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I’m thinking about serenity…


“He who would be serene and pure needs but one thing, detachment.”
— Meister Eckhart

We are the ocean — vast, deep, powerful and rich. Nourishing and nurturing. Dive down into the dark stillness of being. Sense the rising and falling of surface thoughts and emotions, sometimes gentle, sometimes violent. Always shifting. Always in motion. Draw back and watch the waves of your life at play. Know you are the unfathomable depths — surface agitations can’t disturb you. Know that you are bigger than the little things that aggravate you.

“The bird of paradise alights only on the hand that does not grasp.”
— John Berry

“It’s best not to get too excited or too depressed by the ups and downs of life.”
— Dalai Lama

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Jed Schwartz on Reversing and Increasing of the Depths, Part 1

(For Florin)

Jed Schwartz writes an article in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 38, Fall 2002, about Reversing and Increasing of the Depths:


In our study of Jin Shin Jyutsu we find that there are no accidents or coincidences, and that Mary created the layout of the texts with deep purpose and meaning. Each word carefully chosen to express many layers of insight and depending on where your awareness is, determines your layer of perception. This esoteric work and study is endless and yet we are given one tenet, keep it simple. To examine the last 5 pages of Text 1, we can go in so many directions. To keep it simple, I see these 5 pages as helping us go back to the beginning of simply checking the status of each depth and helping it.

When our DIAGONAL Mediator UNIVERSAL HARMONIZING ENERGY is disharmonized it creates disorder in our life, and it is the Depths that show the effects of this universal flow, causing imbalance. We are no longer being that perfect life power (p.61) or in the will of the Creator (p.12). To bring this all back into Divine order we have simple ways to Reverse and Increase the specific Depth. Reversing causes it to change the disharmonious direction in which it is going, and then to increase it, to give it energy.

I use these Reversing and Increasing of the Depths to quickly adjust what is going on. When there is a specific texture, attitude and/or stuck that is present, then I often go to these flows to get things going.

As I sit to write this article I have just received news that one of my close friends has suddenly passed over into the 6th Depth following a sudden automobile accident. The feeling of loss and sadness flows through me as I feel and experience the shock of this unexpected news and the memory of time spent together. Sitting with these feelings, I am aware that I need to keep my 2nd Depth open and harmonized.

Clients who come to me after the loss of a loved one most often receive the Reversing and Increasing of 2nd Depth. Now, I am most aware that I want to feel what I need to feel, yet from a place of awareness, wanting to change the directions (reverse it) if there is disharmony and then flow with the harmony (increase it). Safety Energy Lock 2 allows me to see Through the Creator’s Eyes, to look back to heaven for clear vision so that with Safety Energy Lock 24, I have the peace that comes with knowing the truth of life. This first step brings me back home to my body (hipline). Safety Energy Lock 14 helps me to be in equilibrium to be sustained knowing that I live between this earth plane and the spirit plane. I feel myself letting go more to be breath. From this place I KNOW that I can stay connected to my friend although he is no longer in the physical. High 1 connects my head and my feet, my Face and Toe flows. It cleans any residue of holding on, opening my 1st, 3rd and 4th Depths (Stomach, Spleen, Liver and Kidney flows).

From the Lumbar Circle one can see how 2nd Depth is unburdened, energized and supported. It connects to my bustline to begin the opening of Safety Energy Lock 13. Love fills me. This fountain of life flowing connects me with Spirit. I am aware of a much different energy within me. The 9 expresses its Self, ending of one cycle and the beginning of another, and I know that a new chapter in our relationship will now begin. I am missing my friend from my physical world; however, now there is the flow of love that heals and soothes me.

How perfect this flow is to be on page 63. These 3 steps connect me with Spirit, mind and body as do the flows for Reversing and Increasing of 1st and 4th Depths. Each opens the hip, waist and bustline – Safety Energy Locks 26 (bustline), 9 (waistline) and 2 (hipline) of the Reversing and Increasing of 1st Depth – and Safety Energy Locks 2, high 1, 4/12/11 and 23 (waistline) in Reversing and Increasing of 4th Depth. The anchor step of each of these flows has us holding Safety Energy Lock 2, harmonizing the physical while keeping our eyes toward the heavens giving us the energy we need.

