Philomena Dooley Answers “A Question”

Philomena Dooley answers “ A Question” about the Supervisor and Mediator Flows in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 43, Winter 2004:


A student who was introduced to the Touch of Healing [by Alice Burmeister with Tom Monte, published by Bantam Books, ISBN 978-0-533-37784-2] noticed that the self-help for the “Supervisor” flow was 11/15, 11/25. (See page 50.)

Once reading or studying Self-Help Book 1, she noticed that on pages 18 and 19 the self-help for the “Supervisor” was the self-help for the “Mediator” flow, fig. 3 and 4. The question asked of me was, “Why?”

When we look at Self-Help Book 1 (page 19, fig. 3 and 4) we see that this is indeed the self-help for the Diagonal “Mediator” Harmonizing Energy. So how can this be the self-help for the “Supervisor” flow? I believe it is all in Safety Energy Locks 1 and 3.

The “Supervisor” Harmonizing Energy is born from within the Main Central Vertical Flow at Safety Energy Lock 1, descending and ascending the center of the left and right side of the body. At the level of Safety Energy Lock 3, the Diagonal “Mediator” Harmonizing Energy is born. The following is the flow of the “Mediator”.

LEFT “MEDIATOR” CIRCULATION PATTERN…Starts at the LEFT 3, ascends the back of the left arm, goes over the little finger, descends the front of the left arm, goes diagonally across the front of the left shoulder to the LEFT 22 and LEFT 13, crosses the sternum into the RIGHT 14 area, goes around the body to the RIGHT 23 and down through the coccyx, descending the back of the left leg to the LEFT 8, down into the LEFT 16, and under the sole of the left foot to the left ring toe.

Then it crosses the top of the foot to the LEFT 5, ascends the inside of the left leg to the LEFT 1, goes up the inside of the thigh to the LEFT 15, then across the floor of the pelvis. It emerges into the RIGHT 2 area, ascends the back to the RIGHT 9/10/3, goes over the back of the right shoulder, ascends the back of the right arm and goes over the right thumb.

Then it goes down the palm of the right hand, down the front of the right arm, diagonally crosses the front of the right shoulder to the RIGHT 22 and RIGHT 13, crosses the sternum to the LEFT 14, goes around the body to the LEFT 23, descends to the LEFT 2 and into the coccyx. It crosses the floor of the pelvis and descends the right thigh to the RIGHT 1, where it becomes one with the Right Descending “Supervisor” Circulation Pattern. The Right “Mediator’ flow pattern is simply opposite to that of the left. Both left and right “Mediator” flow patterns traverse the body from left to right, right to left, descending and ascending to see to it that the left and right “Supervisor” is in harmony with the Main Central Vertical Harmonizing Energy.

Note: Page 18, Self-Help Book 1 – “This is the ‘Mediator’. Therefore this energy is the cause for disharmony in the body. It is of vital importance to keep this energy functioning properly for the total supply of energy to the whole man.” – Mary Burmeister

So Safety Energy Lock 3 is the beginning of “Mediator” and Safety Energy Lock 1 is the beginning of “Supervisor” and end of “Mediator”.

The position with thumb over ring fingernail is to keep the thoracic cavity open to harmonize the descending and ascending, the exhale and the inhale.

Thank you, Philomena.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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