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I’m thinking about spiritual awareness…


“The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival.”
— Aristotle

INSIGHTS happen only when we shift to a higher, more inclusive perspective. As we grow in wisdom and experience, we become less attached to the form of reality and more aware of its spiritual side – its qualities, values and meaning. As we get to know ourselves as souls, we begin to let go of the self-consciousness of the ego. This allows us to more effectively include others and work with the whole picture.

When there is more in sight, we get more insights.

Try becoming aware of those times when you focus on differences. At those times, STOP and PAY ATTENTION and IDENTIFY SIMILARITIES INSTEAD. See how all parts fit into a bigger picture. Expand your perspectives. Find common causes, motives and needs. Go to another level of thinking and problem solving. Be open to using more imagination and creativity. Shift your thinking from “either/or” to “both/and” and be prepared for more insights.

“Insight occurs when, and to the degree that, one knows oneself.”
— Andrew Schneider

“We are not what we know. We are what we are willing to learn.”
— Council on Ideas

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17 “Individualized” Body Function Energy, Part 3

Waltraud Riegger-Kraus writes an article about Page 3, Text 2 in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 51, Winter 2006:



At 12 o’clock noon the Heart Function Energy becomes the leader. When the sun is at its highest peak, our Heart Energy can also shine. But people with a weak Heart Energy should not expose themselves to hot sun. One 83-year-old neighbor of mine told me that he needs to sleep from 12 to almost 3 p.m. During this time, he is almost unconscious, he is so knocked out that he doesn’t even hear when his daughter comes into the room and talks to him. I found out that he is suffering from what is described medically as Heart Insufficiency and that he has Parkinsons, which is also related to the Heart Energy. This example shows us how we can read the time related to the organ flows.

Between 2 and 4 p.m. Small Intestine Flow has its high time. On the physical level, Small Intestine is completing digesting the food and taking in the nutrients through the intestinal wall. Small Intestine Flow is now sorting out what of the food and energy from breakfast and lunchtime will be integrated to become body. If there is an overload on different foods and also an overload of impressions, the Small Intestine Energy might be the cause of an allergic reaction. On a higher level, Small Intestine Energy is also sorting out what, of all the vibrations and impressions that one is exposed to, is brought into the heart, so that the heart does not become overloaded.

People who are tired during this time of the day can use their Small Intestine Flow or the Spleen Flow as well.

Around 4 p.m. Bladder Function Energy takes over to restore balance in the whole body. Bladder Energy knows how much water and minerals are needed by the body to function properly. And so it balances out how much the Kidney Energy has to integrate or to eliminate later on. Between 6 and 8 p.m. Kidney Function Energy keeps in harmony the assimilation and elimination of all substances and vibrations which are carried throughout the body through the element water. The water element carries the energetic information to the cells and integrates it into the cells through osmosis. In the same way all the waste products are taken out of the cells, and through the function of the kidneys they are eliminated in the urine.

Kidney Energy transforms all that we eat or drink and even our words and thoughts or what we take in on a vibrational level into our state of BEING, Now.

To be continued…

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I’m thinking about my shadow…


“There is that part of ourselves that feels ugly, deformed, unacceptable. That part, above all, we must learn to cherish, embrace, and call by name.”
— Macrina Wiederkehr

Each of us has characteristics we define as good and those we define as ‘bad.’ The parts of ourselves that we continually reject want to be acknowledged and loved. Until we honour these aspects, they will continue to assert themselves. They will do whatever they can to get our attention.

What aspects of yourself do you reject?

Take a few moments to open to the parts of yourself that you do not love. See each one honestly for what it is. Explore the wounds and the motives that gave rise to its condition. Love a wounded part of yourself and it will heal.

“…self-contempt never inspires lasting change.”
— Jane R. Hirschmann and Carol H. Munter

“The first step toward change is acceptance. Once you accept yourself, you open the door to change. That’s all you have to do. Change is not something you do, it’s something you allow.”
— Will Garcia

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17 “Individualized” Body Function Energy, Part 2

Waltraud Riegger-Kraus writes an article about Page 3, Text 2 in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 51, Winter 2006:



Then at 6 o’clock Large Intestine Function Energy takes over and helps us to let go. Even after many hours of time change, the time for the bowel movement will be back on time in the morning, after three days at the latest. This is the cosmic time to empty out, so we can receive the new.

Between 8 and 10 a.m. comes our Stomach Function Energy and says, “I am hungry, I want a big meal, now all my energy is there to receive.” But sometimes our stomach feels disappointed, because there is only some juice or a small piece of fruit coming down. In the morning would be the right time to receive a big meal, so that the following Spleen/Pancreas Function Energy, from 10 a.m. to 12 noon, can transform this food into energy for the day. If we don’t eat much then, the Spleen has nothing to transform into energy, and we feel tired. We also will disharmonize the Stomach and Spleen Energy as well. If someone wants to lose weight, he or she should follow the cosmic, biological timeframe and eat more in the morning and less in the evening. In the evening our organs that are related to digestion want to rest. And because we don’t need much energy in the evening and during sleep, the food will be transformed into body, which is all that sluggishness that sits in tissue.

If we cannot eat much in the morning, this is oftentimes the case with children, that means the Stomach and Spleen Function Energy is not in balance. Or if someone is so tired they could already have a nap during this time, this would be a hint to use a Stomach or a Spleen Flow more often.

We have an old saying in Germany, which describes the function of our digestion energy exactly: In the morning one should eat like an emperor, at noon like a king and in the evening like a beggar.

If someone has their best time of the day between 10 a.m. and 12 noon, is most productive during this time, it will show that the Spleen Energy is strong and harmonious. Another way of looking at the state of your Spleen Energy is to ask yourself: “Do I feel tired after a meal? (Spleen has to work hard to transform the energy of the food into my own body energy.) Or does the food give me energy?

