My First Jin Shin Jyutsu Experiences

Ingrid Dammalage-Kirst shares “My First Jin Shin Jyutsu Experiences” in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 46, Fall 2004:


A friend in Heidelberg told me about a self-help class she took from Birgitta Meinhardt and about The Touch of Healing. My curiosity was aroused from listening to her Jin Shin Jyutsu experience. Two days later in Berlin while visiting with a cousin during dinner, a familiar and unbearable toothache developed. I had periodic gum inflammations and nine months earlier had lost 4 teeth within one week. I really did not want this to happen again. So after our dinner I purchased a copy of The Touch of Healing in a bookstore near the restaurant. I glimpsed through the book and discovered, “for toothache hold your opposite index finger.” I decided, if it should be as easy as this, then I would spend a little longer on it, and I held my index finger for 3 hours, while reading the book.

I was fascinated and made a first deep sigh when I read that the energy Jin Shin Jyutsu is working with is open to us all. This confirmed something I KNEW before, and I felt at home and in the right place with this information and the way it came to me. Needless to say, when I woke up the next morning, all evidence of my toothache had gone. Not only did it never come back, my dentist started to wonder why my gums were holding my teeth tighter again.

Two months later, I participated in my first 5-day class, held by Matthias, and a second class with him 6 weeks later.

Only a few days after my second class, an aunt of mine called me in panic, because she was diagnosed with fungus in the gullet, cancer in the thyroid, and 3 big gastric ulcers, which the doctors suspected were cancerous. Although I had practiced self-help every day since my first experience and had participated in two 5-day classes, I felt like a complete beginner with Jin Shin Jyutsu. Now life presented me the challenge to go a step further and practice Jin Shin Jyutsu on my aunt. I spent a week of holidays with her before she had to go to the hospital.

Shortly after my arrival, she was stung by a bee. In previous experiences, her body had shown some heavy allergic reactions to bee stings. I removed the stinger, had her sit down and hold her index finger, and I put my hands on her calves for about an hour. While talking to her, she calmed down a little, and she could not believe that there was no swelling or other adverse effect.

For the next 5 days she received two sessions per day. Once a day I gave her a Spleen Flow, and I chose the second flow from listening to her pulses.

The morning after I returned home, she went to the hospital, and at noon she called me. In the first check-up, the doctors could not find any fungus, and there was such improvement from the gastric ulcers that they assured her that cancer was no longer a suspicion. So she only had surgery on the thyroid.

For me it was like magic, and I knew I had not been doing anything but faithfully putting my hands on in certain sequences. My journey with Jin Shin Jyutsu started with these two outstanding experiences and it still goes on.

Thank you, Ingrid.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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