To be continued…

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I’m thinking about solitude, silence…


“Growth takes place in a person by working at a deep inner level in a sustained atmosphere of silence.”
— Dr. Ira Progoff

How can we hear our wise voice of intuition if we are always thinking, talking and distracted by outer events?

If we take time daily to experience physical stillness and to direct our attention inside, we can begin to find the peace, love, will and wisdom that exist as our essence.

“Only when one is connected to one’s own core is one connected to others… And, for me, the core, the inner spring, can best be refound through solitude.”
— Anne Morrow Lindbergh

“In the sweet territory of silence we touch the mystery. It’s the place of reflection and contemplation, and it’s the place where we can connect with the deep knowing, to the deep wisdom way.”
— Angeles Arrien

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Ian Harris (Kraut) on Reversing and Increasing of the Depths

Ian Harris (Kraut) writes an article in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 38, Fall 2002, about Reversing and Increasing of the Depths:


Mary first tells us of the Depths on page 12 of Text 1. Here, as we look at the “Disharmonized Man’s Life Story”, we are being introduced to the 26 Safety Energy Locks, born of the Major Vertical Supervisor flow. The Safety Energy Locks then manifest themselves in the Depths with each passage through the Supervisor. (1st Depth: 1-4, 2nd depth: 5-15, 3rd Depth: 16-22, 4th Depth: 23, 5th Depth: 24-26) We then have our “flows” for harmonizing each Energy Lock, each flow being related to the Supervisor.

We are then taken by Mary on this journey through the Trinity (Main Central Vertical, Supervisor and Mediator). On page 61 we now revisit page 12. This time however it is titled “Results of disharmonized Diagonal Mediator Universal Harmonizing Energy”. Mary tells us that the disharmonized Mediator energy goes deeper into the body and in each Depth causes various symptoms. So, we have on pages 62-66 Reversing and Increasing of the Depths showing the results of the disharmony in both the illustration and the list of where we might see these disharmonies manifesting in each Depth. We are also given the “technique” using our jumper cables and Safety Energy Locks to bring us back to harmony and relieve these symptoms.

As the flows for each of the Safety Energy Locks are related to the Supervisor, so are the Reversing and Increasing of the Depth flows related to Diagonal Mediator. For Depths 1, 2 and 4 we are immediately given this diagonal action (2 & opposite 24, 2 & opposite high 1). The 3rd Depth instead gives us Safety Energy Lock 3 (“birthplace of the Mediator”) and both 4’s (“weaving princess” – where via the Mediator, the Supervisor moves from one side  to the other).

We also know that the Mediator, when in disharmony, is the cause of the attitudes. These flows then will also help to harmonize the attitudes related to each Depth.

Having utilized these flows a great deal as self-help, I actually had the feeling, in one instance, of the attitude in an objective way. It was no longer “my” attitude, but my experience of the attitude, outside myself. As we begin to be more in harmony, we can begin to see more clearly and understand the disharmony while being held less captive by it.

So, with these flows, very simply we are able to help ourselves on the cause level, the Mediator-Activating Principle, to harmonize each of the Depths.

Thank you, Ian.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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I’m thinking about unexplored territory…


“If you’re proactive, you don’t have to wait for circumstances or other people to create perspective expanding experiences. You can consciously create your own.”
— Stephen Covey

Connect with the edge, the unknown, of your experience. Allow this pull towards unexplored territory to take you to new dimensions of yourself. Allow life to touch you in new ways. For this is how we truly live life. Become more alive as you grow through your consciousness barriers. Ask questions that seek answers beyond yourself. The depth of life is revealed as you go further into it.

