The Weaving Princess Supports the Spirit to Manifest Limitless Life Power

Cristina Minamisawa shares her understanding of how “The Weaving Princess Supports the Spirit to Manifest Limitless Life Power” in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 46, Fall 2004:


During the years I have been studying and practicing Jin Shin Jyutsu, I never really asked myself what was the meaning of the note on page 18, Text 1: how the 4 affects 13 and 10, the 12 affects 14 and 9, and 11 affects 15 and 2. But a time comes to all of us when we take a step forward, and an answer becomes a question.

Pondering the relationships of 4, 13 and 10, some ideas came up that I would like to share, and I am open to more insights if anyone feels inspired by the same issue.

4 is our window that lets air (breath) and Light (consciousness) enter our being. Different from the door, the function of a window is allowing us to receive the sunlight and air whenever it is opened. The landscape becomes part of our inner environment through the glass.

It is the Weaving Princess weaving our entire physical body, sending the correct amount of energy as needed to each part of our body. It is an ascending energy lock, living in the 4th Depth area in the head. It represents the four elements from which all physical matter is formed.

13 – Love Thy Enemy – is also a 4 (1+3) on another level. Because it is a 1 and 3, it also represents unity and movement of the trinity – the Main Central and Left and Right Supervisors. It is the Spirit, the Child, located in the area where the Bladder Flow (4th Depth) connects to the Main Central Flow. Here the lungs (the breath), the heart and the thymus live. For many traditions, the heart is where our embodied Spirit exists. The thymus influences the immune system and protects us against infections and diseases. So both Safety Energy Locks help us to unload our mental/emotional stress (bust line stress) that separates us from others and the world through breath and awareness. If our window (Safety Energy Lock 4) is dirty, we can hardly see our surroundings. and when we look through the dirt to the outside, all we will see is reality distorted by the dirt, leading us to interpret and respond to a distorted vision. So, if 4s are harmonious, they help the 13s to fulfill their nature.

The 4 and 13 have the breath (lungs) and consciousness (the Light) in common. They both relate to the 4th Depth. It is interesting to notice that one of the functions of the 4th Depth is to bridge the manifested body into the 6th Depth, purifying it in its way back into the energy level. In this relationship we see both the coming down of energy to become matter (Safety Energy Lock 4) and the return into the energy state (4th Depth).

The central 4 (in the circulation of the Main Central) is the location where part of the Left and Right Supervisor crosses to the opposite side; we can see here the commonality of the 13 and 4 in their relationship to the Trinity.

10 is “air, vehicle of the outpouring of limitless Life-Power,” vitality, our abundant warehouse, breath. Being the window, the 4 helps the 10 to fully be who it is meant to be by letting in abundant air.

The fifth thoracic vertebra lives in the 10 area, where the Heart Function Energy crosses the spine. When the 10 is happy with the help of a harmonized 4, our heart can BE, and Spirit can pour abundant life energy through us into the world.

Both 10 and 4 are ascending Safety Energy Locks helping us to purify ourselves in our way back to Spirit. 10 carries the quality of the 1 – the prime mover, the beginning, unity – and the 0 – the oval. So, as 10 purifies our previous experience, it moves us into a new cycle of consciousness (the 4s).

10 is a number living in the 2nd Depth, and in the Lumbar Circle, 2nd Depth supports the 4th Depth. If the 4th Depth is disharmonized, it can burden the 2nd Depth. Therefore, the 4s – located in the 4th Depth area of the head – maintain the unobstructed flow of the 2nd Depth.

Contemplating the richness of these relationships brings up in me profound gratitude for the simplicity of Jin Shin Jyutsu – one Safety Energy Lock and such a universe of meanings and interrelatedness!

Thank you, Cristina.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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