Jin Shin Jyutsu for Your Animal Companion, Part 1

Adele Leas shares her experience with animals: “Jin Shin Jyutsu for Your Animal Companion”, in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 47, Winter, 2005:


It is a cold, rainy and very windy dawn when I arrive at the stables on the bank of the Mississippi this morning to greet my big Percheron mare, Cali. I have waited all my life for a horse of my own and while the truth is that she is technically a “foster”, there is no way I could love her more.

Mornings like this have become our favorite. No other humans come to the stable. They can neither ride nor graze nor turn their horses out. But Cali and I spend time together sharing Jin Shin Jyutsu…sharing something so special that it is the basis of our relationship. It is the way we have come to know and understand the essence of one another.

I start by placing my hands on her withers (Safety Energy Lock 10) and in the center of her broad chest (Safety Energy Lock 13). We stay this way a long time. It is how I start almost all sessions. It is the anchor step of the 13 flows…the Creator’s number. This simple step reconnects us to the exhale and the inhale, the basis of all harmonizing. While holding this step I always take time to silently ask the animal’s permission to share Jin Shin Jyutsu with him and then watch and listen closely for the answer. The anchor step establishes a connection between the two BE-ings who are co-creating this session and allows both to go beyond inner and outer limitations. I love to stand this way and breathe in Cali’s rich scent. Gradually, I become aware of pulse.

They seem to come from some deep source…something ancient, as if I am privy to the pulse of the essence of Horse. She sways ever so gently; her ears swivel backwards as if she can hear these pulses, too. Gradually I move through a series of “Quickies” but in a very slow and languid fashion. I allow my soft and “unneedy” hands to gently “BE” with Safety Energy Locks that energize front legs, where she has had recurring projects (such as the combination of same side 9 and 19 or 4 and 13).

Then I move onto Safety Energy Locks that lessen fear (such as self-help bladder flow) and Safety Energy Locks that help us in training (especially Safety Energy Lock 12). I find having a discussion about stubbornness and willfulness goes much better with 1500 lbs. of horse when approached from an energy standpoint! Cali turns her beautiful, huge head and fixes her liquid eyes on my hands as if wanting to understand the connection between the placement of my hands and the sensations she feels in her body. Loud rumblings roll in her belly, under my hands. She shifts her weight to 3 legs, eyes nearly closing. Then she does two things that she has never done before.

First, she brings that big head round and rests her chin in the crook of my arm, giving the full weight of her head to me while she gazes into my eyes. Then she gently takes my hand and, flapping her lower lip, kisses and plays with my fingers. Our eyes gaze steadily at each other. Mine feel full to the brim with tears of gratitude for having been given the opportunity to know this BE-ing so deeply. After time I realize that this exquisite peace has extended beyond Cali’s stall. Bally, Fireball, Elisha and Dart all stand transfixed, eyes soft, breathing deeply. No place on earth have I ever known such peace.

To be continued…



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