“Nothing is lost upon a man who is bent upon growth; nothing wasted on one who is always preparing for – life by keeping eyes, mind and heart open to nature, men, books, experience – and what he gathers serves him at unexpected moments in unforeseen ways.”
— Hamilton Wright Mabie

“Nurture great thoughts, for you will never go higher than your thoughts.”
–Benjamin Disraeli

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Susan Brooks on Reversing and Increasing of the Depths

Susan Brooks writes an article in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 38, Fall 2002, about Reversing and Increasing of the Depths:


As Mary once said, “Attitudes are the nutrition for all effects.” Harmony exists when we are without attitudes. When we hold onto attitudes, we have a disharmonized mediator. If the energy which mediates our right side with the left, present with the past, feminine with the masculine, is not up to par, then we have effects in the physical body. If the diagonal mediator energy is unable to do its job, the depths become disharmonized either individually or eventually or continuously over time. That’s why Mary stressed the importance of paying attention to the depth in charge during its specific time, such as giving babies the reversing and Increasing First Depth Flow when they are born, to avoid a lifetime of labels (First Depth is in charge from age 0-15).

With age, as disharmonized energy moves deeper into the body, symptoms occur within the depths. If these effects are not taken care of  when they rise, as we age, we have what Mary refers to as “Disharmonized Man’s Life Story”.

However…along come the “Super Heroes” – flows that correct and uplift the energy that has been responsible for creating deterioration in the body – the “Reversing and Increasing of the Depths” flows. These flows can be seen as “Super Heroes” because they have the capacity to reverse degenerative conditions in the body and allow us to renew ourselves. These flows can be seen as “righting wrongs”, “reversing energy reversals”. When water in a river does not flow the way it is intended, dams, flooding, or tributaries that do not rejoin the main stream can occur. We can consider energy in the body to be like water in the river. If it doesn’t move within its intended pathways, pain, throbbing, swelling, and chills can occur.

These Reversing and Increasing of the Depths flows are exquisitely designed to bring the depths back to full strength and harmony. These flows utilize the Diagonal Mediator flow to harmonize and uplift the efficiency of the depths so they can perform optimally. The First Depth can then unfold and glorify the Divine. The Second Depth can now be the great body harmonizer – keeping mind/body/spirit in balance. The Third Depth can be the bridge for the Divine energy to become the source energy for the body. The Fourth Depth frees us to be creative. Now the Fifth Depth allows us to fulfill our destiny and arise to our spiritual inheritance.

Thank  you, Susan.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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I’m thinking about angels…


“Everything in life can be nourishing. Everything can bless us, but we’ve got to be there for the blessing to occur. Being present with quality is a decision we are invited to make each day.”
— MacRina Wiederkehr

Spirit is not only found in holy places, prayer and meditation, yoga and retreats. It is everywhere — in your relationships, your work, your daily chores, in nature … if you are willing to connect deeply with your environment.

Open to connect with something and you open to its essence, its purpose and meaning. There are other dimensions of reality below what we normally see and hear. Open to the mystery.

“We live in a world of theophanies. Holiness comes wrapped in the ordinary. There are burning bushes all around you. Every tree is full of angels. Hidden beauty is waiting in every crumb. Life wants to lead you from crumbs to angels, but this can happen only if you are willing to unwrap the ordinary by staying with it long enough to harvest its treasure.”
— Macrina Wiederkehr

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One Breath, Two Stories of Creation, Three Methods

Matthias Roth writes an article in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 37, Summer 2002 about One Breath, Two Stories of Creation, Three Methods:


One Breath:

“I AM.”


FIRE building, FIRE breaking, the Breath of Life, the Blueprint: This is the Main Central Vertical Universal Harmonizing Energy, IT IS.

What is, was, will be, IS. In IT, all is contained. In IT, nothing is unfolded; from IT all unfolds.

Two Stories of Creation:

Within superb fiery ONE, the clarity and lightness of perfect TWO is contained – AIR of “KNOW MYSELF”, the Major Vertical Supervisor Universal Harmonizing Energy. Within its clarity, still nothing is evolved, but all is defined, the laws, position, structure of all things. IT IS.

Then perfect THREE, the activating WATER of Creation, gushes forth – dance of Mediation, binding left and right, evolving and perpetuating and dissolving what’s set up in FIRE and defined in AIR. WATER…now there is Life, a dance! We are created, though not yet manifest. This “first creation” endows us with the three fundamental qualities of Centeredness, of Clarity and Flow. WATER brings the precious jewel of “IT IS AS IT IS, AND AS IT IS, IT IS.” In this state, there is no imperfection. This state is perfect THREE, no attitude.

