, and is called the Art of Benevolence, meaning that man acts in behalf of God.”

The order of the vibration of the “individualized” Body Function Energy, how they come into being, is the Order of Creation in the five pointed star. In that order, they bring in the qualities of each individualized flow and the qualities of the astrological signs, of color, musical notes, etc. They also bring in the quality of time.

And this is what Mary talks about on page 3: the story of the twelve organ flows through the 24 hours of the day. After all organ flows have manifested themselves, they are moving all at the same time throughout our body. Every two hours one organ flow is the so called leader of the parade. In these two hours the organ flow uses a great potential of its energy to do its work. When one flow is weakened or out of harmony, we might feel tired, very irritated or wake up during its time zone. By being tired always during the same time, or waking up at night at the same time, we can read the state of energy of the connected organ flow.

In the morning at 4 o’clock, when the sun is rising, our Lung Function Energy is leading us into the day. From ancient times on, this was well known to be the best time for meditation, yoga and breathing exercises. The small breath of the Lung Function Energy connecting with the big BREATH OF LIFE welcomes the new day.

To be continued…


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