Margareth Toshi Umeoka Serra on Safety Energy Lock “22”, Part 2

This is article #24 of a series of articles by our IT IS Seminar faculty on the Safety Energy Locks from a Self-help perspective. The series begins in Issue Number 36, Spring 2002, of The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter.

Margareth Toshi Umeoka Serra continues the series with her article in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 59, Winter 2008:

Safety Energy Lock 22 ~ Master number, ALL INCLUSIVE, COMPLETE

“Safety Energy Lock 22 is located under the collar bones and helps us balance and harmonize our thoughts because it allows us to think more objectively and reasonably, without emotion or attachment. It also helps us to adapt to all new situations and to change in the environment, including changes in weather or seasons. …Because the [Safety Energy Lock] 22s represent completion, they are useful for balancing the total being.” ~ from The Touch of Healing, pgs. 88 and 89


On page 3, Self-Help Book III, “the INDEX FINGERS are also for easing back discomforts. All the burdens of attitudes ~ worry, fear, anger, grief and trying-to (Mary tells us about Attitudes on page 22, Self-Help Book I) ~ which affect the back. …To unload the tension/stress on one’s back, SMILE, drop the shoulders and exhale while holding (jumper cabling) the INDEX FINGER.” The INDEX FINGERS correspond with the LITTLE TOES for back tension/stress, too, where the Bladder Flow finishes and the Kidney Flow begins. The 22 = 2 + 2 equals 4, “VISION ~ Self-change starts with self study. Shallow breathing causes disharmony. Deep breathing results in a loving personality.” Four is the 4th Depth, Safety Energy Lock 23 and Bladder and Kidney Functions.

On page 22, Self-Help Book I tells us about Attitudes and how to harmonize the 1st Depth, Worry, Stomach and Spleen Functions. Almost all of the organ functions pass through Safety Energy Lock 22. Just the Bladder Flow does not pass through. But we can find the Bladder Function on page 22, in Text 2.

The first step of the 1st Method of Correction is 22 and 11 (22 + 11 = 33) on page 55, Text 1. The first step of the Lung Function is 22 and 14 (22 + 14 = 36) on page 10, Text 2; the first step of the Stomach Function is 22 and 21 (22 + 21 = 43 = 7), on page 14, Text 2; the first step of the Liver Function is 22 and 4 (22 + 4 = 26), on page 34, Text 2.

The Breathing Flow that is found on page 22, Text 1, opens the chest and helps the heart and lungs, harmonizes the exhale and the inhale, balancing the total being. The jumper cable to help is to hold your high 19 with opposite high 1, which is the same self-help to harmonize Safety Energy Lock 22. Mary says that Safety Energy Lock 22 is excellent to align the chest (13s), the solar plexus (14s) and the groin area (15s).

Safety Energy Lock 22 belongs to the 3rd depth and is part of the first 22 Safety Energy Locks “rediscovered” by Jiro Murai. Everything is inclusive in Safety Energy Lock 22, like colors, constellations and musical notes. All 144, 000 functions join at the 22s. All elements also join there. Their known name is “The Train Station” because all energy that goes up the body comes down and joins at Safety Energy Lock 22. It’s where the energy “goes on holiday”, takes a “little break”.  If the 22s are open, the energy goes through them and goes to do the work they have to do. Safety Energy Lock 22s help to receive the energy through “open arms”.

On page 22, Self-Help Book III, Mary says, “Physio-Psychology ~ SMILE, SEE within and LISTEN. When Inner life is in order, it brings joy, health and Creator Abundance in all things, in all ways. There is always a way to help Myself, knowing of which, in turn, can help others. There is always an alternative with knowing FINGERS and TOES. If unable to BE anything else, SMILE and Be the Breath I am. Instead of “show me” open one’s eyes and SEE for myself. Be one’s own testimony. BE happiness. Know that there are no ways to happiness. Happiness IS. …HAND-PALM and FOOT-SOLE.”

Be Happy where you are!

Thank You Very Much Mary Burmeister.

Thank you, Margareth.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

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