Then FOUR: Fiery vessel wants to create an earthen vessel. Big EARTH, body, composed of all five “little” elements which, guided by big FIRE, build, as Mary says, “the physical form and the invisible consciousness, voice and energy.” (See Text 2, p. 3.)

Heaven, Earth, Man, the three levels of our being are woven, also called ectoderm, endoderm, mesoderm – or simply 13, 15, 14. A “second” time we are created, this time manifesting, endowed with limbs and organs for body, mind and spirit, reaching out into the worlds we live in.

Manifested, we are FIVE, the Human form and consciousness, releasing fear, releasing attitude, arising. We live a life. This is a noble undertaking, and no stumbling blocks, however numerous, ought to persuade us otherwise. We live a life and stumble into attitudes and habits. The stumbling blocks for “first creation” are the attitudes, the stumbling blocks for “second” are our habits. Both don’t build up in perfect THREE: Page 54, Text 2, shows us how when 3 locks up, the 13, 15, 14, the Heaven, Earth and Man, “second creation”, is affected.

When perfect THREE is blocked, the precious jewel of “IT IS AS IT IS, AND AS IT IS, IT IS” isn’t dancing any more and attitude is born. When the blockage reigns for a while, the clarity of “KNOW MYSELF” is lost. Soon the centered strong awareness of “I AM” feels like a memory concealed behind an ever-thickening cloud.’

This is where the three Methods of Correction step in.

Three Methods of Correction:

The First Method, resembling Mediator, clears the root of attitude and at the same time, harmonizes 13-level, Heaven, the first four organ flows (Lung, Large Intestine, Stomach and Spleen Function Energy). Mary says the focal point is 3. See how it doesn’t touch the 3?! The focal point is BEING 3, and look how 11, “augmenting and amplifying the power and dignity of 1”, and 22, “augmenting and amplifying the power and dignity of 2”, come together to form the master number 33, essence and fulfillment of 3. 11, letting go of baggage; 22, releasing perceptions into boundless dimensions, are two thresholds in consciousness, two turning points. What could be more perfect for this endeavor!

As we continue in the flow pattern by holding all fingers, we harmonize all attitudes once more and also help the manifested body as we go through the depths in the exact order of the lumbars: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 (cf. lumbar circle [study steps 2 and 3 in the flow pattern on page 55, Text 1 and the Lumbar Circle on the Answer Sheet or on your Star Wheel.])!

Second Method, resembling Supervisor, restores the clarity of structure in body, mind and spirit. Focusing on 15 Earth level/hipline, we laugh away what may have clouded AIR. Focusing on 15, the second set of organ flows is helped (Heart, Small Intestine, Bladder, Kidney Function Energy). The subtle interweaving of “first creation” and of “second” in these Methods is material for meditation that can span, as Mary likes to say, the “rest of our jumper cable days”.

Third Method takes the weaving to perfections. Resembling and harmonizing the Main Central, it brings us back to central FIRE, from “I am this” and “I am that” to “I AM”. Clearing the 14 level and with it, the middle flows (Diaphragm, Umbilicus, Gall Bladder, Liver Function Energy). We are brought to our HUMAN center between Heaven and Earth. Draw the two lines on your body: Center between left and right. Center between top and bottom. That’s right! This is the ancient symbol of the four winds and the center of centers, the ancient symbol of oneness used in most traditions on the planet, the cross with four branches of equal length. In our Human form, they intersect in the solar plexus, “Gateway to the Solar Ethers”, where 7th Depth, the Universal Source, comes to nurture all – IT IS, IS.

Is it any wonder that Mary knows that “even one application of even one of these Methods can change a person’s life forever”?

Thank you, Matthias.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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I’m thinking about the still…


“All this talk and turmoil and noise and movement and desire is outside of the veil; within the veil is silence and calm and rest.”
— Bayazid al-Bistami

We need to create space if we desire to change and grow. Only in emptiness can meaning, intuitive guidance and truth arise.

Give yourself space by spending time in nature, taking an hour or day off, enjoying quiet moments for reflection. Take time to smell the roses. Breathe in the wonder of life and its bounty. Open so your deeper awareness and imagination can percolate through mundane thoughts and activities. Let go of both resistance and force to allow yourself to connect more deeply to life.

