Mona Harris on Safety Energy Lock “25”

This is article #27 of a series of articles by our IT IS Seminar faculty on the Safety Energy Locks from a Self-help perspective. The series begins in Issue Number 36, Spring 2002, of The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter.

Mona Harris continues the series with her article in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 63, Winter 2009:

Safety Energy Lock 25

Safety Energy Lock 25 comes along the Supervisor Flow as the second (2) Safety Energy Lock in the Fifth (5) Depth. If you add 2 + 5 you will get 7, the number of the Fifth Depth. Safety Energy Lock 7 invites us to take a break, after a complete exhalation and before inhaling again. It is in that pause that healing can happen. It is in that quiet moment that we get a chance to remember who we really are. Isn’t that exactly what Fifth Depth tells us? We are ok just the way we are, we don’t need any pretense or cover-up. If you translate the numbers into letters of the English alphabet, you get to; BE (2=B; 5=E). As we tend to forget, Mary will remind us over and over again to BE (e.g., BE the SMILE; BE the EXHALE; BE the FUN). There is one sentence that says it all for me. And that phrase still reminds me of how I felt during and after my first treatment: “Relax – if unable to relax, just be as you are.”

And I love the way Mary continues and explains it in Self-Help Book 1 on page 7: “There is no need to try to relax. In time one can be able to relax without trying. We are human BE-ings, not human TRY-ings or DO-ings or STRIV-ings. We are just simply human BE-ings.” It was such a relief that my practitioner didn’t expect anything from me. That’s what made me want to come back for more sessions!

Whenever we DO too much we can use our Safety Energy Lock 25 in order to “quietly regenerate”. We can sit on our hands, recharge our “run-down” energy battery; harmonize our “chaotic mind” as Mary says in Self-Help Book 2, where she introduces us to Safety Energy Lock 25 on page 61 (another 7!). We come across more “sevens” if we look for Safety Energy Lock 25 in Self-Help Book 1, page 51, where Mary invites us under item 7 at the top of the page, “Getting to KNOW (Help) MYSELF, PROJECT NO. IV – SPECIAL SEQUENCES” to sit on both hands (item number 2, same page), and on page 52 (a 7!) to sit on one hand and place the other hand on the opposite shoulder (item number 3 and item number 4: 3+4=7). Seven (7) is an ascending Safety Energy Lock that helps the energy first to descend and shout “victory” before it sends the energy back up by spreading “perfect life power” throughout the entire body. With all these connections between 7 and 25 it isn’t surprising to find the description of Safety Energy Lock 7 in Self-Help Book 2 on pages 24 and 25.

Thank you, Mona.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

Gassho, Namaste, Blessings

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