The 5th Essence: 3rd Depth, Part 1

Jill Holden presents an article in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 48, Spring 2005 about the 3rd Depth:


The 5th Essence: 3rd Depth

Quintessence defined by the dictionary means the purest, most essential element of a thing. 3rd Depth is the harmonizer and the binder of the 4 elements, keeping them in order. 3rd Depth is Wind. In Chinese medicine, because Spring is a time of sudden and rapid change, it is considered the season of Wind. Both the season and climate correspond to Wood, also represented by 3rd Depth (trees and living matter). Wind is unpredictable; it disturbs the location and direction of things. Wind can steal into the body, just as it finds its way through the cracks and crevices of doors and windows. It creates a draft which disrupts circulation.* We can better understand why 3rd Depth can be the cause for chaos in the body. You can only see Wind through movement. Wind is also referred to as the ethers, the vehicle of Spirit – intuitive energy.

Mary said that the 3rd Depth is the quintessence, essence energy which supplies the body with energy of the 6th Depth. The essence (life force) is transported in the blood, invisible but goes everywhere. 3rd Depth is the psychic energy binding the soul to the body, bringing our being into manifestation. It’s the energy for creation, the first in the source and the last to manifest in the body. 6th Depth is the soul coming into the body between the umbilicus and the pube through the 3rd Depth coccyx area. The coccyx receives vibration, acts as an antenna, and carries it throughout the body.

3rd Depth lives in both the invisible and visible world at the same time. It begins in the unmanifest, as the soul enters from 6th Depth into the 3rd Depth, and as the essence and the texture take on more tone, it moves through the Order of Creation, densing down and becoming visible in the manifest.

3rd Depth is represented by the number 8 – infinity forever – 8 being the impersonal Source in the heavens, and 3rd Depth our personal source coming into manifestation on Earth. 3 is a Trinity. Everything in nature comes from a triad. We are made up of ectoderm, endoderm, and mesoderm. A cycle of transformation is birth, growth, and death. There are three divisions of time – past, present, and future. A Buddhist teaching is that thoughts become words, and words become deeds. Looking at it through the lens of Jin Shin Jyutsu, thoughts represent Spirit – 13, words represent Mind – 14, and deeds represent Body – 15. Another 3 are the three kingdoms of mineral, plant and animal.

A Trinity is comprised of two opposites and a third element that brings about a whole. This is our first geometrical figure, the triangle. A triangle is a symbol of divinity and reflects most spiritual traditions. A triangle is a building block in everything that is built by nature and by man.

*Taken from: Between Heaven and Earth – A Guide to Chinese Medicine, by Beinfield and Korngold.


To be continued…


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