“I do only want to advise you to keep growing quietly and seriously throughout your whole development; you cannot disturb it more rudely than by looking outward and expecting from outside replies to questions that only your inmost feeling in your most hushed hour can perhaps answer.”
— Rainer Maria Rilke

“I am glad that so much movement happens in this stillness.”
— Richard Land

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The Fatigue Flow Adjustment (Trinity), Part 2

Iole Lebensztajn writes an article in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 37, Summer 2002 about the Fatigue Flow:


We need never know FATIGUE. Energy can never TIRE. It is our PERSONAL imbalance that causes FATIGUE.

When our 26 “Safety” Energy Locks are unlocked, we are in a state of ECSTASY – the SECRET of the fountain of youth, available equally to all eternally – that which was, is and shall be, IS. The MASTER KEY is our degree of desire and trust, the KNOWING.

The SIMPLE reason for perfect health and happiness is being master of anything we do – LOVE IT regardless of what it is – menial, boring or inspirational work. There should be no person or thing one dislikes – as hatred develops imbalance, which causes FATIGUE.

HAPPINESS is an indication of our HARMONY. We have our TWO HANDS as our REJUVENATORS and HARMONIZERS. With these two hands we have the privilege of helping ourselves and others to get in tune with the universe. Hands are generators of the Creator Power – not from within us, but a part of the ever-constant and forever balanced universal SUPPLY. We need only be AWARE of this supply.       ~ Mary Burmeister


One of the definitions of the word Fatigue in the dictionary is “decreased capacity or complete inability to function normally because of excessive stimulation or prolonged stress”. In Jin Shin Jyutsu language, we would restate it saying that Fatigue is a decreased capacity to BE FUN (Fulfillment, Understanding, No-thing) due to attitudes.

When I am crystallized in worry, fear, anger, grief and/or pretense, I tend to follow an abusive lifestyle, overworking, overeating or any other way of overrunning myself. Nature has an immense capacity to adapt, as does my body, which is part of Nature. However, when I repeatedly make use of its resources in a disharmonious way, I can run down my battery energy and cause disruption and the malfunctioning of my body and my life. Physiologically this process can result in a buildup of metabolic residues, debris and toxins that are not eliminated. The energy of life will not circulate properly due to these scattered remains causing deviation, reversing, stagnation, etc. This can result in all kinds of scary, critical and/or chronic labels that affect the function of my immune system, lymphatic system, nervous system, circulatory system, etc.

Nevertheless, I remember that the Fatigue Flow Adjustment is also known as the Trinity Flow, which is the combination of MAIN CENTRAL Vertical, Left and Right MAJOR Supervisor and DIAGONAL Mediator (Activating Principle) UNIVERSAL HARMONIZING ENERGY (see page 60, Textbook 1). One of the meanings of the word “adjust” is to bring into proper relationship, and to adapt to new conditions. Again, it is amazing how accurate Mary’s work is in selecting such appropriate words that express the Physio-Philosophy on every page of her books. That is exactly how this combination, the Trinity, will help me: bringing me into proper relationship with myself (in body, mind and spirit), with my reality and with the Source of Universal harmonizing Energy and by not being stuck in attitudes, I am able to adapt to new conditions, making choices that reflect who I really am.

It is also interesting to realize that Mary talks about this flow on pages 58, 59 and 60. Adding up these numbers, we will have 15 that “washes our hearts with laughter” and “brings forth new ideas and adaptations” (page 40, Self-Help Book 2). Safety Energy Lock 15 and the Trinity Flow open up Safety Energy Lock 3, the Respiratory Specialist. It is really simple. I just need to breathe. breathing is the life harmonizer.

Mary says that complexities create psychic fatigue, and I remember as well Mary’s words in the Fatigue handout shown in the box on page 1, “The SIMPLE reason for perfect health and happiness is being master of anything we do – LOVE IT regardless of what it is…” Therefore, to be in relationship with every expression of my life will help me to simplify and to BE new at every moment, then I “need never know FATIGUE” because I am completely capable of BEING FUN.

Thank you, Iole.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank  you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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