Susan Brooks on Reversing and Increasing of the Depths

Susan Brooks writes an article in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 38, Fall 2002, about Reversing and Increasing of the Depths:


As Mary once said, “Attitudes are the nutrition for all effects.” Harmony exists when we are without attitudes. When we hold onto attitudes, we have a disharmonized mediator. If the energy which mediates our right side with the left, present with the past, feminine with the masculine, is not up to par, then we have effects in the physical body. If the diagonal mediator energy is unable to do its job, the depths become disharmonized either individually or eventually or continuously over time. That’s why Mary stressed the importance of paying attention to the depth in charge during its specific time, such as giving babies the reversing and Increasing First Depth Flow when they are born, to avoid a lifetime of labels (First Depth is in charge from age 0-15).

With age, as disharmonized energy moves deeper into the body, symptoms occur within the depths. If these effects are not taken care of  when they rise, as we age, we have what Mary refers to as “Disharmonized Man’s Life Story”.

However…along come the “Super Heroes” – flows that correct and uplift the energy that has been responsible for creating deterioration in the body – the “Reversing and Increasing of the Depths” flows. These flows can be seen as “Super Heroes” because they have the capacity to reverse degenerative conditions in the body and allow us to renew ourselves. These flows can be seen as “righting wrongs”, “reversing energy reversals”. When water in a river does not flow the way it is intended, dams, flooding, or tributaries that do not rejoin the main stream can occur. We can consider energy in the body to be like water in the river. If it doesn’t move within its intended pathways, pain, throbbing, swelling, and chills can occur.

These Reversing and Increasing of the Depths flows are exquisitely designed to bring the depths back to full strength and harmony. These flows utilize the Diagonal Mediator flow to harmonize and uplift the efficiency of the depths so they can perform optimally. The First Depth can then unfold and glorify the Divine. The Second Depth can now be the great body harmonizer – keeping mind/body/spirit in balance. The Third Depth can be the bridge for the Divine energy to become the source energy for the body. The Fourth Depth frees us to be creative. Now the Fifth Depth allows us to fulfill our destiny and arise to our spiritual inheritance.

Thank  you, Susan.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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