The Princess in the Cocoon

Carlos Muptualis Gutterres  embroiders a Jin Shin Jyutsu tale of intuition, determination and creative light in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 44, Spring, 2004:


Once in a time beyond time, the Tree of Life that grew in the garden of the Universe supported a small cocoon. This cocoon was the unlikely home of a young and beautiful princess who carried on her peaceful and laborious existence.

Every morning, when the Great Sun would rise in the cosmic horizon, a tiny hole on the cocoon’s wall allowed a delicate string of light to enter our princess’s home. Carefully, she passed the very expected ray of light through the hole of her bright crystal needle, and like a virtuoso she started to embroider her immaculate white silk screen.

As her hand moved lightly with precision, an enchanted human figure was gaining shape, lighting the silk’s support. As soon as the incredibly beautiful features were perceived, that small and magical little figure started telling stories, which pleased the girl’s innocent heart. They were stories about the fantastic things that happened all over the world and about the wonders of creation.

The tales lightened that young soul, encouraging her to work even more carefully. Inevitably, every day the sunset would cut the precious string of light, making the figure so carefully embroidered, disappear, leaving the silk screen lost in its untouched brightness.

Far from being disappointed, the princess was filled with a stronger motivation to start her work all over again, and with strong determination to make it even better. That motivation was related to the intuition she had deep in her heart that perfection would give the fruit of her work the strength it needed to support life by itself and, therefore, become eternal.

Besides, every passing day the girl felt herself totally rewarded with the countless wonders she had been told, and she realized that new apprenticeship and unknown feelings were constantly bringing wisdom to her life.

Day after day, in an unthinkable sequence, her intuition would assure her she was getting closer to her intent. Many times she saw her magnificent creation being apparently supported by eternal fractions of seconds after the Universal Sun had deepened itself in the western horizon.

Several times she had the feeling that the image, which fulfilled her days and lived perpetually in her dreams, was about to express itself fully and definitively on her magical silk screen. her intuition was telling her that to make it happen, to express herself completely through her art, she should embroider the silk using the string of light with the essence of her own thoughts and feelings. This insight gave a renewed force to her everyday life. She overcame herself in each movement of her hand on the screen, and even when that incredibly beautiful masterpiece started to disappear at the end of an intense working day, the princess felt deeply grateful, for the quality of the stories she heard was improving as much as her work.

One day, something unexpected happened: despite the care and quality of the girl’s work on the screen, the figure remained deeply silent. Embarrassed, the young lady started to evaluate the possibilities of having made some mistake, although she felt that everything had been made with extreme care and with inspired movements, as she had never done before. Here eyes were pleased with what she was seeing, and although the unexpected silence was disturbing her deeply, if it wasn’t for the fascination she felt for that little uncompleted figure on the screen, she surely would have stopped working for good.

Surprising herself, she answered her soul’s unrefusable call and dived into the deepest dimension of her heart. There she found her heart’s purest desire and let it guide the movements of her hands, printing a new and unexpected brightness in her embroidering. She completely forgot the silence that at first was making her feel so uncomfortable, and continued her work.

She didn’t notice the time passing by because she was too focused on her work. When finally the Sun had crossed the frontier of the cosmic dusk, her perfectly embroidered creation remained shining for a while. Then, it started disconnecting itself from the silk until it took off totally free…into the emptiness. With care and grace it broke the cocoon’s wall, and at the right moment when the last rays of the Sun were about to disappear in the Universal dusk, it took off in sublime flight toward the creative light source. The figure took into itself the radiant essence of the princess, while her shape disappeared in a fleeting mist, leaving the cocoon completely empty.

Thank you, Carlos.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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