Triglycerides & Cholesterol Meet Jin Shin Jyutsu

Corliss Chan, of San Rafael, California, shares “Triglycerides & Cholesterol Meet Jin Shin Jyutsu” in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 47, Winter, 2005:


In March 2004 a man I’ll call Henry asked me to look for ways to reduce his triglyceride level, which exceeded 450. He was also looking for help with weight loss and in lowering elevated blood pressure. Triglycerides are a sugar related blood fat that travels with cholesterol. High triglyceride levels cause blood cells to stick together, impairing circulation and are implicated in causes of heart attack or stroke. The total amount of triglycerides is important in the diagnosis and treatment of many conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart projects. His doctor said the ideal triglyceride level is under 200. 400 and above is too high and considered dangerous to health. For more than a year Henry’s doctor had already tried several prescription drugs and time-released niacin, but they were discontinued because of the side effects he experienced. He wanted to avoid the use of prescription drugs if possible. His doctor was very concerned about the elevated triglyceride level and said she would wait three months while he explored Jin Shin Jyutsu, diet modifications, and increased exercise before trying another prescription drug. She said reducing sugar intake was key in lowering triglycerides.

Henry is a 51-year old attorney who has a full law practice and a personal life with many family responsibilities. After an exhausting workday he often ate a big dinner, which included carbohydrates and high fat foods. His daily sugar intake usually included 3-4 cans of Coke. Like many busy people, the sugar and caffeine helped him manage fatigue and headaches. Cokes acted as a coffee substitute, which provided an artificial energy boost. He had tried many times to reduce his sugar intake. Stressful times were when he found himself reaching for Cokes plus other high fat and sugar snack foods. It seemed to me if he could manage his cravings, especially for Coke, a significant amount of his sugar intake would be eliminated.

Henry’s other health projects have included low back pain (4th Depth), bladder infection (4th Depth), hearing difficulty (4th Depth), high liver enzymes (3rd Depth), and digestion difficulty (1st Depth). So many signs kept indicating the 4th Depth and the 23, 25 Flow, especially for harmonizing this project. 23 is the only Safety Energy Lock in the 4th Depth. When I looked at the Lumbar Circle for harmonizing projects, I saw that 1st and 3rd Depths disharmonize the 4th.

According to Self-Help Book II, page 57, “23 came into the Universe meaning proper circulation maintenance.” In my 5-day class notes I read about the 23, 25 Flow. “Craving is a circulation pattern out of harmony. 23, 25 Flow harmonizes addictions including alcohol, drugs, sugar, and eating. 23 is good for appetite imbalance and stabilizing sugar levels in the body. 23 helps you control your destiny.” 25 is a 5th Depth Safety Energy Lock (fire), which energizes 4th Depth (water). “25 removes fatigue and toxins form the body. It helps our circulation, purifies blood and cholesterol while quietly rejuvenating.” A class handout from Jed Schwartz showed that 23, 25 Flow helps all the toe flows (Kidney-4th Depth, Liver-3rd Depth and Spleen-1st Depth). Susan Brooks wrote about the 4th Depth in The Main Central (Summer 2004) issue #45, pages 1 and 14: “Some aspects of the body ruled by Fourth Depth include reproduction, digestion, muscles, vascular harmony, glands, body chemistry, blood chemistry and blood sugar.”

Henry was highly motivated to change. He looked to his diet and changed to eating foods with high fiber, low fat and sugar content wherever possible. He allowed himself to have some Coke, sugar, and fat in his diet, but much less than before. By keeping a list of the foods eaten he stayed within or below the daily calorie range set by his doctor. Daily exercise time increased to 1 hour. Almost every week for three months he received a 23, 25 Flow. In that flow sequence is a Safety Energy Lock 5, which helps Kidney energy to ascend from the toes. It helps us with fear when we let go of the old and something new is coming. Safety Energy Lock 9 helps us make change, aids digestion, and opens our waist. 1st and 3rd Depth Flows were helpful with harmonizing mental and emotional stress. With the help of weekly Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions Henry said he became less interested in eating sugar and fat.

We were so happy with the blood test results. In three months his triglycerides declined from 450 to 171 (down 62%) and total cholesterol went from 235 to 182 (down 22%). He had also lost 25 pounds (11%). During this same period of time his blood pressure declined to a level where his doctor stopped his high blood pressure medication. We were surprised and also not surprised by the results.

You can read the rest of this testimony in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter,  issue Number 47, Winter, 2005, available at

Thank you, Corliss.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings



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