Milt Lee on The Year of the One’s, Part 1

Milt Lee , Organizer and Practitioner – Rapid City, South Dakota writes about The Year of the One’s in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 41, Summer 2003:


it was April 18th, 2002, in Kansas City, when Matthias (Roth) reminded us that, “You can resolve all your projects by holding your one’s for an hour a day for a year.” Really, I thought. I’ve heard this before in practically every class I had taken, and after 3 yrs. of hearing this, I guess I became too curious to stop myself. After all, I had plenty of projects – asthma, allergies, and a nose that couldn’t smell. I had already lost 20 lbs. by sitting on my hands 20 minutes a day, so I figured if this was as good, then I was going to do it. Frankly, I wanted to do what Mary always said, “Be your own testimony!” It never occurred to me that it was a big commitment – I mean after all – what’s an hour a day? You just sit there, and hold your knees. What could be easier? So the day I started, I got about 15 minutes done during the class, and as I was sitting in my daughter’s house that evening, I continued holding them.

Almost immediately, I realized that there might be more to doing this than I had thought. First of all, it meant that every day I needed to remember to do it – make a plan for when I would get it done, and then when the time came, do it. I also had to figure out how to hold my knees. At first I just leaned in a bit and crossed my hands, but after about 20 minutes my back started to hurt. So I experimented with many different positions – leaning to one side with my legs up on the couch – then the other side. Finally I discovered that I could cross my legs, put one hand under the upper leg and casually flop the other hand on the top knee. After 20 minutes I would reverse, and finally just bend down to do the other 20 minutes.

I didn’t expect many changes right away. After all, I’m 55 and it took a long time to get to where I was. It was about 30 days in when I started to notice things happening, but they were going the wrong way. My teeth were killing me. My nose started to get worse. I would start to sneeze, and it would go on for 20, 30, 40 times. It was then that I discovered that I could do the first step of the Spleen Flow, and within 30-45 seconds, the sneezing would stop. Amazing.

After a while, my nose started to clear. There would be days when I would smell things and it would be totally clear. Then for a week it would be totally blocked – not breathing at all. This went on for months. People around me would get the flu, I was just fine. Then suddenly everything in my left side would ache, my left arm felt useless, then it would go away. I felt like a storm was raging in my body. My skin would itch all over, my nose would flow like the Ganges River, and then everything would clear.

To be continued…


One thought on “Milt Lee on The Year of the One’s, Part 1

  1. r k

    Thank you so much for sharing. I have started the holding of the ones for an hour and it is so good to know that my experience with things getting worse sometimes is a sign of progress. very reassuring. Looking forward to part 2!


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