Aino Meinhardt on Safety Energy Lock “26”

This is article #28, the last of a series of articles by our IT IS Seminar faculty on the Safety Energy Locks from a Self-help perspective. The series begins in Issue Number 36, Spring 2002, of The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter.

Aino Meinhardt wraps up the series with her article in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 64, Spring 2009:

Safety Energy Lock 26

Twenty-six – “26” came into the universe meaning complete (that which was, is, will be).”    ~ Self-Help Book 2

2 + 6 adds up to 8 (rhythm, strength, peace). For 26, it is written: “BE the boundless.” For 8, we find: “I alone impose LIMITATIONS upon MYSELF.” If you turn number 8 to the horizontal you will see the lemniscate, the symbol of infinity – that which was, is, will be, IS. The lemniscate was a very early sign for Christ. From this, the 2 fishes were developed, and today there is only one fish left.

Safety Energy Lock 26 is on page 63 in Self-Help Book 2. From the 6th Depth, the manifesting process starts through the 3rd Depth in the Order of Creation. If we mirror the 63 it is 36; on page 36 in Self-Help Book 2, we find Safety Energy Lock 13.

Twenty-six (26) is the number of GOD – JHWH (Hebrew Jehovah), 13 is the number of God’s son. He is the 13th – 12 disciples, and he is the 13th. J.C. (abbrev. Jesus Christ) where J = 10, C = 3 = 13. Thirteen (13) itself is the number representing the occult 1. If we write 1 in Hebrew = achad (aleph=I, chet=8, dalet=4), it adds up to 13.

On page 36 in Text 1, we find the 26 Flow.

In Self-Help Book 2, page 63, Safety Energy Lock 26 item b, Mary writes: “…harmonize mental, digestive and physical functions.” That means all levels: mental is the bustline, digestive the waistline, and physical the hipline.

One possibility for harmonizing safety Energy Lock 26 is the BIG HUG. B(2) + I(9) + G(7) =18; H(8) + U(2+1=3) + G(7) = 18. 18 + 18 = 36. Thirty-six (36) is the number of the heavenly ocean, where all life comes from. 3+6 = 9. The 9th Depth is all and no-thing. 360° is a circle, “0 (‘oval’) came into the universe meaning limitless Light; the ‘Breath’ itself; the rootless root. In man it is called the Main Central Vertical Universal Harmonizing Energy…” Self-Help Book 2, page 9. The Main Central is 6th Depth.

We have 26 bones in our hand. With our hands we “grasp” things.

We have 26 bones in our foot. The feet are related to the Unconscious mind. So the symbolic foot-washing raises the Unconscious to Conscious mind. The same is true for the harmonizing of the feet. For example, we say we underSTAND something.

In 26 days the sun rotates one time around her own axis; the sun is the symbol for the 7th Depth and for Christ.

In my study of Safety Energy Lock 26, I encountered again and again the number 5. Safety Energy Lock 26 is harmonized by the middle of the palm. This also harmonizes the 6th Depth. The numerical harmonizer of 6th Depth is 5.

Safety Energy Lock 26 is the last Safety Energy Lock in 5th Depth.

If we harmonize the 1st Depth with the flow called Reversing and Increasing of First Depth, we hold 26/9 with opposite 2. The numerical harmonizer of 1st Depth is again 5. In the 2 Flow we hold 26 in the 5th step. The 26 Flow has 5 steps.

5 is number of man. 5 is the number of the heart. It is said that man sees God and is seen by God through the heart. 5 also corresponds with our soul. Without soul the spirit, the God (26) couldn’t be; he would be withdrawn and wouldn’t be able to reveal himself.

In Chapter 1, verse 26 of Genesis, it is written: “And he said, HE the Gods, we will make Adam (5) in the shadows of us, by the like making like ourselves; and they shall hold the sceptre in the spawn breeding kind [fish] of the seas (soul, feelings = waistline), and in the flying kind of the heavens (thoughts = bustline), and in the quadrupedally [the 4-legged] walking kind, and in the whole [earth-born] life, and in all moving thing crawling along upon the earth (physical body = hipline).” (Translation from Hebrew to English: Fabre d’Olivet)

The 5th commandment is: You should not kill. and that doesn’t mean not to murder, but not to judge, because this is what prevents us from our development and therefore kills us. And so we find with 26:

“All is AS IT IS, and as it is, IT IS.”

To kill mean that we live our lives stereotyped, repetitive, not creative. Twenty-six (26) is the number of the creator; 26 brings about enthusiasm and helps me to discover my life again and again new. Twenty-six (26) is the enthusiasm, and this is what brings us close to God – as it was formulated in the Middle Ages.

Five (5) is also the number of the heart, and so this is also about not killing the voice of the heart, not stifling the inner voice.

Twenty-six (26) gives us a deep confidence and security, the knowledge that we are protected and sustained. Twenty-six (26) brings along my will to live and the urge to grow. These are some of the reasons why the flow for Reversing and Increasing of First Depth, where we hold the 26, is so important and helpful for newborn babies.

Thank you, Aino.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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