To be continued…

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I’m thinking about balance…


“What is [the role of money] in the search for meaning? Is our relationship to it one of the chief factors that keeps us in our prison, or could it also be a tool for breaking out, for awakening to a life filled with intensity of purpose?”
— Jacob Needleman

Our personality has a need for security. As a human in a material world, we need money to survive. If we don’t have enough for basics, our lives cannot function. At the same time, with too much emphasis on the material, we lose the spiritual awareness that brings meaning and fulfillment. The key lies in the balance.

What draws most of your attention, time and energy: spiritual growth or money? Reflect on (or better yet, journal on) the balance or lack of balance of these two in your life.

“Money is not required to buy one necessity of the soul.”
— Henry David Thoreau

“View money and things not as something you create to fill a lack, but as tools to help you more fully express yourself and realize your potential.”
— Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer

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17 “Individualized” Body Function Energy, Part 1

Waltraud Riegger-Kraus writes an article about Page 3, Text 2 in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 51, Winter 2006:


I am opening my old textbook of my first classes with Mary, hoping to find some useful notes on page 3 of Text 2. But there is not much. On page 3, Mary talks about the seventeen “individualized” Body Function Energy. These are the twelve Organ Function Energy and the five auxiliary Flows.

Number 3 always reunites the opposites and brings in a new level of understanding. 3 is the number where movement and vibration comes in. Through the vibration of the seventeen flows, energy is being transformed into the stages of consciousness, voice and the physical form.

In studying Mary’s notes, we found an old text, describing the 17 flows forming the form: “The 17 flows make up the definite form of flesh and the invisible forms of consciousness, voice, energy – the mysterious transformation, which one can find, or do, or seek and see, and is called the Art of Benevolence, meaning that man acts in behalf of God.”

The order of the vibration of the “individualized” Body Function Energy, how they come into being, is the Order of Creation in the five pointed star. In that order, they bring in the qualities of each individualized flow and the qualities of the astrological signs, of color, musical notes, etc. They also bring in the quality of time.

And this is what Mary talks about on page 3: the story of the twelve organ flows through the 24 hours of the day. After all organ flows have manifested themselves, they are moving all at the same time throughout our body. Every two hours one organ flow is the so called leader of the parade. In these two hours the organ flow uses a great potential of its energy to do its work. When one flow is weakened or out of harmony, we might feel tired, very irritated or wake up during its time zone. By being tired always during the same time, or waking up at night at the same time, we can read the state of energy of the connected organ flow.

In the morning at 4 o’clock, when the sun is rising, our Lung Function Energy is leading us into the day. From ancient times on, this was well known to be the best time for meditation, yoga and breathing exercises. The small breath of the Lung Function Energy connecting with the big BREATH OF LIFE welcomes the new day.

To be continued…

I’m thinking about living my own life…


“We don’t always know what makes us happy. We know, instead, what we think SHOULD. We are baffled and confused when our attempts at happiness fail…We are mute when it comes to naming accurately our own preferences, delights, gifts, talents. The voice of our original self is often muffled, overwhelmed, even strangled, by the voices of other people’s expectations. The tongue of the original self is the language of the heart.”
— Julia Cameron

We are each unique beings with a unique path in life. If we wish to be fulfilled, we need to go to our own hearts for direction. We might regularly ask ourselves:

  • “What do I really want to do?”
  • “What brings me greatest happiness?”
  • “How can I bring more of these into my life?”

Life wants us to go for what brings us most joy and meaning.

“It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. …I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing.”
— Oriah Mountain Dreamer

“Let me listen to me and not to them.”
— Gertrude Stein

“What you must dare is to be yourself.”
— Dag Hammarskjold

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Beulah Amsterdam of Davis, California has written a poem for us in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 50, Fall 2005:



Pink tulip fingernails rise

in the nursing home bed

where her hip grows stronger.

Black socks shroud

Gangrenous toes and foot.

Bunny refuses amputation.

She’d rather die.

After her husband died

her precancerous right breast was sacrificed.

Her left breast was carved, radiated,

uterus removed, left eye lost to glaucoma,

left index finger amputated.

Bunny’s toes, fingers, ankles, knees,

hip, pubis, coccyx, groin are jumpercabled

till the comedians laugh

and Bunny jokes about her antiquity.

The Chinese surgeon is astounded

by the pale pink sunrise

from ancient black toes.


When Mary Olander and I returned from our first Jin Shin Jyutsu class, a friend told me his 84-year-old step-mother, who was recovering from hip surgery in a nursing home, now had gangrene in her foot. Mary and I were inspired by Wayne Hackett’s ebullient optimism to immediately use our jumper cables, and we each treated Bunny an hour a day. We did a lot of 5-6-7-8, 15, 1 and Main Central. The surgeon was astounded two weeks later when he saw Bunny’s pink foot. Pat Meador recently informed me that when Mary Burmeister treated someone with a similar condition, the gangrene was gone in 2 days. We don’t know how soon Bunny recovered from the gangrene because we did not take off her sock to look.

Thank you, Beulah.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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I’m thinking about loving me…


“If you had a friend who talked to you like you sometimes talk to yourself, would you continue to hang around with that person?”
— Rob Bremer

Thanks to the power of our inner critics, most of us have a very poor opinion of ourselves. Yet self- contempt merely keeps us miserable and stuck in our mediocrity.

If we were to make only one change to transform the quality of our lives, we might try sending a little love our own way.

“A critic is a legless man who teaches running.”
— Channing Pollock

“Unkind criticism is never part of a meaningful critique of you. Its purpose is not to teach or to help, its purpose is to punish.”
— Barbara Sher

“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”
— Buddha

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