One Breath, Two Stories of Creation, Three Methods

Matthias Roth writes an article in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 37, Summer 2002 about One Breath, Two Stories of Creation, Three Methods:


One Breath:

“I AM.”


FIRE building, FIRE breaking, the Breath of Life, the Blueprint: This is the Main Central Vertical Universal Harmonizing Energy, IT IS.

What is, was, will be, IS. In IT, all is contained. In IT, nothing is unfolded; from IT all unfolds.

Two Stories of Creation:

Within superb fiery ONE, the clarity and lightness of perfect TWO is contained – AIR of “KNOW MYSELF”, the Major Vertical Supervisor Universal Harmonizing Energy. Within its clarity, still nothing is evolved, but all is defined, the laws, position, structure of all things. IT IS.

Then perfect THREE, the activating WATER of Creation, gushes forth – dance of Mediation, binding left and right, evolving and perpetuating and dissolving what’s set up in FIRE and defined in AIR. WATER…now there is Life, a dance! We are created, though not yet manifest. This “first creation” endows us with the three fundamental qualities of Centeredness, of Clarity and Flow. WATER brings the precious jewel of “IT IS AS IT IS, AND AS IT IS, IT IS.” In this state, there is no imperfection. This state is perfect THREE, no attitude.

Then FOUR: Fiery vessel wants to create an earthen vessel. Big EARTH, body, composed of all five “little” elements which, guided by big FIRE, build, as Mary says, “the physical form and the invisible consciousness, voice and energy.” (See Text 2, p. 3.)

Heaven, Earth, Man, the three levels of our being are woven, also called ectoderm, endoderm, mesoderm – or simply 13, 15, 14. A “second” time we are created, this time manifesting, endowed with limbs and organs for body, mind and spirit, reaching out into the worlds we live in.

Manifested, we are FIVE, the Human form and consciousness, releasing fear, releasing attitude, arising. We live a life. This is a noble undertaking, and no stumbling blocks, however numerous, ought to persuade us otherwise. We live a life and stumble into attitudes and habits. The stumbling blocks for “first creation” are the attitudes, the stumbling blocks for “second” are our habits. Both don’t build up in perfect THREE: Page 54, Text 2, shows us how when 3 locks up, the 13, 15, 14, the Heaven, Earth and Man, “second creation”, is affected.

When perfect THREE is blocked, the precious jewel of “IT IS AS IT IS, AND AS IT IS, IT IS” isn’t dancing any more and attitude is born. When the blockage reigns for a while, the clarity of “KNOW MYSELF” is lost. Soon the centered strong awareness of “I AM” feels like a memory concealed behind an ever-thickening cloud.’

This is where the three Methods of Correction step in.

Three Methods of Correction:

The First Method, resembling Mediator, clears the root of attitude and at the same time, harmonizes 13-level, Heaven, the first four organ flows (Lung, Large Intestine, Stomach and Spleen Function Energy). Mary says the focal point is 3. See how it doesn’t touch the 3?! The focal point is BEING 3, and look how 11, “augmenting and amplifying the power and dignity of 1”, and 22, “augmenting and amplifying the power and dignity of 2”, come together to form the master number 33, essence and fulfillment of 3. 11, letting go of baggage; 22, releasing perceptions into boundless dimensions, are two thresholds in consciousness, two turning points. What could be more perfect for this endeavor!

As we continue in the flow pattern by holding all fingers, we harmonize all attitudes once more and also help the manifested body as we go through the depths in the exact order of the lumbars: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 (cf. lumbar circle [study steps 2 and 3 in the flow pattern on page 55, Text 1 and the Lumbar Circle on the Answer Sheet or on your Star Wheel.])!

Second Method, resembling Supervisor, restores the clarity of structure in body, mind and spirit. Focusing on 15 Earth level/hipline, we laugh away what may have clouded AIR. Focusing on 15, the second set of organ flows is helped (Heart, Small Intestine, Bladder, Kidney Function Energy). The subtle interweaving of “first creation” and of “second” in these Methods is material for meditation that can span, as Mary likes to say, the “rest of our jumper cable days”.

Third Method takes the weaving to perfections. Resembling and harmonizing the Main Central, it brings us back to central FIRE, from “I am this” and “I am that” to “I AM”. Clearing the 14 level and with it, the middle flows (Diaphragm, Umbilicus, Gall Bladder, Liver Function Energy). We are brought to our HUMAN center between Heaven and Earth. Draw the two lines on your body: Center between left and right. Center between top and bottom. That’s right! This is the ancient symbol of the four winds and the center of centers, the ancient symbol of oneness used in most traditions on the planet, the cross with four branches of equal length. In our Human form, they intersect in the solar plexus, “Gateway to the Solar Ethers”, where 7th Depth, the Universal Source, comes to nurture all – IT IS, IS.

Is it any wonder that Mary knows that “even one application of even one of these Methods can change a person’s life forever”?

Thank you, Matthias.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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