Mona Harris on Safety Energy Lock “21”

This is article #23 of a series of articles by our IT IS Seminar faculty on the Safety Energy Locks from a Self-help perspective. The series begins in Issue Number 36, Spring 2002, of The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter.

Mona Harris continues the series with her article in The Main Central Jin Shin Jyutsu Newsletter, issue Number 58, Fall 2007:

Safety Energy Lock 21

In order to write this article I did a lot of thinking and holding my 21s at the same time. Too effective for my taste I must say: all my thoughts escaped immediately and left me with a still empty page…

So I went to Mary’s books for some help…

Safety Energy Lock 21 is the only Safety Energy Lock in Self-Help Book 2 where we get the same message over and over again: Erase all mental bondage, escape from mental bondage, harmonize mental bondages and finally: AIDS: mental tension/stress. It is all related to the mind! No wonder, as Safety Energy Lock 21 represents the middle line of our three friends in the face: bust line – spirit (represented by #20), waist line – mind (represented by #21) and hip line – body (represented by #22). Interestingly enough the relationship between the three lines and the whole body is shown in Self-Help Book 3 on pages 20 and 21.

But there is another relationship where Safety Energy Lock 21 helps us to escape from mental bondage: Twenty-one is located at the cheek bone, where our Large Intestine Function Energy flows into the Stomach Function Energy. So Safety energy Lock 21 clearly helps all aspects of our digestion. This becomes even more obvious when we look at the steps in the Stomach Function Energy: one hand stays on Safety Energy Lock 21 throughout the whole flow in order to really help digest all of our thoughts, words and deeds (including the food we eat of course). Stomach Function Energy belongs to 1st Depth, and Large Intestine Function Energy belongs to 2nd Depth. As shown in Text 2 on page 4 these two depths belong to the Surface Body Function Energy, which combines at the bust line – our helper for mental-emotional needs. Mary mentions that connection also in Self-Help Book 1 on page 16 where she writes that the tip of the nose (representing the middle 21 in the self-Help Main Central) “revitalizes superficial body energy circulation.”

The number 21 combines (2 and 1) the first two safety Energy Locks that we find along the Supervisor Flow. One is the birthplace of the Supervisor, a descending Safety Energy Lock that connects extreme height with extreme depth. This aspect is helping both the Stomach Function Energy (that descends from head to toe) as well as the Large Intestine Function Energy (another descending flow which helps us get rid of everything we don’t need any more). Two helps us to see through the eyes of the Creator and therefore brings us wisdom.

                                Wisdom always recognizes “wholeness”, “oneness”,                                                                                    while ignorance looks at, specializes in a part or parts.                                                                                    ~ Mary Burmeister (Self-Help Book 3, page 40)

Where the mind might get caught in analyzing the small picture – wisdom will be able to see the big picture. The two is needed to clear the mind! And speaking of wisdom, I found that the number 21 is mentioned in the Bible in one important context: The Book of Wisdom (7:22-23) describes the 21 perfections of wisdom. Amazing, don’t you think?

Thank you, Mona.

Thank you, Mary.

Thank you, David.

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