Three Methods of Correction, Part 1

(For Duarte)

Waltraud Riegger-Krause writes an article in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 36, Spring 2002 about the Three Methods of Correction:

The 3 Methods of Correction are very good friends of mine. They can help us in many, many ways. Mary said we should always have them with us.

If the Diagonal Mediator Flow intermingles with the Fatigue Flow, we get blockages on the level of bustline, the waistline and the hipline. One way to use the 3 Methods of Correction is to harmonize bustline, waistline and hipline. At the same time these flows help us to harmonize our attitudes and thoughts so that we are able to perceive our spiritual roots.

I would like to look at the order in Mary’s Textbook 1. After the Safety Energy Locks, she talks about the Main Central, the Supervisors and then the Diagonal Mediator Flow. Now, with the Methods of Correction, we come the opposite way.

The First Method of Correction works with the Mediator Flow, the Second Method of Correction works with the Supervisor Flow, and the Third Method of Correction works together with the Main Central Flow.

It is like Energy first comes down from heaven to be manifested in the universe as the world and in us as human beings, from Oneness into the Many-fold. The 3 Methods of Correction help us to open the path back up to the Cosmos. When we are caught up in our worldly life so much that we are no longer able to understand the meaning of our life anymore, when we have lost the connection to the spirit within us, the 3 Methods of Correction can help us to reconnect with the SOURCE.

The First Method of Correction helps harmonize my attitudes and emotions so I can have clear thoughts again. Through the Second Method of Correction, the intellect becomes harmonized to NOW KNOW MYSELF. This Wisdom brings me back to the Fire that I AM (the Main Central), Third Method of Correction.

The First Method of Correction works together with the Diagonal Mediator Flow, helping me to harmonize my emotions. When I am too emotional, I am usually not able to think clearly anymore, resulting in difficulties in life. For example, when I am full of anger, I might react in a way that hurts others and myself…or when I am in fear, I am so paralyzed that I cannot have a clear thought…or when we are in love, it’s the same, sometimes we cannot think clearly anymore. Mary said, “Attitudes are my creation, not Thy creation.”

When Water Element (the Diagonal Mediator) becomes intermingled with Earth Element (the 12 Organ Function), we get mud. That means when my emotions become too strong and affect my worldly life, I cannot see heaven anymore. First Method of Correction helps me to clear up the mud in my life by opening the bustline, the 13 area, so that Creator energy can come back into my life. Old hurts and childhood rejections can be eliminated and overcome by doing First Method of Correction. The focal point of this flow is the 3/11 area. We are holding 11 and 22 for the first step. Both are Master numbers and add up to 33, also a Master number. It means we are not adding the two 3’s, rather it is a heightened 3, the number 3 being the door that opens up for a new understanding. At the same time, the 3 strengthens the breath and my immune system, and I am protected from colds and fevers. We can use the first 3 steps of this First Method of Correction as a quickie to lower fever.

To be continued…


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