The 5th Essence: 3rd Depth, Part 3

Jill Holden presents an article in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 48, Spring 2005 about the 3rd Depth:


The 5th Essence: 3rd Depth


The 20, 21, 22 flow is our Mind Specialist. It helps us with our perception, is for all brain stress, and will change the way we think. It also helps all illusionary stresses. This flow helps calcium to function in the body, and helps our thyroid function. The 20, 21, 22 flow helps us to unlock the back by pulling energy down the front. It pulls down stresses in the head, neck and chest. It clears the 9s, and when the 9s are clear we have a clear mind. Safety Energy Lock 9 has a relationship with 3rd Depth and the liver. Safety Energy Lock 20 helps our universal consciousness – to really know myself. Safety Energy Lock 20 is located at the level of the 3rd eye – seeing through the eyes of the Creator – our everlasting eternity and immortality. Safety Energy Lock 21 is our cosmic consciousness and helps us to bring about our understanding and awareness. it will help take away the weight of the world, as well as our body weight. Safety Energy Lock 22 is a master number – complete and all inclusive, and harmonizes all of the elements. The organ flows all take a rest at the 22s, then depart into their own pathways. All of the mental, emotional and physical forces come together here as One. Safety Energy Lock 22 harmonizes the 144,000 functions that we are and helps us to adapt and adjust to life.

3rd Depth, when out of harmony, has to do with anger, selfish motivations and “unwholly” desires; in harmony, will bring about good will, kindness and love.

3rd Depth is the beginning of a new day, starting with Gall Bladder at 12:00 midnight – not yet visible. Aquarius rules the ankles and influences the Gall Bladder energy – going from the spiritual plane to the horizontal plane, bringing the spiritual into material. Our life on this earth, our waking from the dream, brings us from the unconscious to the conscious experience through the breath, beginning with the lung and moving through the Order of Creation. Aquarius represents the power of thought as it takes on form. Gall Bladder is the carrier of the essence of life into this body. The life force essence is transported in the blood by the liver. 3rd Depth holds our emotions. Liver and Gall Bladder are responsible for smoothness in the body. Where there’s smoothness, the energy can flow freely. If there’s anger in the body, then anger flows throughout the body. 3rd Depth harmonizes anger, frustration, temper, indecision, irritability, resentment, long-held thoughts of hatred, revenge, and fear.

To be continued…


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