Energy Flow and the Five Attitudes, A Physio-Philosophical Pantomime

Erik Punaks, of Woodbridge, Suffolk, England, shares his November, 2000 pantomime Energy Flow and the Five Attitudes, A Physio-Philosophical Pantomime in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 47, Winter, 2005:


In the land of Joy and Levity,

The Country of Longevity,

The populace have all lost heart

For they’ve forgot the Cosmic Art.

Their health and happiness and youth

Decline without eternal truth.

Horrendous Labels stalk the lands.

Huge Attitudes with dire demands.

In every corner of chaos reigns,

Disharmony and fears and pain.

The government’s in disarray,

Erratic, fierce or gone away.

The Supervisor walks in dreams,

Main Central Office empty seems.

The elements just won’t relate

With no-one there to Mediate.

All’s in a state of grim convulse

No-one’s finger’s on the pulse.

Our gentle heroine, called Flow,

Is stuck, has nowhere she can go,

Afraid she’ll scatter or reverse

Her energy gets quickly worse.

A vicious gang of Attitudes

Have captured her with awful moods.

She wriggles, writhes, lies on the ground

Safety Energy Locks all bound.

Her depths are truly in despair,

No Mediator anywhere.

But rescue come in form distinct

Before her energy’s extinct –

A German with some wondrous skills

Derived from ancient texts not pills.

“I’ll save you, Flow, for I am able.

Behold my wondrous jumper cable!”

He feels her pulse, cries “Fears begone!”

You’ll know him well,

He’s called Hans Onn!

An hour of calculated touch,

Flow blushes, “Thank you, oh so much!”

The Attitudes just disappear –

No Anger, Sadness, Worry, Fear.

She’s so relieved she starts to cry

“Just hold your finger, dear, don’t Try!”

Now here’s the ending that you seek:

Flow’s having Hans Onn every week!

(Pantomime’s an ancient genre

Full of sly double entendre!)

Between these times, she helps herself –

Our Flow’s no longer on the shelf!

By holding fingers, look what’s done,

Our Flow is once more loads of FUN!

Her Problems have transmuted now

To Projects which she likes somehow!

There’s balance, harmony and peace,

All truly welcome the release

Of joy and geniality,

Of Effortless Reality.


Thank you, Erik.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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